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2 Days Ago (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5301 HelpHub Administrator/Manager for #af gperch HelpHub normal task 07/02/2020
#5302 Theme Directory RTL focus issues ramiy Theme Directory normal defect 07/02/2020
#5303 Block plugin validation tool UI improvements tellyworth Plugin Directory normal task 07/03/2020

3 Days Ago (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5300 Plugin Directory: Improve Trademark Detection Ipstenu Plugin Directory normal defect has-patch 07/01/2020
#5299 Plugin Directory: Update rejection email to be more clear about what happens next Ipstenu Plugin Directory normal defect 07/01/2020
#5296 Send slack notification when a ticket component changes TimothyBlynJacobs Slack & IRC normal enhancement 07/01/2020

4-7 Days Ago (1 match)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5295 Error message to be improved when trying to submit an empty review Hareesh Pillai General low enhancement 06/28/2020

Last Week (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5289 Remove Core from the channels that are auto-joined on Slack carike Slack & IRC normal defect 07/03/2020
#5284 Me section in Trac Tickets report has awkward stylings for users who are not logged in itowhid06 Trac normal defect 06/23/2020
#5286 Found Responsive issue on about page jatindevani WordPress.org Site normal defect has-patch 06/28/2020
#5290 Requests containing 'cat=-1' omit canonical (and hreflang) tags jonoaldersonwp General normal defect 07/02/2020
#5285 Download Beta/Nightly page doesn't have any download links joyously WordPress.org Site normal enhancement 06/24/2020

Old Tickets (33 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#5232 Add flagged user view Clorith Support Forums normal enhancement 05/28/2020
#5278 Registration: Allow users to 'resend' registration link Ipstenu Login & Authentication normal enhancement 07/03/2020
#5277 Plugin Directory Admin: Add 'button' or method to trigger plugin syncs via wp-admin Ipstenu Plugin Directory normal enhancement 07/01/2020
#5244 Gutenberg Demo: Editor toolbar hidden behind the admin bar SergeyBiryukov WordPress.org Site normal defect 06/23/2020
#5235 Add 'HelpHub Contributor' role for on-boarding users. atachibana HelpHub normal enhancement 06/16/2020
#5233 Add an easy way to hide forums sections from localized helphub sites that don’t use forum feature audrasjb HelpHub normal defect dev-feedback 05/27/2020
#5241 Soft 404s with order params bradleyt General normal defect 05/31/2020
#5263 Update the wording "Your message has been held by our automated systems." carike Support Forums normal defect 06/11/2020
#5234 Weekly Chats widget is frequently incorrect crstauf Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect 06/12/2020
#5239 Bring BuddyPress.org & bbPress.org login forms over to login.wordpress.org dd32 Login & Authentication normal enhancement 06/19/2020
#5231 Increase visibility of "old" plugins in Search Indexes dd32 Plugin Directory normal defect 06/23/2020
#5275 Smarter nightly refreshing desrosj General normal enhancement dev-feedback 06/17/2020
#5226 "My Favorites" does not work, redirect to "Favorits" tags fahimmurshed Plugin Directory low defect 05/25/2020
#5264 List /support/ forum keymasters, moderators and HelpHub roles on locale team pages. fierevere Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement 06/11/2020
#5258 Handbook: Show published date and last updated date below the title jdy68 Handbooks normal enhancement 06/07/2020
#5276 Emoji not working on BuddyPress.org johnjamesjacoby buddypress.org normal defect has-patch 06/19/2020
#5274 Requesting a topic ID directly redirects via a 302 jonoaldersonwp Support Forums lowest defect 06/18/2020
#5271 Empty / logged out favourites page should not 404 jonoaldersonwp Plugin Directory normal defect 06/23/2020
#5270 Remove user profile history links to closed/moved/archived content jonoaldersonwp Profiles high defect 06/18/2020
#5255 Noindex filtered theme pages jonoaldersonwp Theme Directory lowest defect 06/05/2020
#5254 Noindex mailing list unsubscription pages/templates jonoaldersonwp WordPress.org Site lowest defect 06/05/2020
#5229 Support forums: expanded code still has scrollbar joyously Support Forums normal defect 05/25/2020
#5203 Stats for active plugins/themes per locale knutsp Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 05/13/2020
#5247 Import Hosting Handbook Markdown from Github mikeschroder Handbooks normal enhancement has-patch 06/30/2020
#5220 Handbook Editor Permissions milana_cap Developer Hub normal enhancement 05/19/2020
#5216 Accessibility: Text Changes, change ERROR to Error navidos General normal enhancement has-patch 05/29/2020
#5211 Update button styles to match WP 5.3 pipdig General normal defect 05/13/2020
#5238 Remove or block the support forum for the defunct "Ask Questions" plugin sterndata Support Forums normal defect 06/04/2020
#5251 Faulty links redirect to random pages tacitonic HelpHub low defect 06/04/2020
#5242 Plugins should use svn timestamps for accurate last-updated value tellyworth Plugin Directory low enhancement 06/16/2020
#5207 Improve heuristics for detecting block assets tellyworth Plugin Directory high enhancement 05/28/2020
#5246 "Make" meetings need to filter for start_date and end_date tobifjellner Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect 06/02/2020
#5245 "Make" meetings: Make it easier to plan a one-time meeting tobifjellner Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement 06/03/2020
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