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#3962 Tracbot: Delete slack posts when the related trac ticket is deleted. Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) low defect (bug) new 11/27/2018
#5629 Track "report this topic" reports Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 02/18/2021
#6414 Track the review activities of (CL)PTE/GTE better Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 07/20/2022
#6333 Training p2 Widgets area not rendering correctly Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect (bug) new 05/27/2022
#7301 Translate profile settings and profile pages interface Profiles normal enhancement new 10/12/2023
#6565 Translate site: tracking new strings and other string status for relevant official projects Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 11/02/2022
#3891 Translate: Allow locale-specific rules Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 10/30/2018
#6320 Translate: duplicate string translations sometimes lead fo translation status > 100% Translate Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 05/21/2022
#6922 Translate: missing translators comments from Gutenberg Translate Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 04/06/2023
#6581 Translate: search doesn't find names with dashes Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 11/20/2022
#7494 Translation Events Translate Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 02/28/2024
#5510 Translation of the "Topics" string not taken into account in the French handbook Handbooks normal defect (bug) new 11/16/2020
#7033 Trigger a notification when a thread is moved into a theme or plugin forum Support Forums normal enhancement new 06/05/2023
#3489 Tuning plugins/themes for mentioning translators Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 02/28/2018
#5387 Twitter Card Not Found HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) new 08/21/2020
#5826 Twitter card not working for some plugin pages Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 07/15/2021
#6412 UI issue on Latest tickets page. Trac lowest defect (bug) new 07/19/2022
#7124 UI issue on Other locales tabs Translate Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 07/05/2023
#7239 Unable to accept membership request to WP-CLI Contributor group Profiles normal defect (bug) coffee2code accepted 08/27/2023
#6161 Unable to search for Categories Photo Directory normal defect (bug) new 03/03/2022
#6648 Unnecessary horizontal scroller on the Mercantile login page Swag Store ( high enhancement new 12/25/2022
#5487 Unpublished (Pending) HelpHub articles should redirect to english version for not editors HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) new 10/26/2020
#6967 Unwanted console error of 'ajax' Make (Get Involved) / P2 low defect (bug) new 05/02/2023
#7524 Update Full Site Editing Tag for block themes Theme Directory normal enhancement new 03/20/2024
#6374 Update Openverse symbol and color Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement ryelle accepted 06/23/2022
#7581 Update PHP security recommendation Site normal enhancement new 04/13/2024
#7482 Update WCAG version on Accessibility Page to match version indicated in WordPress Coding Standards Site normal defect (bug) new 02/21/2024
#6346 Update WordCamp video meta when a new video has been published normal enhancement new 06/02/2022
#5211 Update button styles to match WP 5.3 General normal defect (bug) new 05/13/2020
#3651 Update core checksum endpoint to output sha256 hashes API normal enhancement new 05/31/2018
#7372 Update credits for 6.3 API normal defect (bug) new 12/13/2023
#6766 Update to prevent spam attacks General low enhancement new 02/17/2023
#4205 Update for privacy policy needed General normal defect (bug) new 02/24/2019
#3459 Update good-first-bugs auto-claiming process Trac normal enhancement new 02/15/2018
#5473 Update one line of copy on Site normal defect (bug) new 10/13/2020
#7203 Update process for reporting unacceptable community behavior Handbooks normal defect (bug) new 08/11/2023
#5792 Update readme documentation to better reflect code usage, and clarify a discrepancy with the Readme validator Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 06/27/2021
#6763 Update robots.txt (and rosetta variations) General low enhancement reopened 02/17/2023
#6516 Update the "Update PHP" support page HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) new 10/04/2022
#6286 Update the Meta Handbook with useful info Handbooks normal task (blessed) renyot accepted 04/20/2022
#3237 Update the privacy policy General normal task (blessed) pento assigned 10/31/2017
#5561 Update voice count after user is blocked Support Forums normal enhancement new 12/30/2020
#3758 Update General normal task (blessed) new 08/10/2018
#7123 Update/fix/remove info for pending posts Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 07/04/2023
#5363 Upgrade Markdown library Plugin Directory low defect (bug) new 08/10/2020
#7347 Upgrade the es_ES ( sites - database character encoding International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement new 11/09/2023
#6311 Upgrading and evolving the WPTV form to upload videos high enhancement new 05/13/2022
#6832 Upload of .vtt file refused HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) new 03/04/2023
#7460 Use Imagick/ImageMagick instead of GD for the photo directory Site normal defect (bug) new 02/09/2024
#5132 Use of reusable blocks is inconvenient for translation HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) new 04/05/2020
