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Ticket Summary Component Priority Type Owner Status Created
#200 "Download WordPress" button in header feels like a submit button for the search bar General low enhancement obenland reopened 10/07/2013
#3922 "How to create a WordPress business website" landing page on WordPress.org General normal defect new 11/14/2018
#5246 "Make" meetings need to filter for start_date and end_date Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect new 06/02/2020
#5245 "Make" meetings: Make it easier to plan a one-time meeting Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 06/02/2020
#5226 "My Favorites" does not work, redirect to "Favorits" tags Plugin Directory low defect new 05/24/2020
#4347 "Order & Orderby Parameters" section in manually curated part of the code reference for WP_Query doesn't mention ordering by meta_query clauses Developer Hub normal enhancement new 03/29/2019
#5768 "Rosetta for inactive translations" feature for the current theme International Sites (Rosetta) normal defect new 06/08/2021
#4126 "Special contributions" template leaks PII Codex high defect dd32 accepted 01/30/2019
#4398 'Forums' subdomains should have friendly error templates Support Forums lowest defect new 04/23/2019
#4397 'Forums' subdomains should include Google Tag Manager Support Forums lowest defect new 04/23/2019
#5835 (re)instate "noindex" mode on the Patterns Directory Pattern Directory high defect new 07/21/2021
#5519 301 redirects for new titles in HelpHub HelpHub normal enhancement new 12/01/2020
#5824 5ftf contributor pledge pages should use the 'pretty' links Make (Get Involved) / P2 lowest defect new 07/13/2021
#5548 A more inclusive commenting policy for P2 Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 12/15/2020
#4171 Ability to temporarily block translation editors & show a warning Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 02/11/2019
#3559 About section: make heading sizes consistent General normal defect mapk assigned 04/09/2018
#3026 Access to WP-CLI profile badge management Profiles normal enhancement new 08/06/2017
#5216 Accessibility: Text Changes, change ERROR to Error General normal enhancement new 05/16/2020
#5486 Activate setting "user must be logged-in" to comment on rosetta and /team sites International Sites (Rosetta) normal task new 10/26/2020
#5756 Activity log is not populated when a topic title consists of only emoji Plugin Directory normal defect new 05/28/2021
#5567 Adapt the page title on filtered plugin review archives Support Forums lowest defect new 01/08/2021
#5235 Add 'HelpHub Contributor' role for on-boarding users. HelpHub normal enhancement new 05/27/2020
#5830 Add /.well-known/change-password redirect Login & Authentication normal defect dd32 accepted 07/20/2021
#5477 Add CORS headers for responses from s.w.org General normal enhancement new 10/16/2020
#5883 Add Classic Widgets to the Featured Plugin list API normal defect new 08/31/2021
#4750 Add Contributors & Developers section to theme single page Theme Directory normal enhancement new 10/01/2019
#2596 Add Default Text in Support form as a Template for Asking Good Support Questions Support Forums normal enhancement new 03/22/2017
#3577 Add Dictonary for Captioner on WordPress Events Handbooks normal enhancement new 04/16/2018
#4825 Add Enterprise content to wordpress.org General high enhancement Otto42 accepted 11/05/2019
#4695 Add FAQPage schema markup to plugin pages Plugin Directory normal defect SergeyBiryukov accepted 08/20/2019
#5738 Add Feedback form to Dev Handbooks Developer Hub highest omg bbq enhancement new 05/18/2021
#5935 Add Google Tag Manager to status.wordpress.org General lowest defect assigned 10/22/2021
#2902 Add PHPCS to theme upload process Theme Review normal enhancement new 06/27/2017
#5063 Add Responsive device icons on the Theme Preview Theme Directory normal enhancement new 02/27/2020
#5471 Add Serbian Latin locale with transliteration of Serbian Cyrillic locale Translate Site & Plugins normal task ocean90 assigned 10/11/2020
#5376 Add Trending tab on a weekly basis Theme Directory low enhancement new 08/15/2020
#5512 Add VideoObject schema to wordpress.tv video pages WordPress.tv high enhancement new 11/17/2020
#4258 Add `needs-design-feedback` keyword to Trac Trac normal enhancement SergeyBiryukov reopened 03/11/2019
#5484 Add a "Tag and release" button Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 10/26/2020
#4894 Add a BP GraphQL API Handbook to developer.buddypress.org buddypress.org normal enhancement netweb accepted 12/08/2019
#5760 Add a Search Highlighter to Make Sites Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 05/30/2021
#1866 Add a basic "suggest an edit" workflow to the handbooks plugin Handbooks normal enhancement DrewAPicture accepted 07/29/2016
#5449 Add a favicon to https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/ Trac lowest defect new 09/24/2020
#5557 Add a hovering button to join slack community in Make Blog Network Make (Get Involved) / P2 low enhancement new 12/23/2020
#4759 Add a link icon to FAQ questions for plugins Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 10/08/2019
#2699 Add a new role to the forums: plugin/theme support Support Forums high enhancement Otto42 accepted 04/07/2017
#4184 Add a robots.txt disallow all rule to ps.w.org Version Control lowest defect Otto42 accepted 02/18/2019
#4770 Add a robots.txt disallow rule for /raw-attachment/ Trac normal defect new 10/22/2019
#5347 Add a robots.txt file to lists.wordpress.org Mailing Lists lowest defect new 08/03/2020
