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Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5581 Consolidating setup of local Dev environment documentation and testing instructions. paaljoachim General normal task 01/21/2021

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Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5575 Plugin Directory: Banned Users should not be able to upload plugins Ipstenu General normal defect 01/13/2021

Old Tickets (25 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5570 Plugins API - inconsistent results for short_description if being trimmed. polevaultweb Plugin Directory normal defect 01/11/2021
#5568 Plugin Directory: Do not display author names if there are no committers Ipstenu Plugin Directory normal defect has-patch 01/11/2021
#5567 Adapt the page title on filtered plugin review archives jonoaldersonwp Support Forums lowest defect 01/08/2021
#5564 WordPress.org secret-key service output does not follow coding standards johnpgreen API normal enhancement close 01/08/2021
#5563 I a translation file is imported that contains wrong placeholders the line is not rejected. psmits1567 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 01/07/2021
#5561 Update voice count after user is blocked vladytimy Support Forums normal enhancement 01/21/2021
#5559 Images from CDN are not opening by link after clicking on them in HelpHub articles in attending to zoom them oglekler HelpHub normal defect 01/06/2021
#5557 Add a hovering button to join slack community in Make Blog Network annezazu Make (Get Involved) / P2 low enhancement 12/23/2020
#5555 Introduce deploy keys for SVN Clorith Plugin Directory normal enhancement 12/21/2020
#5554 Mobile Responsive Issue urvik1 WordPress.org Site normal defect 01/11/2021
#5552 Allow mods to hide moderator badge dd32 Support Forums low enhancement 12/18/2020
#5550 Make all importer plugins available on GitHub SergeyBiryukov Version Control normal task 12/16/2020
#5548 A more inclusive commenting policy for P2 carike Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement 12/16/2020
#5542 Add a way to convert theme reports to support forum posts poena Theme Directory normal enhancement 12/24/2020
#5540 RTL needed for author avatar / dropdown actions / sticky icon on P2/O2 nabilmoqbel Make (Get Involved) / P2 low enhancement 12/11/2020
#5539 Create an "Ask a Question About WordPress" page carike General normal defect 12/11/2020
#5536 Ask for the Plugin or Theme that a support thread belongs to in the Create Topic form dd32 Support Forums normal enhancement dev-feedback 12/09/2020
#5535 Allow moving threads into the Plugin/Theme support forums dd32 Support Forums normal enhancement 12/10/2020
#5534 Add limits to prevent high-triggering notifications dd32 General high defect 12/09/2020
#5531 Theme Directory: Unexpected redirect for non-existing themes SergeyBiryukov Theme Directory normal defect 12/08/2020
#5530 Remove the meta robots noindex directive on the homepage of login.wordpress.org jonoaldersonwp General high defect 12/03/2020
#5529 Alter trac robots.txt jonoaldersonwp Trac normal defect 12/03/2020
#5524 Remove the 'browse by WordCamp' template component from wordpress.tv event archives jonoaldersonwp WordPress.tv lowest defect 12/03/2020
#5523 Noindex wordpress.tv archives jonoaldersonwp WordPress.tv low defect 12/03/2020
#5519 301 redirects for new titles in HelpHub estelaris HelpHub normal enhancement 01/13/2021
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