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    diff --git wordpress.org/public_html/style/trac/wp-trac.js wordpress.org/public_html/style/trac/wp-trac.js
    index 43845abd0..e5c3da6db 100644
    var wpTrac, coreKeywordList, gardenerKeywordList, reservedTerms, coreFocusesList 
    1212                '2nd-opinion' : 'A second opinion is desired for the problem or solution.',
    1313                'close' : 'The ticket is a candidate for closure.',
    1414                'needs-testing' : 'Patch has a particular need for testing.',
    15                 'needs-design' : 'Ticket needs design.',
    16                 'ui-feedback' : 'Feedback is needed from the user interface perspective, generally from the UI team.',
    17                 'ux-feedback' : 'Feedback is needed from the user experience perspective, generally from a UX lead.',
     15                'needs-design' : 'A designer should create a prototype of how the suggested changes should look/behave before writing code.',
     16                'needs-design-feedback' : 'A designer should review and give feedback on the proposed changes.',
    1817                'has-unit-tests' : 'Proposed solution has unit test coverage.',
    1918                'needs-unit-tests' : 'Ticket has a particular need for unit tests.',
    2019                'has-dev-note' : 'Ticket with a published post on the development blog.',