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12/21/2016 12:47:21 AM (7 years ago)

Theme Directory: Update the post-submit-theme email with more details of what Theme Authors should expect.

Props grapplerulrich, rabmalin, kkoppenhaver, poena, joedolson, juhise, dd32.
See #1515.

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    776776            /* translators: 1: theme name, 2: Trac ticket URL */
    777             $email_content = sprintf( __( 'Thank you for uploading %1$s to the WordPress Theme Directory. If your theme is selected to be part of the directory we\'ll send a follow up email.
    779 Feedback will be provided at %2$s
    781 --
    782 The Themes Team
    783', 'wporg-themes' ),
     777            $email_content = sprintf( __( 'Thank you for uploading %1$s to the WordPress Theme Directory. A ticket has been created for the review:
     780** Requirements **
     781The theme must pass all the requirements to be included in the Theme Directory. The ticket will be closed if five or more different errors are found.
     784** Review Process **
     785To understand the review process, read the summary in our handbook:
     788** Accessibility Ready **
     789If you\'ve submitted a theme with the accessibility ready tag, it will go through a secondary review process to meet accessibility guidelines.
     790Please review the guidelines in our handbook:
     793** Theme Updates **
     794You can update your theme any time and it will be added to the ticket. You can do so by bumping up your theme\'s version number in your style.css and uploading a new ZIP file.
     797** Contribute! **
     798You can help speed up the process by making sure that your theme follows all of the requirements. You can also help by becoming a reviewer.
     801** Questions? **
     802If you have questions you can ask the reviewer in the ticket or chat with us on Slack in the #themereview channel. <>
     804Subscribe to the Theme Review blog to stay up to date with the latest requirements and the ongoing work to improve the review process:
     807Thank you.
     808The WordPress Theme Review Team', 'wporg-themes' ),
    784809                $this->theme->display( 'Name' ),
    785810                '' . $ticket_id
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