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Yesterday (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#4763 Gutenberg Props - WordPress 5.3 jorgefilipecosta API high task 10/15/2019
#4762 HelpHub role change made by HH Manager shows no visual change on front-end Nao HelpHub normal enhancement 10/15/2019

Last Week (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#4760 New Core Committers pento General normal task 10/11/2019
#4759 <Enhancement> Add a link icon to FAQ questions for plugins helgatheviking Plugin Directory normal defect 10/09/2019
#4757 Add city@wordcamp dot org as a recipient of invoice emails Nao WordCamp Site & Plugins normal enhancement 10/07/2019
#4755 Establish browser requirements chealer General low enhancement close 10/15/2019

Old Tickets (27 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#4751 Filtering on support ticket list nazmulhassann20 Support Forums normal enhancement 10/02/2019
#4750 Add Contributors & Developers section to theme single page felipeloureirosantos Theme Directory normal enhancement 10/01/2019
#4747 Feature Request: Expose/promote subchannels using /here by reposting to #core garrett-eclipse Slack & IRC normal enhancement dev-feedback 09/26/2019
#4744 Promote local WordCamp on a Rosetta site by showing a banner Nao International Sites (Rosetta) low defect 09/26/2019
#4739 Signup flow needs tweaking to reduce unconfirmed accounts dd32 Login & Authentication normal defect 10/10/2019
#4737 tickets for next major release on the component pages should show closed/fixed tickets as well as open ones pbiron Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement 09/20/2019
#4732 The 'Get WordPress' button is lost between 950px & 1015px wide garrett-eclipse General normal defect 09/19/2019
#4730 unbalanced HTML in Plugins Home page joyously Plugin Directory normal defect 09/25/2019
#4729 Devhub links on WordPress Support Forums changes the URL to the URL root path when it oembed felipeloureirosantos Support Forums normal defect 09/12/2019
#4727 Remove Upload Your Theme button from the header dingo_d Theme Review high enhancement dev-feedback 09/25/2019
#4721 Alignment issue on individual theme's page krupajnanda Theme Directory normal defect 10/01/2019
#4719 Plugin Directory: Check for license on upload Ipstenu Plugin Directory normal enhancement 09/05/2019
#4717 Create an `@npm-committers` group in Slack desrosj Slack & IRC low task 09/07/2019
#4716 Improve translations for gutenberg mobile dekervit Translate Site & Plugins normal task 09/06/2019
#4712 Developer 'since' archives are missing canonical URL tags jonoaldersonwp Developer Hub lowest defect 09/04/2019
#4710 WordCamp CampTix invoices plugin mxp WordCamp Site & Plugins normal defect 09/02/2019
#4709 Archive pages need better ordering than post date felipeelia HelpHub normal enhancement 09/02/2019
#4708 Requirements page is unclear about acceptable versions. leonaves1 General normal enhancement close 10/15/2019
#4703 WordCamp Organizer Badge is not working with Block Editor dhruvpandya WordCamp Site & Plugins normal defect 08/23/2019
#4702 Add a post-download-of-WordPress page andreamiddleton General normal enhancement 10/03/2019
#4699 Provide compatible WP core updates depending on server PHP version from API afragen API normal enhancement dev-feedback 09/18/2019
#4697 Backfill Credits API data for older releases SergeyBiryukov API normal enhancement 08/21/2019
#4696 Hide profiles.wordpress.org from non-logged in users jdembowski Profiles normal defect 10/09/2019
#4695 Add FAQPage schema markup to plugin pages jonoaldersonwp Plugin Directory normal defect 08/20/2019
#4692 HelpHub TOC nested lists styling milana_cap HelpHub normal defect has-patch 09/04/2019
#4691 Break Password Hash when user is blocked Ipstenu Support Forums normal enhancement 08/30/2019
#4690 WordCamp: It should be easier to find out if you bought a ticket for a WordCamp Ipstenu WordCamp Site & Plugins normal defect 08/28/2019
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