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#6582 Add new field in listing of projects Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 11/20/2022
#3423 Add new functionality for editor/locale requests Translate Site & Plugins normal task (blessed) new 02/06/2018
#5339 Add new sorting filters to Plugins tab in the Translate WordPress dashboard Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 07/25/2020
#6549 Add notifications for Publish/reject of video submissions normal feature request new 10/24/2022
#6534 Add option to delete or request to delete photo Photo Directory normal feature request new 10/12/2022
#5731 Add performance index to each theme and plugin in the repository General normal enhancement new 05/09/2021
#4977 Add plugin closed message to plugins_api. API normal enhancement new 01/21/2020
#1502 Add redirects for URLs referenced in git-svn-id Trac lowest enhancement new 12/30/2015
#6642 Add rel-me to profile links Profiles normal enhancement new 12/22/2022
#5462 Add signposting to the end of truncated pagination General low enhancement new 10/05/2020
#6610 Add smooth scroll to the page for jumping another section Site normal enhancement new 12/03/2022
#6964 Add some calming comment about spurious IMG tags from emojis leading to "links in reviews" Support Forums normal defect (bug) dd32 accepted 04/28/2023
#3240 Add speaker's social media handle to video link normal enhancement new 11/01/2017
#4621 Add support for 'Tested up to' header in the main plugin file Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 07/23/2019
#5665 Add support for comma separated revision numbers on Make blogs Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect (bug) new 03/16/2021
#6862 Add support for component Slack channels Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 03/15/2023
#2424 Add text of reviews to plugin search to improve search Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 01/23/2017
#6943 Add text to Plugin Approval email to inform authors they need to maintain access to the account email address Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 04/22/2023
#6435 Add to Favourites button (Heart Icon) alignment issue in mobile device Theme Directory normal enhancement new 08/09/2022
#3178 Add user-friendly explanations of current workflow keywords on a ticket Trac normal enhancement new 10/03/2017
#6401 Add verification for the user names in the "Props" in commit messages Version Control normal enhancement new 07/11/2022
#5506 Add version validation to Release tooling Site normal defect (bug) new 11/13/2020
#3878 Adding Badges for WordCamp Volunteers and Attendees Profiles normal enhancement new 10/20/2018
#5326 Adding a tag Free / Freemium Plugin Directory normal feature request new 07/21/2020
#6023 Adding theme upload page link in Trac ticket Theme Directory normal enhancement new 01/18/2022
#6271 Admin actions bumps last updated date Theme Directory normal defect (bug) new 04/12/2022
#3158 Advanced Search Filtering Keywords Developer Hub normal enhancement new 09/22/2017
#6693 Alignment Issue in Themes page Theme Directory normal defect (bug) reopened 01/20/2023
#5146 All Recent Topics RSS Feed returns topics from plugins and themes, not the general forums Support Forums normal defect (bug) reopened 04/14/2020
#5911 Allow 'contributors' that can edit published handbook pages to edit them without review Handbooks normal defect (bug) new 09/22/2021
#6485 Allow GTE's to manually release language pack for project Translate Site & Plugins normal feature request new 09/14/2022
#5875 Allow XML configuration examples in WP core handbook Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect (bug) new 08/24/2021
#6086 Allow ZIP Uploads for plugin updates Plugin Directory normal feature request new 02/07/2022
#2289 Allow cmd/ctrl-enter to submit the comment form in Trac Trac normal enhancement SergeyBiryukov reopened 12/03/2016
#3236 Allow for beta channels for plugins and themes API normal enhancement new 10/30/2017
#6122 Allow for retraction before moderation Photo Directory low enhancement new 02/18/2022
#5552 Allow mods to hide moderator badge Support Forums low enhancement new 12/18/2020
#5535 Allow moving threads into the Plugin/Theme support forums Support Forums normal enhancement new 12/09/2020
#6588 Allow multiple changes on one topic edit Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 11/22/2022
#969 Allow multiple screenshots Theme Directory high enhancement new 03/22/2015
#5708 Allow only moderators to remove modlook tag Support Forums high defect (bug) new 04/20/2021
#6839 Allow option for anonymous posting by moderators Support Forums normal enhancement new 03/07/2023
#6878 Allow plugin slug changes during approval-stage Plugin Directory low enhancement new 03/23/2023
#3505 Allow plugin/theme reps to respond to reviews at any time Support Forums normal enhancement new 03/11/2018
#3507 Allow pre-defined page slug translations International Sites (Rosetta) low task (blessed) new 03/12/2018
#3880 Allow redefining or augmenting information in the "INTERESTED IN DEVELOPMENT?" section Plugin Directory normal defect (bug) new 10/22/2018
#6107 Allow slug specification on new plugin upload Plugin Directory low defect (bug) new 02/16/2022
#3043 Allow team reps to assign contributor badges Profiles normal enhancement coffee2code assigned 08/15/2017
#5693 Allow themes to re-use a rejected slug Theme Directory low enhancement new 04/06/2021
