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Message: Themes: Introduce a Getting Started page as a gateway to Uploads.

See #745.

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    2020            <div class="entry-content">
    21                 <p><?php printf( __( 'Now that your theme is ready for prime time, give it plenty of attention by <a href="%s">uploading</a> it to the Theme Directory. By hosting it here you&rsquo;ll get:', 'wporg-themes' ), '/themes/upload/' ); ?></p>
    22                 <ul>
    23                     <li><?php _e( 'Stats on how many times your theme has been downloaded', 'wporg-themes' ); ?></li>
    24                     <li><?php _e( 'User feed back in the forums', 'wporg-themes' ); ?></li>
    25                     <li><?php _e( 'Ratings, to see how your theme is doing compared to others', 'wporg-themes' ); ?></li>
    26                 </ul>
    27                 <p>
    28                     <?php _e( 'The goal of our themes directory isn&rsquo;t to have every theme in the world, it&rsquo;s to have the best.', 'wporg-themes' ); ?>
    29                     <?php _e( 'WordPress is Open Source, and all the themes we host here are Open Source.', 'wporg-themes' ); ?>
    30                     <?php _e( 'If you want your theme to be proprietary or promote things that violate WordPress&rsquo; license on your site, the directory probably isn&rsquo;t the best home for your work.', 'wporg-themes' ); ?>
    31                 </p>
    33                 <h2 name="requirements"><?php _e( 'Guidelines', 'wporg-themes' ); ?></h2>
    34                 <p>
    35                     <?php printf( __( 'Resources for theme authors are available in the Codex on the <a href="%s">Theme Development</a>, <a href="%s">Theme Review</a>, and <a href="%s">Theme Unit Test</a> pages.', 'wporg-themes' ),
    36                         '',
    37                         '',
    38                         ''
    39                     ); ?>
    40                     <?php printf(
    41                         __( 'For questions about Theme development please use the <a href="%s">Themes and Templates forum</a>.', 'wporg-themes' ),
    42                         '//'
    43                     ); ?>
    44                     <?php _e( 'Please make sure to review the guidelines before uploading your Theme file.', 'wporg-themes' ); ?>
    45                 </p>
    46                 <p>
    47                     <?php _e( 'All themes are subject to review. Themes from sites that support non-GPL (or compatible) themes or violate the WordPress community guidelines themes will not be approved.', 'wporg-themes' ); ?>
    48                     <?php printf(
    49                         __( 'We will be reviewing your Theme using the sample data available in the WordPress export file available at <a href="%s">Theme Unit Test</a>.', 'wporg-themes' ),
    50                         ''
    51                     ); ?>
    52                     <?php _e( 'Before uploading your Theme file please test it with this sample export data.', 'wporg-themes' ); ?>
    53                 </p>
    5521                <?php the_content(); ?>
    5622            </div><!-- .entry-content -->
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