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Ticket Summary Component Priority Type Owner Status Created
#7293 Editor error on when editing List block General normal defect (bug) new 09/29/2023
#7607 Editor is rendered twice when replying a support topic Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 04/23/2024
#6975 Ellipsis operator missing from variadic functions Developer Hub normal defect (bug) new 05/08/2023
#5637 Email alert to plugin committer when security scanner triggers a change Plugin Directory normal enhancement dd32 accepted 02/25/2021
#3594 Email notifications not sent for updates to watched tickets and still sent for blocked tickets Trac high defect (bug) new 04/27/2018
#1078 Enable community-translator Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement assigned 06/10/2015
#2082 Enable revisions on the front end for DevHub/HelpHub/Handbook pages HelpHub ( normal enhancement new 09/27/2016
#6464 Enable shortlinks for custom post types for Site low enhancement new 08/31/2022
#7459 Enabling #enable-experimental-web-platform-features in Chromium breaks custom queries Trac lowest defect (bug) new 02/09/2024
#6295 Encourage connecting Profile to GitHub/HelpScout Profiles normal enhancement new 04/27/2022
#7178 Enforce edit logging when modifying other users posts Support Forums normal enhancement new 08/05/2023
#1181 Enhancement for Reviews/Ratings: Use a Rolling Time Frame for more current reviews Support Forums low enhancement new 08/13/2015
#6729 Enhancement suggestion in Comment form at the bottom of the page HelpHub ( lowest enhancement new 02/02/2023
#7337 Enhancement: Create 'allow list' for domains to register on .org Login & Authentication normal enhancement new 11/01/2023
#5972 Enhancement:Add a dropdown to sort contributors within the plugin/theme project or change the sort to translation date Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 12/03/2021
#3352 Error in dashicons page Developer Hub normal defect (bug) new 12/29/2017
#6531 Error in pagination in plugin results, loading different query Plugin Directory normal defect (bug) new 10/11/2022
#6440 Error when importing code blocks Developer Hub normal defect (bug) new 08/12/2022
#5123 Escaped pipe characters not properly handled by wporg-markdown Handbooks normal defect (bug) new 03/30/2020
#4755 Establish browser requirements General low enhancement reopened 10/03/2019
#3261 Events API: returning past meetups Events API normal defect (bug) new 11/10/2017
#7356 Excessive space in footer HelpHub ( lowest defect (bug) new 11/29/2023
#4939 Exclude component maintainer tickets from "tickets that have no replies" Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 01/03/2020
#7724 Expand code and copy button alignment issue Developer Hub normal defect (bug) new 07/18/2024
#7242 Expand the functionality of the "Meetings" post type for Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal feature request new 08/30/2023
#7313 Explain that Video titles are limited to 100 characters normal enhancement new 10/19/2023
#3619 Explain what are non-support topics Support Forums normal enhancement new 05/13/2018
#5695 Extend REST API to give plugin and theme devs the option of having their jobs display automatically. Jobs ( normal enhancement new 04/07/2021
#5937 Extend the possibility for leaving a plugin or theme review General normal enhancement new 10/26/2021
#5251 Faulty links redirect to random pages HelpHub ( low defect (bug) new 06/04/2020
#215 Feature Request: Readme.txt generated tabs on theme pages Theme Directory high enhancement new 10/25/2013
#1563 Feature request: Ability to edit plugin slug Plugin Directory normal enhancement reopened 02/08/2016
#3937 Feature request: Add standardized field for git/svn repo on plugin pages Plugin Directory normal feature request new 11/20/2018
#7487 Feature to help plugin developers create blueprints for previews Plugin Directory normal enhancement new 02/23/2024
#7025 Field "Contributor Focuses" likely actually means "Contribution Focuses" as in "Focuses of this issue" Trac normal enhancement new 05/31/2023
#3739 Field for P2 post deadline and list of deadlines coming up Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 08/02/2018
#7163 Files not showing up but captions do error messages occur Photo Directory normal defect (bug) new 07/31/2023
#7117 Filter structure issue. Swag Store ( normal defect (bug) assigned 07/03/2023
#4782 Filter wp_mail() on .org from trying to mail prohibited addresses General normal defect (bug) new 10/23/2019
#1077 Fix anchors in the bbPress & BuddyPress Codex theme so that anchors are not behind the toolbar low defect (bug) assigned 06/09/2015
#5659 Fix bulk action to reject suggestions for CLPTE Translate Site & Plugins normal defect (bug) new 03/12/2021
#7364 Fix missing alt for video images normal defect (bug) new 12/08/2023
#7583 Fix singular/plural form for Persian language on WP Site Site high defect (bug) new 04/13/2024
#3858 Fix/add select2 support to HelpHub Contributors module HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) netweb reviewing 10/03/2018
#6275 Flag files as optional in Plugin Checksums Plugin Directory normal feature request new 04/14/2022
#5340 Flag translation suggestions as low quality Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement new 07/28/2020
#7643 Follow Button not working properly Make (Get Involved) / P2 low defect (bug) new 05/17/2024
#7721 Footer overlaps content on developer resource Developer Hub normal defect (bug) new 07/16/2024
#5744 For plugins using release confirmation, email confirmation is not required to add/remove committers. Plugin Directory highest omg bbq feature request new 05/24/2021
