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Enhancements that need a reply (42 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#6612 Prepare for bumping the recommended PHP version to 8.0+ SergeyBiryukov General normal task (blessed) 08/24/2023
#6628 Memorialization of profiles tobifjellner Profiles normal enhancement 12/15/2022
#6672 Changes/additions for support article "Must Use Plugins" abitofmind HelpHub ( normal enhancement 01/11/2023
#6774 Suggestion for Image upload type vishwaupesh Photo Directory normal enhancement 02/17/2023
#6853 Request more information on Plugin submission dd32 Plugin Directory low enhancement 04/19/2024
#6912 Simplify the navigation menu vbaimas Photo Directory normal feature request dev-feedback 04/03/2023
#6940 Changes requested add link in email crash_47 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 04/20/2023
#6947 Redirect old "HelpHub" content to their new forever-home Clorith Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement 04/24/2023
#6958 The block at bottom of this page need some padding as it touching the border. himshekhar07 HelpHub ( normal enhancement 04/27/2023
#6977 Archive of taxonomy page should display the excerpt sebastienserre normal enhancement dev-feedback 05/09/2023
#6985 Add an extra parameter 'show_in_rest' in custom taxonomy code snippet of developer doc. akhterarif Developer Hub normal enhancement 05/13/2023
#7021 Add keywords to the documentation: has-testing-info, needs-testing-info, add-to-field-guide, needs-user-docs oglekler Handbooks normal enhancement 06/20/2023
#7033 Trigger a notification when a thread is moved into a theme or plugin forum zoonini Support Forums normal enhancement 06/05/2023
#7092 Show the link for commercial plugins near the "new topic" form Clorith Support Forums normal enhancement 06/23/2023
#7112 ca ( Handbook sync JavierCasares Handbooks normal enhancement 07/01/2023
#7129 Make it easier to go from the translation settings to the translation list again. NekoJonez Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 07/09/2023
#7131 Access to individual theme project translation pages from translation ranking Marc4 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 07/11/2023
#7179 Add a "Uploading image" message or similar in the Submit photo page necobm Photo Directory normal enhancement 08/05/2023
#7211 Stats of Patterns - Live, rejected, pending, etc kafleg Pattern Directory normal feature request 08/15/2023
#7248 Replace "Patterns" with "Patterns Dir" in Translation Stats Marc4 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 09/24/2023
#7301 Translate profile settings and profile pages interface jdy68 Profiles normal enhancement 02/26/2024
#7347 Upgrade the es_ES ( sites - database character encoding JavierCasares International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement 11/30/2023
#7362 In Responsive view, Too much space in heading section pranitdugad HelpHub ( normal enhancement 12/13/2023
#7446 Improved Search Bar Filter Design in responsive pitamdey General lowest enhancement 02/22/2024
#7452 Plugins: Find a better way to surface plugin features. dufresnesteven Plugin Directory normal enhancement 02/08/2024
#7455 Confusing experience when I click "forums" in the main site navigation dufresnesteven Support Forums normal enhancement 02/08/2024
#7503 Create new 'Also Viewing' block and deprecate jQuery version adamwood Support Forums normal enhancement 03/03/2024
#7510 Contextual Search in Translation Consistency Tool Marc4 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 03/09/2024
#7530 More relevant block editor handbook search gaambo Developer Hub normal enhancement 03/25/2024
#7578 Code Refinement for Improved Efficiency chinteshprajapati normal enhancement has-patch 04/12/2024
#7581 Update PHP security recommendation JavierCasares Site normal enhancement dev-feedback 04/13/2024
#7587 Request to clear and update HelpHub support articles for zh_CN tobifjellner International Sites (Rosetta) normal task (blessed) 04/30/2024
#7588 Make rejected photos aren't computed in user's stats nilovelez Photo Directory normal enhancement 04/16/2024
#7592 Improve the button design pitamdey Swag Store ( lowest enhancement 04/17/2024
#7600 Add recent photos to subimssion form topher1kenobe Photo Directory normal enhancement 04/18/2024
#7601 Let get Alt and Caption loaded into images at IPCT data topher1kenobe Photo Directory normal feature request 04/18/2024
#7617 Search for translated text in different locale dd32 Plugin Directory lowest enhancement 05/23/2024
#7629 Allow changing the Closure reason dd32 Plugin Directory lowest enhancement 05/07/2024
#7633 Create possibility for locale teams to "stick a note" on their front page tobifjellner International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement 05/09/2024
#7650 Improve text and links about Trac notifications and preferences sabernhardt Trac normal enhancement 05/22/2024
#7651 Auto posted announcements in Slack when users are awarded badges jordesign Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) normal feature request 05/23/2024
#7652 Shareable test-environment for Support Agents on playground daniub Playground normal feature request 05/23/2024
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