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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#5285 Download Beta/Nightly page doesn't have any download links WordPress.org Site enhancement new 06/23/2020
#5286 Found Responsive issue on about page WordPress.org Site defect assigned 06/23/2020
#5289 Remove Core from the channels that are auto-joined on Slack Slack & IRC defect new 06/26/2020
#5290 Requests containing 'cat=-1' omit canonical (and hreflang) tags General defect new 06/26/2020
#5295 Error message to be improved when trying to submit an empty review General enhancement new 06/28/2020
#5296 Send slack notification when a ticket component changes Slack & IRC enhancement new 07/01/2020
#5299 Plugin Directory: Update rejection email to be more clear about what happens next Plugin Directory defect new 07/01/2020
#5300 Plugin Directory: Improve Trademark Detection Plugin Directory defect new 07/01/2020
#5302 Five for the future does not support "GPL compliant" General task new 07/02/2020
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