#5928 Add a row background color-coding legend to the top of the various core Trac reports Trac normal enhancement new 10/13/2021
#5681 Add a test template to Trac tickets Trac normal enhancement new 03/29/2021
#5542 Add a way to convert theme reports to support forum posts Theme Directory normal enhancement new 12/11/2020
#479 Add ability to browse activity history to profiles Profiles normal enhancement new 05/17/2014
#5668 Add an 'empty' robots.txt file to s.w.org General lowest defect dd32 accepted 03/19/2021
#4478 Add an `.editorconfig` file to the root of the meta repo General normal enhancement tellyworth accepted 05/27/2019
#5233 Add an easy way to hide forums sections from localized helphub sites that don’t use forum feature HelpHub normal defect new 05/27/2020
#4195 Add block editor template for the helphub_version post type HelpHub normal enhancement SergeyBiryukov reviewing 02/21/2019
#5478 Add brotli compression to emoji image files General normal enhancement new 10/18/2020
#4875 Add bulk suspension and reinstating admin tool for themes Theme Directory high enhancement new 11/25/2019
#5047 Add check to forum subscriptions if the account is "Blocked" or "Spectator" Support Forums high defect new 02/21/2020
#89 Add email notifications for new jobs on jobs.wordpress.net Jobs (jobs.wordpress.net) high enhancement new 08/19/2013
#4867 Add feeds for plugin support forum topic replies Support Forums normal enhancement new 11/21/2019
#3329 Add filter to translate.wp.org on Plugins/Themes listing to order by last activity date Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 12/13/2017
#5232 Add flagged user view Support Forums normal enhancement new 05/27/2020
#1510 Add full transcripts to videos on WordPress.tv WordPress.tv normal enhancement dd32 reviewing 01/08/2016
#5641 Add history log for themes status adjustments Theme Directory normal enhancement new 02/26/2021
#5393 Add https://github.com/WordPress/wordpress-develop to Packagist Version Control normal enhancement new 08/27/2020
#4525 Add insights to the plugin language packs page Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement tellyworth reviewing 06/22/2019
#5534 Add limits to prevent high-triggering notifications General high defect new 12/09/2020
#5696 Add link to create new topic for closed topics Support Forums normal enhancement new 04/08/2021
#5620 Add link to view=all for moderators Support Forums normal enhancement new 02/16/2021
#3999 Add link/button to create new topic near "reply form" Support Forums normal enhancement SergeyBiryukov reviewing 12/13/2018
#5895 Add markdown validation to the readme validator Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 09/10/2021
#1520 Add more granular notifications for SupportFlow tickets Make (Get Involved) / P2 low enhancement assigned 01/14/2016
#5789 Add new Openverse theme for use on the Openverse site (wordpress.org/openverse) WordPress.org Site normal enhancement dd32 accepted 06/24/2021
#3423 Add new functionality for editor/locale requests Translate Site & Plugins normal task new 02/06/2018
#5339 Add new sorting filters to Plugins tab in the Translate WordPress dashboard Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 07/25/2020
#5731 Add performance index to each theme and plugin in the repository General normal enhancement new 05/09/2021
#4977 Add plugin closed message to plugins_api. API normal enhancement new 01/21/2020
#1502 Add redirects for URLs referenced in git-svn-id Trac lowest enhancement new 12/30/2015
#4280 Add schema markup to profile templates Profiles normal defect coffee2code accepted 03/15/2019
#4200 Add scrollback to anchor links as the admin bar overlaps the heading HelpHub normal defect new 02/22/2019
#5462 Add signposting to the end of truncated pagination General low enhancement new 10/05/2020
#3240 Add speaker's social media handle to WordPress.tv video link WordPress.tv normal enhancement new 11/01/2017
#5604 Add structured data to profile pages Profiles low enhancement new 02/05/2021
#4621 Add support for 'Tested up to' header in the main plugin file Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 07/23/2019
#5665 Add support for comma separated revision numbers on Make blogs Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect new 03/16/2021
#5849 Add tag to automated weekly Community post Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 08/03/2021
#2424 Add text of reviews to plugin search to improve search Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 01/23/2017
#3178 Add user-friendly explanations of current workflow keywords on a ticket Trac normal enhancement new 10/03/2017
#5506 Add version validation to Release tooling WordPress.org Site normal defect new 11/13/2020
#3878 Adding Badges for WordCamp Volunteers and Attendees Profiles normal enhancement new 10/20/2018
#5852 Adding Pronouns field on the W.org profile Profiles low enhancement new 08/06/2021
#5326 Adding a tag Free / Freemium Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 07/21/2020
#5834 Adjust themes screenshot in the themes directory Theme Directory normal defect new 07/21/2021
#3158 Advanced Search Filtering Keywords Developer Hub normal enhancement new 09/22/2017
#5890 Advanced view - Add support reps - non-ascii character display fails Plugin Directory low defect new 09/06/2021
#5660 Ajax status change pile up under the last item Support Forums normal defect new 03/15/2021
#5930 Align "Top ↑" links to the right Developer Hub normal defect new 10/14/2021
#5146 All Recent Topics RSS Feed returns topics from plugins and themes, not the general forums Support Forums normal defect reopened 04/14/2020
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