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readme.txt to vcs proposal

  • wordpress.org/public_html/wp-content/themes/pub/wporg-plugins/functions.php

    263263 * Custom template tags for this theme.
    264264 */
    265265require get_template_directory() . '/inc/template-tags.php';
     268 * Adds a custom page under /plugins/readme.txt to show the latest readme.txt template
     269 */
     270function get_plugin_readme_txt( $original_template ) {
     271        if ( '/plugins/readme.txt' == $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) {
     272                return dirname(__FILE__) . '/plugin-readme-txt.php';
     273        } else {
     274                return $original_template;
     275        }
     277add_filter( 'template_include', 'get_plugin_readme_txt' );
     278 No newline at end of file
  • wordpress.org/public_html/wp-content/themes/pub/wporg-plugins/plugin-readme-txt.php

     1<!doctype html>
     2<html lang="en">
     4        <meta charset="utf-8">
     5        <title>readme.txt</title>
     9=== Plugin Name ===
     10Contributors: (this should be a list of wordpress.org userid\'s)
     11Donate link: http://example.com/
     12Tags: comments, spam
     13Requires at least: 4.6
     14Tested up to: 4.7
     15Stable tag: 4.3
     16Requires PHP: 5.2.4
     17License: GPLv2 or later
     18License URI: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html
     20Here is a short description of the plugin.  This should be no more than 150 characters.  No markup here.
     22== Description ==
     24This is the long description.  No limit, and you can use Markdown (as well as in the following sections).
     26For backwards compatibility, if this section is missing, the full length of the short description will be used, and
     27Markdown parsed.
     29A few notes about the sections above:
     31*   "Contributors" is a comma separated list of wordpress.org usernames
     32*   "Tags" is a comma separated list of tags that apply to the plugin
     33*   "Requires at least" is the lowest version that the plugin will work on
     34*   "Tested up to" is the highest version that you\'ve *successfully used to test the plugin*. Note that it might work on
     35higher versions... this is just the highest one you\'ve verified.
     36*   Stable tag should indicate the Subversion "tag" of the latest stable version, or "trunk," if you use `/trunk/` for
     39Note that the `readme.txt` of the stable tag is the one that is considered the defining one for the plugin, so
     40if the `/trunk/readme.txt` file says that the stable tag is `4.3`, then it is `/tags/4.3/readme.txt` that\'ll be used
     41for displaying information about the plugin.  In this situation, the only thing considered from the trunk `readme.txt`
     42is the stable tag pointer.  Thus, if you develop in trunk, you can update the trunk `readme.txt` to reflect changes in
     43your in-development version, without having that information incorrectly disclosed about the current stable version
     44that lacks those changes -- as long as the trunk\'s `readme.txt` points to the correct stable tag.
     46If no stable tag is provided, it is assumed that trunk is stable, but you should specify "trunk" if that\'s where
     47you put the stable version, in order to eliminate any doubt.
     49== Installation ==
     51This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.
     551. Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins/plugin-name` directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
     561. Activate the plugin through the \'Plugins\' screen in WordPress
     571. Use the Settings->Plugin Name screen to configure the plugin
     581. (Make your instructions match the desired user flow for activating and installing your plugin. Include any steps that might be needed for explanatory purposes)
     61== Frequently Asked Questions ==
     63= A question that someone might have =
     65An answer to that question.
     67= What about foo bar? =
     69Answer to foo bar dilemma.
     71== Screenshots ==
     731. This screen shot description corresponds to screenshot-1.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif). Note that the screenshot is taken from
     74the /assets directory or the directory that contains the stable readme.txt (tags or trunk). Screenshots in the /assets
     75directory take precedence. For example, `/assets/screenshot-1.png` would win over `/tags/4.3/screenshot-1.png`
     76(or jpg, jpeg, gif).
     772. This is the second screen shot
     79== Changelog ==
     81= 1.0 =
     82* A change since the previous version.
     83* Another change.
     85= 0.5 =
     86* List versions from most recent at top to oldest at bottom.
     88== Upgrade Notice ==
     90= 1.0 =
     91Upgrade notices describe the reason a user should upgrade.  No more than 300 characters.
     93= 0.5 =
     94This version fixes a security related bug.  Upgrade immediately.
     96== Arbitrary section ==
     98You may provide arbitrary sections, in the same format as the ones above.  This may be of use for extremely complicated
     99plugins where more information needs to be conveyed that doesn\'t fit into the categories of "description" or
     100"installation."  Arbitrary sections will be shown below the built-in sections outlined above.
     102== A brief Markdown Example ==
     104Ordered list:
     1061. Some feature
     1071. Another feature
     1081. Something else about the plugin
     110Unordered list:
     112* something
     113* something else
     114* third thing
     116Here's a link to [WordPress](http://wordpress.org/ "Your favorite software") and one to [Markdown\'s Syntax Documentation][markdown syntax].
     117Titles are optional, naturally.
     119[markdown syntax]: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax
     120"Markdown is what the parser uses to process much of the readme file"
     122Markdown uses email style notation for blockquotes and I\'ve been told:
     123> Asterisks for *emphasis*. Double it up  for **strong**.
     125`&lt;?php code(); // goes in backticks ?&gt;`
     129 No newline at end of file