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#1156 ISO Language Code Tag to Improve API WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 07/31/2015
#1429 Implement JQuery autocomplete on fields of submit video form WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 12/03/2015
#1430 Auto post published videos to YouTube channel WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 12/03/2015
#1433 Mention WordCamp twitter in tweet when publishing new video WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 12/03/2015
#1434 Create terms list pages WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 12/03/2015
#1442 Sort event videos by event date instead of upload date WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 12/07/2015
#1510 Add full transcripts to videos on WordPress.tv WordPress.tv normal enhancement dd32 reviewing 01/08/2016
#1629 Create archives for popular and recent videos and link to them from home page sections WordPress.tv normal enhancement dd32 reviewing 03/13/2016
#2122 WordPress.tv: Introduce "watch later" functionality WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 10/09/2016
#3037 WordPress.tv: Show the views of the video WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 08/10/2017
#3240 Add speaker's social media handle to WordPress.tv video link WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 11/01/2017
#394 WordPress.tv search is case-sensitive for non-English keywords WordPress.tv normal defect new 03/07/2014
#1455 Surfacing Related Content on WPTV WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 12/10/2015
#3387 Build Elasticsearch Index: WordPress.tv WordPress.tv normal task gibrown assigned 01/17/2018
#2127 enhancement: WordPress.tv: add an optional slug field for the video submission form WordPress.tv low enhancement dd32 reviewing 10/11/2016
#4784 Problem with Cyrillic names on buddypress.org buddypress.org normal defect new 10/24/2019
#4601 Init BP DevHub with the BP REST API Handbook buddypress.org normal enhancement johnjamesjacoby assigned 07/12/2019
#1914 character issue on BuddyPress Codex buddypress.org normal defect reopened 08/18/2016
#2129 bbPress.org forum profiles should have a link to the WP.org profile buddypress.org normal enhancement new 10/11/2016
#1077 Fix anchors in the bbPress & BuddyPress Codex theme so that anchors are not behind the toolbar buddypress.org low defect dd32 reopened 06/09/2015
#3644 Remake of the learn.wordpress.org site learn.wordpress.org normal task new 05/26/2018
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