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Ticket Summary Component Priority Type Owner Status Created
#721 Allow WordPress.org to act as a oAuth Provider API normal enhancement new 11/08/2014
#1072 Plugins Directory Search for incomplete names API normal enhancement tellyworth reviewing 06/03/2015
#1278 Plugins Install API: Add ability to order results API normal enhancement tellyworth accepted 10/01/2015
#3592 Dashboard Event Widget: Display 5 meetups instead of 3 API normal enhancement new 04/25/2018
#3642 Add "Requires PHP" information to Update API endpoint API normal enhancement new 05/26/2018
#2823 Improve IP Geolocation Results API normal defect iandunn accepted 05/11/2017
#3261 Events API: returning past meetups API normal defect new 11/10/2017
#3367 Events API: Improve city disambiguation API normal defect new 01/08/2018
#2998 Show nearby events in dashboard events widget in a per country basis API normal enhancement new 07/25/2017
#3213 Add: Plugin Icon URL API / service API normal enhancement reopened 10/19/2017
#3236 Allow for beta channels for plugins and themes API normal enhancement new 10/30/2017
#3245 Including beta/RC offers in the updates endpoint API normal enhancement new 11/02/2017
#3476 Kilometers range for the nearest meetup API normal enhancement new 02/21/2018
#3321 Remove active duplicates from Events API API low enhancement new 12/11/2017
#277 [codex] Some symbols are not allowed in password Codex normal defect new 01/13/2014
#2575 Codex: #dotorgredirect does not redirect to forums Codex normal defect dd32 accepted 03/10/2017
#3347 Translation overview and version tracking for codex Codex normal enhancement new 12/21/2017
#602 Curated explanations require a style guide Developer Hub high enhancement DrewAPicture assigned 09/11/2014
#1085 Duplicate results in developer.wordpress.org search Developer Hub normal defect reopened 06/16/2015
#658 Internationalization DevHub Developer Hub normal enhancement new 10/14/2014
#981 Create feedback form for devhub Developer Hub normal enhancement new 04/01/2015
#3572 Allow users to edit their own notes Developer Hub normal enhancement new 04/14/2018
#3603 Send email to comment authors when a comment is deleted or approved. Developer Hub normal enhancement new 05/03/2018
#3649 add new filter for attributes on link anchor elements in wporg-developer theme Developer Hub normal enhancement new 05/30/2018
#3699 Deprecated methods/functions/classes/hooks should be included in the @since tax archive for the version they were deprecated in Developer Hub normal enhancement new 07/06/2018
#2388 DevHub Glossary rewrite broken Developer Hub normal defect new 01/15/2017
#2600 source listing for _get_term_hierarchy() in code reference is not actually for that function Developer Hub normal defect new 03/23/2017
#2925 occurence of literal '\0' in docblock `@param` of wp_kses_no_null() causes a null character in the corresponding meta_value Developer Hub normal defect new 07/04/2017
#3019 Searching dynamic hooks returns no results Developer Hub normal defect new 08/03/2017
#3352 Error in dashicons page Developer Hub normal defect new 12/29/2017
#1847 Add short descriptions to Related section Developer Hub normal enhancement new 07/19/2016
#1913 Expand documentation of WP_Term_Query() in Code Reference. Developer Hub normal enhancement DrewAPicture accepted 08/17/2016
#2323 DEVHUB: List all private functions Developer Hub normal enhancement new 12/10/2016
#2349 DevHub: Allow CPT be accessed via the REST API Developer Hub normal enhancement new 12/30/2016
#2431 Create a public facing page to list all current external libraries Developer Hub normal enhancement new 01/24/2017
#2459 Revamp homepage of Developer Resources to match other sites Developer Hub normal enhancement new 01/30/2017
#2847 allow filtering of @since tax archive by the type of change Developer Hub normal enhancement new 06/02/2017
#2878 Add bbPress and BuddyPress Dashicons to the devhub dashicon reference Developer Hub normal enhancement new 06/15/2017
#3063 Show JavaScript documentation on developer.wordpress.org Developer Hub normal enhancement new 08/22/2017
#3158 Advanced Search Filtering Keywords Developer Hub normal enhancement new 09/22/2017
#3377 Sync Coding Standards content from GitHub to DevHub Developer Hub normal enhancement new 01/14/2018
#174 Link to generally related functions/classes Developer Hub normal enhancement assigned 09/05/2013
#556 Code Reference: No-result searches should be wildcarded Developer Hub normal enhancement new 07/09/2014
#3389 Build Elasticsearch Index: Developer Hub Developer Hub normal task gibrown assigned 01/17/2018
#668 Open-source News Theme General high enhancement ocean90 accepted 10/23/2014
#3655 Could we not run twitter, facebook and google plus trackers on https://wordpress.org/about/privacy/ please General high enhancement new 06/06/2018
#3539 Implement programmatic or settings changes that can be made to /plugins/ and /themes/ General high task obenland accepted 03/30/2018
#1017 Google Analytics code uses old (deprecated format) General normal defect dd32 reviewing 05/05/2015
#3559 About section: make heading sizes consistent General normal defect mapk assigned 04/09/2018
#596 Create plugin icons for all plugins General normal enhancement Otto42 accepted 09/04/2014
#957 Create a community Code of Conduct General normal enhancement new 03/13/2015
#1078 Enable community-translator General normal enhancement ocean90 reviewing 06/10/2015