#5483 Force-enable release confirmations for high-target plugins Plugin Directory highest omg bbq enhancement new 10/26/2020
#7390 Formatting typo Developer Hub normal defect (bug) new 12/23/2023
#2204 Forum RSS Feed Issues Support Forums normal defect (bug) SergeyBiryukov accepted 11/03/2016
#7137 Forum welcome message when somone posts for the first time Support Forums normal enhancement new 07/12/2023
#2490 Forums should have a way to search for posts made by a particular user Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 02/09/2017
#815 Forums to Support Syntax Highlighting Support Forums low enhancement tellyworth accepted 01/15/2015
#6515 Forums: Add ability to sort unresolved threads Support Forums high defect (bug) new 10/04/2022
#1999 Forums: Add links to RSS feeds for plugin/theme support topics and reviews Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 09/08/2016
#2214 Forums: Automate Support badges Support Forums normal enhancement new 11/07/2016
#2862 Forums: Merge wporg-bbp-* plugins into the main support forums plugin Support Forums lowest enhancement new 06/14/2017
#2504 Forums: Replies from archived topics are still displayed in user profiles Support Forums high defect (bug) new 02/14/2017
#6225 Forums: The "report button" and related functionality are not available on closed topics Support Forums normal defect (bug) new 03/29/2022
#3674 Forums: pending replies do not send notification after reviewed Support Forums high defect (bug) new 06/20/2018
#6893 Function reference docs parser or template show parameter twice Developer Hub normal defect (bug) new 03/26/2023
#6039 Functions broken links at plugin editor Developer Hub normal defect (bug) new 01/24/2022
#5679 Fuzzies need to be rejected in the development and the stable versions Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement spiraltee assigned 03/27/2021
#2207 GTEs should be able to mark PTE requests as resolved Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal enhancement new 11/03/2016
#1044 Generate a list of translation contributors per release cycle Translate Site & Plugins low enhancement new 05/22/2015
#4669 Generate theme screenshot from the demo preview Theme Directory low enhancement new 08/11/2019
#3895 Get Involved ( sites user audit Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal task (blessed) new 10/31/2018
#7442 GitHub PR images not displayed Trac normal defect (bug) new 02/06/2024
#7521 GitHub PR syncing: Delete trac comment if GitHub comment deleted Trac normal defect (bug) new 03/20/2024
#5143 GitHub PRs on Trac don't send email notifications Trac normal defect (bug) reopened 04/10/2020
#5749 GitHub integration: Showing "All checks pass" on failing PR Trac normal defect (bug) new 05/25/2021
#5053 GitHub integration: Sync the final review comment to Trac Trac normal enhancement new 02/24/2020
#4824 Global header CSS is not DRY General normal task (blessed) new 11/04/2019
#2320 Global stats for GlotPress to identify possible future GTE Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement tellyworth accepted 12/08/2016
#4522 Glossary Landingpage General low enhancement new 06/20/2019
#5716 Glossary injects definitions into comments Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect (bug) new 04/27/2021
#2388 Glossary rewrite broken for sites with multiple handbooks Handbooks normal defect (bug) new 01/15/2017
#4507 Glossary tooltips break HTML markup (take 2) Make (Get Involved) / P2 normal defect (bug) reopened 06/11/2019
#3992 Gutenberg Theme: Add old-browser fallback General low enhancement new 12/11/2018
#4897 Gutenberg page omits hreflang tags General lowest defect (bug) new 12/09/2019
#4228 Gutenberg theme: Remove reliance upon the plugin General high task (blessed) new 02/28/2019
#5220 Handbook Editor Permissions Developer Hub normal enhancement new 05/19/2020
#5991 Handbook TOC can get confused with badly nested headers Handbooks normal defect (bug) new 12/22/2021
#5258 Handbook: Show published date and last updated date below the title Handbooks normal enhancement new 06/07/2020
#3881 Handbooks: warn if user is modifying page and causing status change from published to pending Handbooks low defect (bug) new 10/22/2018
#6344 Having a loggedin part normal enhancement new 06/02/2022
#6370 Header & Footer broken on Plugins Trac Trac low defect (bug) new 06/20/2022
#7699 Help needed to edit menus and template parts on Support site HelpHub ( normal feature request new 07/04/2024
#4854 HelpHub contents search on Rosetta site is missing HelpHub ( normal enhancement new 11/18/2019
#5758 HelpHub feedback form message needs to be improved HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) new 05/29/2021
#4762 HelpHub role change made by HH Manager shows no visual change on front-end HelpHub ( normal enhancement new 10/15/2019
#5455 HelpHub: Correct post type and taxonomy labels HelpHub ( normal defect (bug) new 09/28/2020
#5055 Hide emails in CC fields on all tracs Trac normal enhancement new 02/24/2020
#6383 Highlight start/end spaces and single space strings Translate Site & Plugins normal enhancement reopened 06/29/2022
#7531 Hook automatic documentation Plugin Directory low feature request new 03/25/2024
#6904 Horizontal scrolling screen issue on this page. Swag Store ( normal defect (bug) new 03/30/2023
#4832 How do I change my email address? Trac normal task (blessed) new 11/08/2019
#7406 How might we allow larger theme authors to submit multiple themes for review at a time? Theme Review normal feature request new 01/12/2024
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