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Enhancements that need a reply (100 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#5245 "Make" meetings: Make it easier to plan a one-time meeting tobifjellner Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement 06/03/2020
#6597 Ability to ignore the most used translation in the consistency tool NekoJonez Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 11/26/2022
#6372 Ability to remove Geolocation EXIF data circlecube Photo Directory normal feature request 06/22/2022
#6217 Ability to report a photo mdburnette Photo Directory normal feature request 03/25/2022
#7131 Access to individual theme project translation pages from translation ranking Marc4 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 07/11/2023
#5486 Activate setting "user must be logged-in" to comment on rosetta and /team sites tobifjellner International Sites (Rosetta) normal task (blessed) 10/26/2020
#6507 Add "Changes Requested" sections to Trac reports desrosj Trac normal enhancement 09/28/2022
#5235 Add 'HelpHub Contributor' role for on-boarding users. atachibana HelpHub ( normal enhancement 07/13/2020
#6407 Add 301 redirect information to Block Editor Handbook bph Developer Hub normal feature request dev-feedback 11/09/2022
#7269 Add Accessibility Checker plugin to .org sites alexstine Site normal enhancement 09/20/2023
#5477 Add CORS headers for responses from westonruter General normal enhancement 10/16/2020
#6428 Add Core Performance Badge Details on Profile Badges Page krupalpanchal Handbooks normal enhancement 08/02/2022
#7179 Add a "Uploading image" message or similar in the Submit photo page necobm Photo Directory normal enhancement 08/05/2023
#6282 Add a column date added to the glossary psmits1567 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 04/18/2022
#5557 Add a hovering button to join slack community in Make Blog Network annezazu Make (Get Involved) / P2 low enhancement 02/03/2021
#6415 Add a link to the overview page to the menu bar of meta trac NekoJonez Trac low enhancement 07/20/2022
#6101 Add an "exactly this word" option in the filters NekoJonez Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 02/15/2022
#4478 Add an `.editorconfig` file to the root of the meta repo netweb General normal enhancement has-patch 05/31/2019
#6985 Add an extra parameter 'show_in_rest' in custom taxonomy code snippet of developer doc. akhterarif Developer Hub normal enhancement 05/13/2023
#6310 Add gp-translation-helpers for the Reject with Feedback Feature akirk Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 05/11/2022
#5641 Add history log for themes status adjustments williampatton Theme Directory normal enhancement 02/26/2021
#7021 Add keywords to the documentation: has-testing-info, needs-testing-info, add-to-field-guide, needs-user-docs oglekler Handbooks normal enhancement 06/20/2023
#5895 Add markdown validation to the readme validator zodiac1978 Plugin Directory normal feature request 03/30/2022
#6582 Add new field in listing of projects psmits1567 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 11/20/2022
#6534 Add option to delete or request to delete photo kafleg Photo Directory normal feature request dev-feedback 10/12/2022
#5462 Add signposting to the end of truncated pagination jonoaldersonwp General low enhancement 10/05/2020
#2424 Add text of reviews to plugin search to improve search gibrown Plugin Directory normal enhancement 07/22/2021
#6435 Add to Favourites button (Heart Icon) alignment issue in mobile device tahmidulkarim Theme Directory normal enhancement 08/09/2022
#3178 Add user-friendly explanations of current workflow keywords on a ticket johnbillion Trac normal enhancement 10/04/2017
#7284 Adding "Hosting Test Team" to Repos Crixu General normal enhancement 09/20/2023
#6086 Allow ZIP Uploads for plugin updates dd32 Plugin Directory normal feature request 03/30/2022
#6878 Allow plugin slug changes during approval-stage dd32 Plugin Directory low enhancement 03/23/2023
#6553 Alphabetically sort the Workflow Keywords dropdown ironprogrammer Trac normal enhancement 10/28/2022
#6977 Archive of taxonomy page should display the excerpt sebastienserre normal enhancement dev-feedback 05/09/2023
#3986 Automate regional WordCamps in the Upcoming Events dashboard widget brettshumaker Events API normal enhancement 10/17/2019
#2312 Automate theme reviewer badges grapplerulrich Profiles normal enhancement 03/27/2018
#5141 Add link of developer pages to the main navigation mercime normal enhancement 04/22/2020
#5410 Categories not displayed on the page of the video casiepa normal enhancement 09/02/2020
#5589 Category archives pages : accessibility improvement (HTML) Chaton666 HelpHub ( normal enhancement has-patch 02/12/2021
#6940 Changes requested add link in email crash_47 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 04/20/2023
#6672 Changes/additions for support article "Must Use Plugins" abitofmind HelpHub ( normal enhancement 01/11/2023
#6556 Consider allowing Make teams to create block patterns colorful tones HelpHub ( normal feature request 11/01/2022
#6623 Content overflow issue in responsive design patelhitesh General normal enhancement 12/14/2022
#6820 Decrease code block tab size Howdy_McGee Support Forums lowest enhancement has-patch 03/02/2023
#5780 Defer and move navigation.js jonoaldersonwp General lowest enhancement 06/23/2021
#5162 Display a "welcome" message when a user hasn't submitted a patch or commented before johnbillion Trac normal enhancement 04/20/2020
#1119 Display multiple uploaded images to a ticket as a gallery jeremyfelt Trac lowest enhancement 07/02/2018
#7229 Display the theme contributor name. dhrumilk Theme Directory normal enhancement 08/22/2023
#6427 Enable Sitemaps for dd32 Developer Hub normal enhancement 07/20/2023
#6464 Enable shortlinks for custom post types for dansoschin Site low enhancement 08/31/2022
#5096 Encourage plugin authors by adding 1.5 to number of installs. jsmoriss Plugin Directory normal enhancement 03/11/2020
