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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1748 utf8 encoding for json outputs Plugin Directory defect new 06/04/16
#1756 Inconsistent and missing CORS headers on plugin/theme API API defect new 06/07/16
#1853 Capitalize "WordPress" correctly in translations on saving Translate Site & Plugins defect new 07/21/16
#1864 Theme Directory should have a locale suggestion banner Theme Directory defect new 07/28/16
#1884 Cyrillic topic slugs are limited to ~33 characters on Rosetta forums International Forums defect new 08/01/16
#1914 character issue on BuddyPress Codex buddypress.org defect new 08/18/16
#1923 Forums should have a way to search for posts made from a particular IP address Support Forums defect new 08/19/16
#1944 Plugin Commit Check: Verify License Declarations Plugin Directory defect new 09/01/16
#1952 Restore locale suggestion banner on support forums Support Forums defect new 09/02/16
#1955 Moving a topic from one forum to another forum results in a 500 error Support Forums defect SergeyBiryukov accepted 09/02/16
#1956 All w.org users should be able to report posts or topics Support Forums defect new 09/02/16
#1960 Spamming a user should flag topics and replies as spam and remove custom profile data Support Forums defect new 09/02/16
#1970 Profiles: Activity entries from support forums do not include link text Profiles defect new 09/03/16
#1979 Forum notification emails use "to" as "noreply@wordpress.org" Support Forums defect new 09/05/16
#1981 Forums: Escaped entities in notification subject Support Forums defect new 09/05/16
#1999 Forums: Add links to RSS feeds for plugin/theme support topics and reviews Support Forums defect new 09/08/16
#2016 Subscription themes/plugins emails should include the theme/plugin name in the title Support Forums defect new 09/09/16
#2017 Wordpress.tv search placeholder appears smaller in chrome in UHD screen resolution WordPress.tv defect new 09/10/16
#2024 Escaped quotes in search queries on Rosetta forums Support Forums defect new 09/12/16
#2027 Saving name in Japanese characters results in "???" WordCamp Site & Plugins defect assigned 09/13/16
#2042 topic dropdown missing "plugins and hacks" Support Forums defect new 09/15/16
#2048 Sticky topics have malformed RSS feeds Support Forums defect new 09/16/16
#2074 Google Analytics in Core Trac uses non-async script, may get blocked in mobile Chrome Trac defect new 09/24/16
#2076 Announcement mailing lists need a new subscription UI Mailing Lists defect new 09/24/16
#2097 Create a whitelist for oEmbed displays on the forums Support Forums defect new 09/29/16
#2102 Missing i18n in bb-base theme bbpress.org defect netweb assigned 09/30/16
#2106 WordPress.tv: Filter intended to prevent orphaned words creates them WordPress.tv defect new 10/04/16
#2109 Forums: Incorrect data in Forum Info Support Forums defect new 10/04/16
#2110 Forums: Wrong page number in some reply links Support Forums defect new 10/04/16
#2113 Implement sidebar toggle to the top of threads for small viewports Support Forums defect new 10/06/16
#2119 Profiles: Notifications should have an option to match whole words only Profiles defect new 10/08/16
#2137 Full Reviews no longer show when looking at ratings. Support Forums defect new 10/13/16
#2177 the search box throws code on screen General defect new 10/23/16
#2192 Change the name of "invalid" ticket resolution Trac defect new 10/31/16
#2193 Add pointer to meta.trac from core.trac Trac defect new 10/31/16
#2194 Contact Form should set the sender as the reply-to header International Sites (Rosetta) defect new 10/31/16
#2195 Make / Updates post not showing in BuddyPress profile Profiles defect new 11/02/16
#2196 Support Theme: Plugin reviews smushed content Support Forums defect mapk assigned 11/02/16
#2204 Forum RSS Feed Issues Support Forums defect SergeyBiryukov accepted 11/03/16
#2225 Forum Edit log duplicating entries Support Forums defect new 11/11/16
#2227 GlotPress Trac: My Tickets report doesn't work Trac defect new 11/12/16
#2228 Forums: Some old topic redirects don't work Support Forums defect new 11/12/16
#2253 Roadmap page could use an update General defect new 11/19/16
#2254 Profile pages send a 404 header Support Forums defect new 11/19/16
#2288 API output : incoherent Locale names Translate Site & Plugins defect ocean90 accepted 12/02/16
#2300 Plugin Directory: Hide some plugins from search Plugin Directory defect new 12/04/16
#2308 wordpressfoundation.org should support HTTPS General defect new 12/05/16
#2313 Codex User Preferences Skins missing CSS Styles Codex defect new 12/07/16
#2327 Support Theme: Posts no longer link to personal URLs Support Forums defect new 12/11/16
#2332 At-mentions in o2 don't always link to BuddyPress user profiles Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect pento reopened 12/14/16
#2342 "New tickets without a response" link leads to error Trac defect new 12/22/16
