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#3587 Default image when sharing forum topics on social networks Support Forums enhancement new 04/20/2018
#3646 Automate WordCamp attendee allergy and special-accommodations reminder fwd:s WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement new 05/28/2018
#3671 index.php files for static pages on wordpress.org are accessible/indexable Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 06/17/2018
#1403 Convert back-compat filters to skip-feature flags WordCamp Site & Plugins task iandunn assigned 11/18/2015
#2886 WordCamp.org: Remove large chunks of HTML from translatable strings WordCamp Site & Plugins defect coreymckrill assigned 06/20/2017
#3686 Theme Trac Browser: Redirection problem in 'visit' option. Trac defect new 06/25/2018
#528 Localize planet.wordpress.org International Sites (Rosetta) enhancement new 06/24/2014
#1119 Display multiple uploaded images to a ticket as a gallery Trac enhancement new 07/09/2015
#1381 Trac could have a "Thank You" button or link Trac enhancement new 11/05/2015
#1502 Add redirects for URLs referenced in git-svn-id Trac enhancement new 12/30/2015
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