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#2320 Global stats for GlotPress to identify possible future GTE Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement tellyworth accepted 12/08/2016
#2890 Move readme.html and wp-config-sample.php translations to GlotPress Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 06/21/2017
#3102 Notification on new strings on GlotPress via Slack Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 09/05/2017
#3329 Add filter to on Plugins/Themes listing to order by last activity date Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 12/13/2017
#3423 Add new functionality for editor/locale requests Translate Site & Plugins normal task (blessed) new 02/06/2018
#3014 Plugins: Translate all plugin readmes with Google Translate Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 08/01/2017
#5621 Don't warn on numbered placeholders <=> non-numbered placeholders Translate Site & Plugins low defect (bug) new 02/17/2021
#5845 Some locales appears twice in the dropdown menu in the consistency tool Translate Site & Plugins low defect (bug) reopened 07/28/2021
#1139 Remember locale selection Translate Site & Plugins low enhancement new 07/20/2015
#4506 i18n: Create list with CL-PTE's and their respective projects Translate Site & Plugins low enhancement new 06/11/2019
#5841 Make it easier to copy from the other languages without it copying the string. Translate Site & Plugins low enhancement new 07/26/2021
#6053 Display friendly page on 404 of plugin/theme projects Translate Site & Plugins low enhancement new 01/27/2022
#6929 Add a "Last modified" date on glossary page and not only per row Translate Site & Plugins low feature request new 04/10/2023
#1044 Generate a list of translation contributors per release cycle Translate Site & Plugins low enhancement new 05/22/2015
#7214 Inactive theme translation projects string not accurate for old themes. Translate Site & Plugins lowest defect (bug) new 08/17/2023
#7225 Page Break in Mobile Responsive View Translate Site & Plugins lowest defect (bug) new 08/21/2023
#6317 Table text cutting Off Translate Site & Plugins lowest enhancement new 05/19/2022
#1218 Create new build (continuous/latest) that updates after each commit Version Control normal enhancement new 09/03/2015
#5978 Create a better way to trac SVN props and contributions Version Control normal enhancement new 12/13/2021
#6401 Add verification for the user names in the "Props" in commit messages Version Control normal enhancement new 07/11/2022
#4184 Add a robots.txt disallow all rule to Version Control lowest defect (bug) Otto42 accepted 02/18/2019
#6522 home page design breaking on tablet & mobile devices. WordCamp Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 10/07/2022
#7299 CSS layout issues on the "Sponsorship Grants Report" page WordCamp Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 10/08/2023
#6748 Content overflow issue in the Get Involved section WordCamp Site & Plugins low defect (bug) new 02/10/2023
#7236 Requirements page update (MySQL and PHP) Site high defect (bug) new 08/25/2023
#4121 Proposal to change the headings hierarchy in the Blog section Site normal defect (bug) new 01/29/2019
#5473 Update one line of copy on Site normal defect (bug) new 10/13/2020
#5506 Add version validation to Release tooling Site normal defect (bug) new 11/13/2020
#5554 Main Theme: Cookies table not responsive Site normal defect (bug) new 12/18/2020
#5687 Base Theme: Register navigation JS for use in child themes Site normal defect (bug) new 03/31/2021
#5753 Improve recognition for internationalization efforts on wp40% page Site normal defect (bug) new 05/27/2021
#6085 insufficient contrast of the link in the menu Site normal defect (bug) new 02/06/2022
#6180 In responsive content overflow because of table on gthe page :- Site normal defect (bug) new 03/11/2022
#6680 Add alt-s for id wp-admin-bar-user-info Site normal defect (bug) new 01/14/2023
#6754 The widgets don’t display on Widgets admin screen Site normal defect (bug) new 02/14/2023
#7272 Not having a proper spacing on about page numbering elements Site normal defect (bug) reopened 09/13/2023
#7331 Preview mode switcher doesn't work correctly on the Gutenberg demo page Site normal defect (bug) reopened 10/30/2023
#7357 In Responsive, Tour Guide is not working properly Site normal defect (bug) new 11/30/2023
#7460 Use Imagick/ImageMagick instead of GD for the photo directory Site normal defect (bug) new 02/09/2024
#7482 Update WCAG version on Accessibility Page to match version indicated in WordPress Coding Standards Site normal defect (bug) new 02/21/2024
#7485 In Responsive view, secondary menu layout is not proper Site normal defect (bug) new 02/22/2024
#5140 Can the current day on Meetings show upcoming a little better Site normal enhancement tellyworth accepted 04/08/2020
#5700 Link translation from different languages and show a block with different translation to the article. Site normal enhancement new 04/14/2021
