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2 Days Ago (1 match)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5453 Allow users to view their props launched in a release Mista-Flo Trac normal Improved Search defect 09/26/2020

4-7 Days Ago (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5450 Theme Directory: block-patterns filter tag displays zero results, and missing from tags list uxl Theme Directory normal defect 09/24/2020
#5449 Add a favicon to https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/ jonoaldersonwp Trac lowest defect 09/24/2020
#5447 Update `phpunit-test-reporter` Plugin for Make/Hosting to 0.1.3. pfefferle Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect has-patch 09/23/2020
#5445 Planet feed does not have variety iandunn General normal enhancement 09/26/2020

Last Week (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5442 Found some issue on community/handbook search page jatindevani Handbooks normal defect 09/17/2020
#5432 HelpHub + GitHub integration for Google Season of Docs project tacitonic General normal task 09/17/2020

Old Tickets (31 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5431 Plugin Directory: Remove unused React code ryelle Plugin Directory normal task has-patch 09/10/2020
#5426 Improve the plugin repository's Support tab. carike Plugin Directory normal defect dev-feedback 09/18/2020
#5424 Display locale suggestion banner on support forums list SergeyBiryukov Support Forums normal defect 09/05/2020
#5419 Plugin Directory: Update approval email Ipstenu Plugin Directory normal defect commit 09/05/2020
#5418 Remove link to "About Cookies" from Cookie Policy Page Ipstenu General normal defect has-patch 09/18/2020
#5411 Plugin Directory: Improve display of available blocks ryelle Plugin Directory normal enhancement has-patch 09/11/2020
#5410 Categories not displayed on the page of the video casiepa WordPress.tv normal enhancement 09/02/2020
#5407 Mark "not properly prepared" plugins/themes in listing psmits1567 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 09/02/2020
#5398 Paginated hosting tests should be noindex'd jonoaldersonwp Make (Get Involved) / P2 low defect 08/28/2020
#5393 Add https://github.com/WordPress/wordpress-develop to Packagist clarinetlord Version Control normal enhancement 09/16/2020
#5388 HTML video loading issue on iOS and macOS bizanimesh HelpHub high defect 09/24/2020
#5387 Twitter Card Not Found bizanimesh HelpHub normal defect 09/16/2020
#5384 Remove old bb-admin Clorith Support Forums high task 08/21/2020
#5383 Trac: Merge "Text Changes" component with the "ui-copy" focus SergeyBiryukov Trac normal task 08/28/2020
#5381 Prevent broken internal links in plugin readme content jonoaldersonwp Plugin Directory low defect 08/28/2020
#5380 Showcase section woodsandhillsplc Showcase normal task 08/28/2020
#5376 Add Trending tab on a weekly basis scriptstown Theme Directory low enhancement 08/16/2020
#5374 Block trac ticket submissions with inappropriate language tellyworth Trac normal enhancement 08/12/2020
#5368 top 200 pluginlist does not show "waiting" proposals for dev psmits1567 Translate Site & Plugins high defect 08/19/2020
#5363 Upgrade Markdown library dd32 Plugin Directory low defect has-patch 08/10/2020
#5362 Add delist option to theme directory dd32 Theme Directory low enhancement has-patch 09/22/2020
#5359 Misc 404s / broken links should be 301'd and/or corrected jonoaldersonwp General low defect 08/28/2020
#5358 Warn on plugin upload if text domain and plugin slug don't match SergeyBiryukov Plugin Directory normal enhancement 09/02/2020
#5357 Plugin Directory Admin: Flag accounts who submit a lot of plugins super fast Ipstenu Plugin Directory normal enhancement has-patch 08/12/2020
#5353 Increase base font-size on make blogs williampatton Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal task 08/05/2020
#5352 Plugin Security - Add email confirmation prior to releases being processed dd32 Plugin Directory normal enhancement has-patch 09/15/2020
#5349 List of all videos with a subtitle casiepa WordPress.tv normal enhancement 08/03/2020
#5348 Redirect legacy mobile subdomain forums into new support forums jonoaldersonwp Support Forums normal defect 08/28/2020
#5347 Add a robots.txt file to lists.wordpress.org jonoaldersonwp Mailing Lists lowest defect 08/03/2020
#5345 Document indexing controls jonoaldersonwp General lowest defect 07/30/2020
#5344 Delete stale, orphaned topic tags jonoaldersonwp Support Forums low defect 09/25/2020
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