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#4993 Create a set of test data for local meta development General high enhancement new 01/30/2020
#4995 Page title format incorrect on support article category templates HelpHub lowest defect new 01/30/2020
#4996 Hosing test result page mobile view navigation look double burger button. Make (Get Involved) / P2 high defect new 01/31/2020
#4997 Use standard language abbreviations WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 01/31/2020
#5006 Mark support helpful/reactions Support Forums normal enhancement new 02/04/2020
#5007 Mark documentation helpful HelpHub normal defect new 02/04/2020
#5008 Improve forum input fields' contrast and UI Support Forums normal enhancement new 02/04/2020
#5013 Overarching design style guide General normal enhancement new 02/06/2020
#5014 Add icon names to under dashicons so I can search using my browsers Ctrl + F function. General normal enhancement new 02/07/2020
#5017 Suggestion: move Explanation section higher up on DevHub pages Developer Hub normal enhancement new 02/08/2020
#5020 Source block editor docs from WP branch Developer Hub normal enhancement new 02/10/2020
#5022 XML sitemap URLs should not append a trailing slash Theme Directory low defect reopened 02/10/2020
#5024 Provide/verify access to *.wordpress.org sites in Google Search Console. General high task new 02/10/2020
#5031 Support Forums: Duplicate "Create Review" button Support Forums normal defect new 02/13/2020
#5033 Capabilities table is formatted in a bad way HelpHub normal defect new 02/13/2020
#5034 WordCamp ticket payments with Stripe: credit cards are always declined WordCamp Site & Plugins high defect new 02/13/2020
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