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    212212                ${select('*|comment()|text()')}
    213213        </div>
    214214        <div class="wp-notice" id="wp-reporter-feedback-notice" py:if="ticket.reporter == req.authname and 'reporter-feedback' in ticket.keywords and ticket.resolution != 'fixed'">
    215                 <p><strong>Howdy!</strong></p><p></p>
     215                <p><strong>Howdy!</strong></p>
    216216                <p>A contributor marked this ticket with the reporter-feedback keyword. <strong>That means we need feedback from you.</strong></p>
    217217                <p>Please answer their questions and address their concerns, then remove the keyword, below.</p>
    218218                <p>If this is a support question, you're better off in the <a href="${support_link}" class="ext-link"><span class="icon">&nbsp;</span>support forums</a>.</p>