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#6005 Improve sorting on language page of project Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 12/28/2021
#6006 When a normal translator suggests a translation with a wrong url in it, then there is no "discard" option within the message Translate Site & Plugins normal defect new 12/29/2021
#6008 In showcase theme having uneven slider height Showcase normal defect new 12/29/2021
#6011 list item display issue Handbooks high defect new 12/31/2021
#6014 Plugin Directory: Make compatible with Jetpack 10.5 Plugin Directory high defect kraftbj assigned 01/05/2022
#6017 Show stats for image views/downloads Photo Directory normal enhancement new 01/08/2022
#6020 Mobile UI issue on my ticket pages General normal defect new 01/13/2022
#6023 Adding theme upload page link in Trac ticket Theme Directory normal enhancement new 01/18/2022
#6024 Support Forums: Make edit/close/spam links always visible for actionable users Support Forums normal enhancement new 01/18/2022
#6029 Remove links to forum posts with host-name as tags General normal enhancement new 01/21/2022
#6032 plugins_api() 'downloadlink', 'reviews', and 'versions' query args do nothing. API normal defect dd32 accepted 01/21/2022
#6033 With every major language pack release, translations credit disappears for the very previous release Profiles normal defect new 01/21/2022
#6034 Pagination on Mobile issue Photo Directory normal defect new 01/22/2022
#6035 Make photo in the admin editor open in new tab General normal enhancement new 01/22/2022
#6037 Refine custom styles, now that translate is running a different base-theme Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement iandunn assigned 01/24/2022
#6038 Broken style on core.trac page Trac normal defect new 01/24/2022
#6039 Functions broken links at plugin editor Developer Hub normal defect new 01/24/2022
#6040 Upload button on missing submit forms normal defect new 01/24/2022
#6042 Typo: "All" => "Allow" in Meeting Structure Quiz Answer General normal defect new 01/24/2022
#6043 Typo: Missing Word "sent" in Bullet List Item General normal defect new 01/24/2022
#6044 Typo: Extra Word "any" in Bullet List Item General normal defect new 01/24/2022
#6045 Add Openverse to the list of External Bug Trackers General low enhancement new 01/25/2022
#6047 Photos awaiting moderation are publicly visible when searched for. Photo Directory normal defect new 01/25/2022
#6048 Can't click some items in the Core Trac report popup Trac normal defect new 01/26/2022
#6049 incorrectly shows Template: Cover Theme Directory normal defect Otto42 reopened 01/26/2022
#6051 Close icons in Patterns and Learn page's mobile menu is not working General high defect new 01/26/2022
#6052 Tag Make posts to ping teams/team-reps Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 01/27/2022
#6053 Display friendly page on 404 of plugin/theme projects Translate Site & Plugins low enhancement new 01/27/2022
#6055 Github API error while fetching good first issues in WP CLI component. Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect new 01/28/2022
#6056 Missing contributor badge details from components. Handbooks normal defect new 01/28/2022
#6058 Logging in to does not direct you back to the context you were in upon successful login General normal defect reopened 01/28/2022
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