#1218 Create new build (continuous/latest) that updates after each commit General normal enhancement new 09/03/2015
#3540 Add Category Navigation on /theme/ and /plugins/ that Google can follow more efficiently. General normal enhancement new 03/30/2018
#3609 Improve design of "Upgrading PHP" support page General normal enhancement new 05/07/2018
#3632 Add or link detailed PHP Extension Recommendations from Requirements page General normal enhancement new 05/23/2018
#3651 Update core checksum endpoint to output sha256 hashes General normal enhancement new 05/31/2018
#3719 Update the Download Button in the Header General normal enhancement new 07/17/2018
#2253 Roadmap page could use an update General normal defect new 11/19/2016
#2517 WordPress.org locale banner shows an empty link General normal defect ocean90 assigned 02/19/2017
#3262 Update Intro on Roadmap page General normal defect new 11/10/2017
#2599 A Global Moderation Queue General normal enhancement new 03/23/2017
#3318 Change two sentences on wordpress.org/ General normal enhancement reopened 12/09/2017
#2203 Consider Removing WordPress Ideas General normal task new 11/03/2016
#3237 Update the privacy policy General normal task pento assigned 10/31/2017
#150 Better 404 page for WordPress.org General low defect assigned 08/30/2013
#200 "Download WordPress" button in header feels like a submit button for the search bar General low enhancement new 10/07/2013
#3577 Add Dictonary for Captioner on WordPress Events Handbooks normal enhancement new 04/16/2018
#3593 Centralize GitHub Markdown importer Handbooks normal enhancement new 04/27/2018
#2389 Move TOC to allow more space for the content Handbooks normal defect new 01/15/2017
#2581 Something interfering with browser "Find in page" Handbooks normal defect new 03/14/2017
#3000 More info about grunt patch Handbooks normal defect dryanpress assigned 07/25/2017
#3085 Unable to "Follow" or "Unfollow" Make Handbook pages Handbooks normal defect new 08/31/2017
#1866 Add a basic "suggest an edit" workflow to the handbooks plugin Handbooks normal enhancement DrewAPicture accepted 07/29/2016
#2158 Handbook Table of Contents need to be toggle-able on small screens Handbooks normal enhancement new 10/19/2016
#3510 Code Block Styling Handbooks normal enhancement new 03/13/2018
#1884 Cyrillic topic slugs are limited to ~33 characters on Rosetta forums International Forums normal defect new 08/01/2016
#1892 Allow bbPress slug changes to reflect locales International Forums normal enhancement reopened 08/05/2016
#2335 Automatically assign user set as admin for a new forum as a key master International Forums normal enhancement reopened 12/18/2016
#2003 Open source all Rosetta mu-plugins as one plugin International Sites (Rosetta) high task new 09/08/2016
#3660 WordPress.org and Rosetta privacy pages mentions WordCamp Central’s DPO instead of w.org International Sites (Rosetta) normal defect tellyworth assigned 06/13/2018
#1201 Lock default header navigation items International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement new 08/24/2015
#1274 Opt-in mentions for general translation editors for each locale International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement coffee2code assigned 09/30/2015
#1292 Display Meetup.com Events on Rosetta Sites International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement new 10/04/2015
#3576 Content Limitations - custom CSS and aria-label International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement new 04/16/2018
#3703 Make Gutenberg theme a wporg-main page template International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement karmatosed assigned 07/07/2018
#1665 Rosetta release page embed uses placeholder text International Sites (Rosetta) normal defect new 04/13/2016
#2264 Change the default Twitter account in Rosetta local sites at .org International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement new 11/23/2016
#3163 Automated release packages should support including custom plugins in the package International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement new 09/25/2017
#3507 Allow pre-defined page slug translations International Sites (Rosetta) normal task new 03/12/2018
#1919 Allow locales to create localised handbooks on Rosetta sites International Sites (Rosetta) low enhancement new 08/19/2016
#528 Localize planet.wordpress.org International Sites (Rosetta) lowest enhancement new 06/24/2014
#83 Twitter account for jobs.wordpress.net Jobs (jobs.wordpress.net) high enhancement coffee2code assigned 08/16/2013
#89 Add email notifications for new jobs on jobs.wordpress.net Jobs (jobs.wordpress.net) high enhancement new 08/19/2013
#2076 Announcement mailing lists need a new subscription UI Mailing Lists normal defect new 09/24/2016
#2531 Broken link to mailing list on bbPress Trac Mailing Lists normal defect new 02/23/2017
#3547 Automate release revision numbers in Polyglots handbook Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 04/04/2018
#2440 Trac links are automatically added even when `#NNN` reference has an existing link Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect pento assigned 01/25/2017
#2897 P2: "Mark as done" button disappears when clicking individual checkboxes Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect new 06/22/2017
#3371 All the gravatar images miss an alt attribute Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect assigned 01/11/2018
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