#6729 Enhancement suggestion in Comment form at the bottom of the page patelhitesh General normal enhancement dev-feedback 02/02/2023
#2207 GTEs should be able to mark PTE requests as resolved SergeyBiryukov Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement 06/26/2019
#3895 Get Involved ( sites user audit azaozz Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal task (blessed) 10/31/2018
#5053 GitHub integration: Sync the final review comment to Trac noisysocks Trac normal enhancement 02/24/2020
#4824 Global header CSS is not DRY iandunn General normal task (blessed) 11/04/2019
#5220 Handbook Editor Permissions milana_cap Developer Hub normal enhancement 05/19/2020
#5258 Handbook: Show published date and last updated date below the title jdy68 Handbooks normal enhancement 06/07/2020
#6344 Having a loggedin part MaximeCulea normal enhancement dev-feedback 06/02/2022
#4762 HelpHub role change made by HH Manager shows no visual change on front-end Nao HelpHub ( normal enhancement 10/15/2019
#5783 If a string contains plural text then the list from translation memory is not updated psmits1567 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 06/23/2021
#3281 Improve login information for existing users on make/chat Clorith Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) normal enhancement 11/21/2017
#6005 Improve sorting on language page of project NekoJonez Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 12/28/2021
#871 Inactive Profiles Need a Better Design iandunn Profiles low enhancement 08/26/2022
#5107 Information needs to be added to the docs mayankmajeji Handbooks normal enhancement needs-docs 03/21/2020
#5841 Make it easier to copy from the other languages without it copying the string. NekoJonez Translate Site & Plugins low enhancement 07/26/2021
#7129 Make it easier to go from the translation settings to the translation list again. NekoJonez Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 07/09/2023
#5494 Make page of closed theme similar to page of closed plugin Guido07111975 Theme Directory normal enhancement 11/01/2020
#6628 Memorialization of profiles tobifjellner Profiles normal enhancement 12/15/2022
#6405 Migrate the `/here` command to use the Slack Messaging API dd32 Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) high task (blessed) 08/10/2022
#6674 Mouse Pointer Cursor zenaulislam Developer Hub normal enhancement has-patch 03/09/2023
#6606 Moving a repo (Canonical plugin) to the WordPress GitHub JavierCasares General normal feature request 01/04/2023
#6300 Need left side spacing hero title in small viewport size umesh84 lowest enhancement 06/29/2022
#3949 Old news trackbacks/pingbacks which return a non-200 status should be deleted jonoaldersonwp General lowest task (blessed) 01/18/2019
#3868 Option to download Theme, Plugin and REST API Handbooks together with WP-CLI Commands and Code Reference as PDF rishadencykh Handbooks low enhancement 11/15/2018
#3191 Plugin Directory Admin: Renaming Plugins Should be More Ajaxy Ipstenu Plugin Directory normal enhancement 06/12/2018
#5170 Plugin Directory: Change the text of the "Issues resolved in last two months" stat. arglab Plugin Directory normal enhancement 04/24/2020
#7285 Plugin Repo: New sortable column (zip size and/or number of lines) mrfoxtalbot Plugin Directory normal enhancement 09/22/2023
#2797 Plugins: Suggest related plugins when the current plugin hasn't been updated in two years gibrown Plugin Directory normal enhancement dev-feedback 11/02/2017
#6612 Prepare for bumping the recommended PHP version to 8.0+ SergeyBiryukov General normal task (blessed) 08/24/2023
#6223 Provide information about committing theme updates directly to SVN dufresnesteven Theme Review normal enhancement 05/09/2022
#6947 Redirect old "HelpHub" content to their new forever-home Clorith Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement 04/24/2023
#3867 Refreshing Core Patches pento Trac normal enhancement 06/07/2021
#3321 Remove active duplicates from Events API iandunn Events API low enhancement 06/29/2022
#7238 Replace "NSFW" with a "Sensitive Content" Clorith Support Forums normal enhancement 08/26/2023
#7248 Replace "Patterns" with "Patterns Dir" in Translation Stats Marc4 Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 09/24/2023
#6853 Request more information on Plugin submission dd32 Plugin Directory normal enhancement 03/13/2023
#4880 Search result on themes should be based on rating and active install ravisakya Theme Directory normal enhancement 07/22/2021
#7201 Section is touching the screen border. himshekhar07 Site normal enhancement 08/11/2023
#6159 See waiting/fuzzy strings of archived projects NekoJonez Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement 03/02/2022
#5296 Send slack notification when a ticket component changes TimothyBlynJacobs Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) normal enhancement 07/01/2020
#6342 Set a toggle in profile to suppress fetching default and foreign suggestions from Translation memory psmits1567 Translate Site & Plugins normal feature request 06/01/2022
#7092 Show the link for commercial plugins near the "new topic" form Clorith Support Forums normal enhancement 06/23/2023
#6912 Simplify the navigation menu vbaimas Photo Directory normal feature request dev-feedback 04/03/2023
#6116 Slack webhooks should be switched to a Slack App dd32 Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) low enhancement 02/18/2022
#7211 Stats of Patterns - Live, rejected, pending, etc kafleg Pattern Directory normal feature request 08/15/2023
#6774 Suggestion for Image upload type vishwaupesh Photo Directory normal enhancement 02/17/2023
#4576 Support Forums: Add Topic Notes for Moderators and Plugin/Theme Support Role macmanx Support Forums normal enhancement 03/22/2023
#3187 Support Forums: Ajaxify topic status dropdown SergeyBiryukov Support Forums normal enhancement 03/08/2023
#5881 Support Forums: Allow moderators to flag users for mod-watch without needing a post Ipstenu Support Forums normal enhancement 04/26/2023
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