#5704 Sync and localize Security White Paper PDF Site normal enhancement new 04/18/2021
#5960 Display Cli command in plugins and themes page Site normal enhancement new 11/24/2021
#6403 Provide no-content download of localized versions of WP core Site normal enhancement new 07/13/2022
#6449 accessibility problems with new download page Site normal enhancement new 08/19/2022
#6610 Add smooth scroll to the page for jumping another section Site normal enhancement new 12/03/2022
#6796 Data Erasure: Update @mentions Site normal enhancement new 02/22/2023
#7139 Add a "Security Supported" statistic to stats page Site normal enhancement new 07/13/2023
#7269 Add Accessibility Checker plugin to .org sites Site normal enhancement new 09/11/2023
#6328 Provide no-content versions of betas, RCs, and nightlies Site normal feature request new 05/25/2022
#6768 Investigate broken 'jobs page' URLs Site low defect (bug) new 02/17/2023
#6773 Remove interstitial tags redirect Site low defect (bug) new 02/17/2023
#7394 In support Page, Text is overlapping on search bar Input Site low defect (bug) new 12/29/2023
#6464 Enable shortlinks for custom post types for Site low enhancement new 08/31/2022
#7314 accessibility of svg image in footer Site low enhancement new 10/19/2023
#6858 Margin and padding issue on WordPress donate website Site lowest defect (bug) new 03/14/2023
#7349 In resposive view, shortlink menu button not working properly Site lowest defect (bug) new 11/16/2023
#7155 Accessibility Statement is not in footer Site lowest feature request new 07/22/2023
#4080 Embedded videos not keyboard accessible once video is playing high defect (bug) new 01/18/2019
#5859 Improve video thumbnail images high defect (bug) new 08/11/2021
#7079 mobile version grid design responsive issue high defect (bug) new 06/20/2023
#7419 Subtitles upload issue in videos high defect (bug) new 01/23/2024
#1429 Implement JQuery autocomplete on fields of submit video form high enhancement new 12/03/2015
#1456 Increase font sizes site-wide high enhancement new 12/10/2015
#6311 Upgrading and evolving the WPTV form to upload videos high enhancement new 05/13/2022
#4301 Coding standards: Need to use numeric values instead of keywords in CSS. normal defect (bug) tellyworth reviewing 03/18/2019
#4520 Rework Browse by WordCamp list in sidebar of event archives normal defect (bug) new 06/20/2019
#5125 Video player controls disappear after closing fullscreen (WPTV) normal defect (bug) new 04/01/2020
#5846 WPTV: Subtitle attachment info stays even after subtitle file is removed normal defect (bug) new 07/30/2021
#6172 WPTV Subtitle Moderation Missing normal defect (bug) new 03/08/2022
#6244 In WPTV Category page video group layout should be full width in mobile normal defect (bug) new 04/01/2022
#6303 Content is currently hidden behind the footer normal defect (bug) new 05/05/2022
#6486 The design of WordCampTV video lists is deteriorating at mobile screen size. normal defect (bug) new 09/16/2022
#6624 Spacing Issue in language title normal defect (bug) new 12/14/2022
#6629 page In secondary video does not show proper. normal defect (bug) new 12/15/2022
#6816 Some title are mis-aligned normal defect (bug) new 02/28/2023
#6852 Spacing Issue between description and image normal defect (bug) new 03/13/2023
#6854 Spacing Issue in "Filter Options box" normal defect (bug) new 03/13/2023
#6857 Spacing Issue in "Filter Options box" normal defect (bug) new 03/14/2023
#6988 Choosing a language normal defect (bug) new 05/16/2023
#7143 subtitle upload not working. normal defect (bug) new 07/16/2023
#7230 Video dissapearing after returning from fullscreen to normal mode in MS Edge browser normal defect (bug) new 08/22/2023
#7315 Some video titles incorrectly right-aligned normal defect (bug) new 10/19/2023
#7364 Fix missing alt for video images normal defect (bug) new 12/08/2023
#7369 Star rating info content outside the box and overlaping normal defect (bug) new 12/12/2023
#7374 Scrolling on 404 page normal defect (bug) new 12/15/2023
#1156 ISO Language Code Tag to Improve API normal enhancement new 07/31/2015
#1433 Mention WordCamp twitter in tweet when publishing new video normal enhancement new 12/03/2015
#1434 Create terms list pages normal enhancement new 12/03/2015
#1442 Sort event videos by event date instead of upload date normal enhancement new 12/07/2015
#1510 Add full transcripts to videos on normal enhancement new 01/08/2016
#5349 List of all videos with a subtitle normal enhancement new 08/03/2020
#5410 Categories not displayed on the page of the video normal enhancement new 09/02/2020
#5697 Show the important the most tags in home normal enhancement new 04/08/2021
#5947 Support in upload form for thumbnails normal enhancement new 11/06/2021
#6344 Having a loggedin part normal enhancement new 06/02/2022
#6346 Update WordCamp video meta when a new video has been published normal enhancement new 06/02/2022
#6977 Archive of taxonomy page should display the excerpt normal enhancement new 05/09/2023
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