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Ticket #232: meta-232.patch

File meta-232.patch, 774 bytes (added by SergeyBiryukov, 8 years ago)
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    1616                'needs-ui' : 'Needs user interface work, generally from the UI team.',
    1717                'needs-unit-tests' : 'Ticket has a particular need for unit tests.',
    1818                'needs-docs' : 'Inline documentation is needed.',
     19                'docs-feedback' : 'Feedback is needed from the Docs team.',
    1920                'rtl-feedback' : 'Feedback or work is needed from the RTL perspective.',
    2021                'needs-codex' : 'The Codex needs to be updated or expanded',
    2122                'commit' : 'Patch is a suggested commit candidate.',