#2947 Allow uploading and embedding of video files to Trac Trac normal enhancement new 07/10/2017
#5504 Allow uploading block-based themes Theme Directory normal defect (bug) new 11/06/2020
#5453 Allow users to view their props launched in a release Trac normal defect (bug) new 09/26/2020
#6553 Alphabetically sort the Workflow Keywords dropdown Trac normal enhancement new 10/28/2022
#5529 Alter trac robots.txt Trac normal defect (bug) new 12/03/2020
#6417 And prev/next navigation to single pattern view Theme Directory normal defect (bug) new 07/21/2022
#6991 Apply button disappears on hover Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 05/16/2023
#6977 Archive of taxonomy page should display the excerpt normal enhancement new 05/09/2023
#5536 Ask for the Plugin or Theme that a support thread belongs to in the Create Topic form Support Forums normal enhancement new 12/09/2020
#929 Automate badge for training team Profiles low enhancement coffee2code assigned 03/04/2015
#1424 Automate meta contributor badge assignment when receiving props Profiles normal defect (bug) coffee2code accepted 12/01/2015
#3986 Automate regional WordCamps in the Upcoming Events dashboard widget Events API normal enhancement new 12/09/2018
#2312 Automate theme reviewer badges Profiles normal enhancement new 12/06/2016
#2335 Automatically assign user set as admin for a new forum as a key master International Forums normal enhancement reopened 12/18/2016
#6410 Automatically grant "Core Performance Contributor" badge based on GitHub contributions Profiles normal feature request new 07/18/2022
#4697 Backfill Credits API data for older releases API normal enhancement new 08/20/2019
#150 Better 404 page for General low defect (bug) assigned 08/30/2013
#2642 Better boosting for phrase matches (or add support for the user to specify a phrase) Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 03/29/2017
#5748 Block ability to add links in reviews Support Forums normal enhancement dd32 reopened 05/25/2021
#6703 Block editor prevents emojis in reviews Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 01/23/2023
#5747 Block plugins using invalid `Update URI` headers Plugin Directory high task (blessed) dd32 accepted 05/25/2021
#5374 Block trac ticket submissions with inappropriate language Trac normal enhancement new 08/12/2020
#5934 Blocking User from Signup Does not Fully Document in profile General normal defect (bug) dd32 accepted 10/21/2021
#6994 Break Plugin stats down by reviewer Plugin Directory high enhancement new 05/16/2023
#291 Bring core trac improvements to other trac instances (meta, bbPress, BuddyPress) Trac high enhancement new 01/22/2014
#712 Bring the Showcase to Rosetta sites Showcase normal enhancement new 11/04/2014
#2531 Broken link to mailing list on bbPress Trac Mailing Lists normal enhancement new 02/23/2017
#5598 Broken links to usability tests in Test Team handbook Handbooks normal defect (bug) ironprogrammer assigned 02/02/2021
#6935 - Extra Empty Space Display After Footer in Responsive View Browse Happy normal defect (bug) new 04/15/2023
#5141 Add link of developer pages to the main navigation normal enhancement new 04/09/2020
#699 Bug Gardeners should have predefs available on ticket pages Trac normal enhancement new 10/29/2014
#3389 Build Elasticsearch Index: Developer Hub Developer Hub normal task (blessed) gibrown assigned 01/17/2018
#3388 Build Elasticsearch Index: Support Forums Support Forums normal task (blessed) gibrown assigned 01/17/2018
#6762 Button and content are overlapping each other in mobile screen size. Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect (bug) new 02/16/2023
#6639 Button border get outside the screen at 320px. Site normal defect (bug) new 12/21/2022
#6146 Button overlapping in mobile device Handbooks low defect (bug) new 02/28/2022
#6499 Button padding Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect (bug) new 09/22/2022
#6758 CORS errors on tracs Trac normal defect (bug) new 02/15/2023
#6742 Calculation Error in WordPress 3.8.x Translation in Assamese Translate Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 02/08/2023
#5140 Can the current day on Meetings show upcoming a little better Site normal enhancement tellyworth accepted 04/08/2020
#4224 Can we provide a Data Export Request form/page similar to the Data Erasure Request form/page Profiles normal enhancement tellyworth reviewing 02/26/2019
#5410 Categories not displayed on the page of the video normal enhancement new 09/02/2020
#5589 Category archives pages : accessibility improvement (HTML) HelpHub normal enhancement new 01/27/2021
#3593 Centralize GitHub Markdown importer Handbooks normal enhancement new 04/27/2018
#4773 Change GTM ID on trac properties to match the rest of the ecosystem Trac normal defect (bug) new 10/23/2019
#6517 Change HelpHub header to say Documentation HelpHub normal enhancement new 10/05/2022
#4677 Change how 'Active Installations' is calculated on 'Popular' tab Theme Directory normal defect (bug) new 08/16/2019
#4577 Change page that shows topics with no replies on Support Forum Support Forums normal enhancement new 07/03/2019
#5773 Change search algorithm in themes page Theme Directory normal defect (bug) new 06/12/2021
#2264 Change the default Twitter account in Rosetta local sites at .org International Sites (Rosetta) normal enhancement new 11/23/2016
#2192 Change the name of "invalid" ticket resolution Trac normal defect (bug) dd32 accepted 10/31/2016
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