#2388 DevHub Glossary rewrite broken Developer Hub defect new 01/15/17
#2389 Move TOC to allow more space for the content Handbooks defect new 01/15/17
#2393 wp-trac.js should not link mentions in HTML attributes Trac defect new 01/17/17
#2405 Remove theme reviewer if no comment in 48 hours Theme Review defect new 01/19/17
#2408 Profiles: Archived forum replies are still displayed on Activity tab Profiles defect new 01/19/17
#2432 Remove Nacin's face from alot of places Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 01/24/17
#2433 Comments are expanded by default on make/core homepage Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect pento assigned 01/24/17
#2440 Trac links are automatically added even when `#NNN` reference has an existing link Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect pento assigned 01/25/17
#2469 Forums: oEmbeds should not be triggered inside code blocks Support Forums defect new 02/02/17
#2471 Forums: HTML characters should not be decoded inside code blocks Support Forums defect new 02/02/17
#2472 Forums: Subscription email should not be sent for the initial subscribing reply Support Forums defect new 02/02/17
#2483 Trac: Different Gravatars for the same user. Trac defect new 02/07/17
#2490 Forums should have a way to search for posts made by a particular user Support Forums defect new 02/09/17
#2504 Forums: Replies from archived topics are still displayed in user profiles Support Forums defect new 02/14/17
#2505 Slack channel links should lead to the corresponding channels instead of tags Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 02/16/17
#2506 Support Forums: Missing author name in Last Post column Support Forums defect reopened 02/16/17
#2508 bbPress and Meta Trac should be able to change closed tickets resolution reason Trac defect new 02/16/17
#2517 WordPress.org locale banner shows an empty link General defect ocean90 assigned 02/19/17
#2531 Broken link to mailing list on bbPress Trac Mailing Lists defect new 02/23/17
#2532 Forums: "Most popular topics" view is broken Support Forums defect new 02/23/17
#2539 Usernames with a space do not work with mentions in trac Trac defect new 02/27/17
#2547 Review form; structure of star ratings Support Forums defect new 03/01/17
#2549 Pagination may not be conveyed correctly Support Forums defect new 03/01/17
#2554 Plugins Trac: Weird "Repository URL" link Trac defect new 03/02/17
#2559 Remove bb-base/style.css dependency from support forums theme Support Forums defect new 03/04/17
#2562 Support Theme: Add sidebar to 404 template Support Forums defect new 03/06/17
#2569 Support Forums: No visual indication for visited links Support Forums defect new 03/07/17
#2575 Codex: #dotorgredirect does not redirect to forums Codex defect new 03/10/17
#2576 Support Theme: No indication for blocked users in replies Support Forums defect new 03/10/17
#2580 No means of viewing closed favourite tickets Trac defect new 03/14/17
#2581 Something interfering with browser "Find in page" Handbooks defect new 03/14/17
#2600 source listing for _get_term_hierarchy() in code reference is not actually for that function Developer Hub defect new 03/23/17
#2602 Do not apply hovercards on tickets within link tags Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 03/25/17
#2606 Inaccurate plugin rating counts Plugin Directory defect Otto42 assigned 03/28/17
#2622 Plugin Directory: Markdown code not being honored Plugin Directory defect new 03/28/17
#2626 Time and date missing from make P2 emails that use the [time] shortcode Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 03/29/17
#2653 404 on Browse url Plugin Directory defect new 03/31/17
#2674 Trac: Correct the title for gsoc.trac.wordpress.org Trac defect new 04/03/17
#2675 Jetpack: allow locale managers and editors to view stats. International Sites (Rosetta) defect new 04/03/17
#2720 Sync WordCamp and Meetup.com event changes Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect assigned 04/11/17
#2732 theme preview sometimes shows default theme (twentyseventeen) Theme Directory defect new 04/12/17
#2736 Security footnote link not found - Handbook Release Cycle - wordpress.org/about/security General defect new 04/13/17
#2738 Plugin Directory: Single line breaks in readme.txt should be ignored Plugin Directory defect new 04/14/17
#2756 P2: Improve search form styling in 404 template Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect reopened 04/20/17
#2763 Main blog page should have better styling on mobile (6.44′ screen General defect new 04/20/17
#2771 Plugin Directory: Direct access to changelog via #changelog in URL not working anymore Plugin Directory defect Otto42 accepted 04/21/17
#2779 Single Plugin: Remove URL to Current Page from Plugin Title Plugin Directory defect reopened 04/24/17
#2784 Link broken at Lostpassword when you back to login Login & Authentication defect new 04/25/17
#2823 Improve IP Geolocation Results API defect iandunn accepted 05/11/17
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