08/13/2018 11:52:14 AM (6 years ago)

WordCamp: Support Meetup Applications and review in central.

Major refactor to WordCamp post types, to extract out code which is then used in Meetup post types and application. This code is not 5.x compatible.
Eventually, the aim is to credit contributors for their work organizing meetup groups in the WordPress chapter program, and make use of existing administrative tools to meetup applications/groups.

This is the (Non exhaustive) test plan after this commit is deployed:

  • Existing WordCamp schedule
  • WordCamp organizer application render.
  • Submit WordCamp application. Fill all fields and make sure they exists in app.
  • Verify original application.
  • Verify protected fields.
  • Verify REST API responses for wordcamp posts (#)
  • Status mapping, and transition to valid next statuses.
  • Move application from Needs Vetting to Needs Site. Add private notes.
  • Track and verify application status page.
  • Create a site for wordcamp

Test plan for Meetups

  • Submit meetup applications. Fill all fields and make sure they are saved.
  • Change application status. Add and remove meta box fields to make sure they are saved.
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