#7294 Useless link in user profile Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 09/30/2023
#4644 User profiles: Make sure all users have a displayname defined Profiles normal task (blessed) new 08/01/2019
#7230 Video dissapearing after returning from fullscreen to normal mode in MS Edge browser normal defect (bug) new 08/22/2023
#5125 Video player controls disappear after closing fullscreen (WPTV) normal defect (bug) new 04/01/2020
#6297 Video upload content Cutting Off in small viewport size lowest enhancement new 04/28/2022
#6822 View Changes form not displaying properly. Trac normal defect (bug) new 03/02/2023
#6481 Voice count on reviews showing Zero Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 09/13/2022
#6003 W3C CSS syntax for pseudo element in meta lowest defect (bug) new 12/28/2021
#3995 W3C CSS validator patchs for all sites in meta General normal defect (bug) new 12/11/2018
#7373 WP Code Block Button is not properly sticky. Developer Hub normal defect (bug) new 12/14/2023
#5687 Base Theme: Register navigation JS for use in child themes Site normal defect (bug) new 03/31/2021
#6172 WPTV Subtitle Moderation Missing normal defect (bug) new 03/08/2022
#5846 WPTV: Subtitle attachment info stays even after subtitle file is removed normal defect (bug) new 07/30/2021
#5358 Warn on plugin upload if text domain and plugin slug don't match Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 08/05/2020
#5903 Warn when a plugin tag is made, but never released Plugin Directory normal defect (bug) new 09/14/2021
#5622 When a non PTE or GTE suggests an already present string, he cannot reject his own string directly General normal enhancement new 02/17/2021
#6006 When a normal translator suggests a translation with a wrong url in it, then there is no "discard" option within the message Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 12/29/2021
#5791 When a plugin page is available in a sub language, it doesn't get recognized / suggested. Plugin Directory normal defect (bug) new 06/26/2021
#4001 When searching projects relevancy should come into account as '100% Translated projects' end up at the end Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 12/13/2018
#5862 When using filters on the project page, have an "ignore 0% projects" option Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 08/12/2021
#6906 White space issue in responsive at 320px. Swag Store ( normal defect (bug) new 03/30/2023
#6033 With every major language pack release, translations credit disappears for the very previous release Profiles normal defect (bug) new 01/21/2022
#3848 WordPress Plugin: Remove contributors & developers block Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 09/30/2018
#2517 locale banner shows an empty link General normal defect (bug) ocean90 assigned 02/19/2017
#7079 mobile version grid design responsive issue high defect (bug) new 06/20/2023
#6245 pagination wraps to multiple lines in mobile lowest defect (bug) new 04/01/2022
#7143 subtitle upload not working. normal defect (bug) new 07/16/2023
#1456 Increase font sizes site-wide high enhancement new 12/10/2015
#2122 Introduce "watch later" functionality normal enhancement new 10/09/2016
#3037 Show the views of the video normal enhancement new 08/10/2017
#6701 Wrapping in the consistenty tool doesn't always work Translate Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 01/23/2023
#7360 Wrong URL in Get Involved link in the header area HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) new 12/07/2023
#7032 Wrong link in breadcamb item HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) new 06/05/2023
#83 X account for Jobs ( high enhancement coffee2code assigned 08/16/2013
#3263 Zips for deleted plugin tags not deleted Plugin Directory normal defect (bug) reviewing 11/12/2017
#6984 [] Widgetize sidebar and add terms for the different taxonomies normal enhancement new 05/12/2023
#5144 [all websites] Declare HTML5 scripts and styles support for better compliance with W3C validator General normal defect (bug) new 04/12/2020
#7314 accessibility of svg image in footer Site low enhancement new 10/19/2023
#6449 accessibility problems with new download page Site normal enhancement new 08/19/2022
#6573 add counter for total amount of translated lines into profile Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement Amieiro assigned 11/09/2022
#2847 allow filtering of @since tax archive by the type of change Developer Hub normal enhancement new 06/02/2017
#2129 forum profiles should have a link to the profile normal enhancement new 10/11/2016
#6927 bbpress home page - design issue on small devices normal defect (bug) new 04/07/2023
#6928 bbpress nav menu Toggle not working properly. normal defect (bug) new 04/07/2023
#2008 and activity should appear on profiles Profiles normal enhancement new 09/09/2016
#7135 buddypress home page - design issue on small devices lowest defect (bug) new 07/12/2023
#7112 ca ( Handbook sync Handbooks normal enhancement new 07/01/2023
#7233 make the join link more prominent Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) normal enhancement new 08/24/2023
#6826 check for initial lowercase only for specific languages Translate Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 03/02/2023
#3751 create shortcode for formatting tickets in make/core release posts Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 08/07/2018
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