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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#200 "Download WordPress" button in header feels like a submit button for the search bar General enhancement new 10/07/13
#2342 "New tickets without a response" link leads to error Trac defect new 12/22/16
#3013 "Password strength unknown" error on login.wordpress.org Login & Authentication defect new 07/31/17
#583 3.9.2-src reports that an updated version is available API defect new 08/22/14
#2653 404 on Browse url Plugin Directory defect new 03/31/17
#3212 @link in fetch_feed() isn't generated correctly Developer Hub defect new 10/19/17
#2599 A Global Moderation Queue General enhancement new 03/23/17
#2984 AJAX modified search results not available in browser history Support Forums defect new 07/20/17
#2288 API output : incoherent Locale names Translate Site & Plugins defect ocean90 accepted 12/02/16
#3030 API: Add translation editors Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 08/08/17
#164 Ability to "like" WordPress.org support forum messages Support Forums enhancement new 09/04/13
#1162 Ability to notify or contact plugin/theme authors and visa versa Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 08/04/15
#2259 Ability to rate sessions / speakers WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 11/21/16
#3217 Accept default Gravatar URL/image in [camptix_attendee] shotcode WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement new 10/22/17
#3026 Access to WP-CLI profile badge management Profiles task new 08/06/17
#1560 Add "Delete this plugin" button on Admin page Plugin Directory enhancement reopened 02/07/16
#2986 Add "REST API" section to the Showcase Showcase enhancement new 07/20/17
#2535 Add "Revision Notes" plugin to plugin handbook sites Handbooks task new 02/26/17
#1826 Add "alt" to links at : https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference Codex enhancement new 07/11/16
#1717 Add "subtitled" tag to WordPress.tv WordPress.tv enhancement new 05/18/16
#1891 Add Automattic's `trac-code-comments-plugin` Trac plugin Trac enhancement new 08/05/16
#619 Add Content-MD5 headers to downloads Plugin Directory enhancement new 09/23/14
#2348 Add Filter to fix mixed content warnings on WordCamp Sites WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 12/30/16
#3031 Add Gutenberg to make blogs and wordpress.org/news Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 08/09/17
#2820 Add Japanese meetups to event API WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 05/10/17
#2350 Add More Checks to Plugin Directory Admin Review Tools Plugin Directory enhancement new 12/30/16
#1817 Add Notes Field to Invoice WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement new 07/08/16
#2902 Add PHPCS to theme upload process Theme Review enhancement new 06/27/17
#1594 Add RTL support to BrowseHappy.com Browse Happy defect coffee2code reopened 02/19/16
#2488 Add Twitter/Github style username autocomplete/linking to support forums. Support Forums enhancement new 02/08/17
#659 Add Website and Twitter fields to Speakers post type / shortcode WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 10/16/14
#2859 Add a 'Remaining' string count to the translation project overview Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 06/12/17
#1866 Add a basic "suggest an edit" workflow to the handbooks plugin Handbooks task DrewAPicture accepted 07/29/16
#2032 Add a capital_P_dangit()-like function to Core Trac Trac enhancement new 09/14/16
#152 Add a field onto WordPress.org support forums for plugin version number Support Forums enhancement new 08/30/13
#1874 Add a filter for waiting strings with newest/oldest sorting Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 07/30/16
#2383 Add a meta field in the Sponsor CPT for Twitter handle WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 01/13/17
#2699 Add a new role to the forums: plugin/theme support Support Forums enhancement Otto42 accepted 04/07/17
#833 Add a random survey feature to the forums Support Forums enhancement new 01/28/15
#1935 Add a section for using the WP REST API into the Plugin Developer Handbook. Developer Hub task new 08/26/16
#479 Add ability to browse activity history to profiles Profiles enhancement new 05/17/14
#36 Add ability to cross reference support posts Support Forums enhancement new 07/28/13
#2917 Add ability to filter by consistency term results Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 06/30/17
#2878 Add bbPress and BuddyPress Dashicons to the devhub dashicon reference Developer Hub defect new 06/15/17
#89 Add email notifications for new jobs on jobs.wordpress.net Jobs (jobs.wordpress.net) task new 08/19/13
#3246 Add extra columns to Reimbursements list table WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement reopened 11/02/17
#3238 Add filter for displaying Finished Translation (themes amd plugins) Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 11/01/17
#3329 Add filter to translate.wp.org on Plugins/Themes listing to order by last activity date Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 12/13/17
#1656 Add forum section name to support thread page title General defect new 04/05/16
#1510 Add full transcripts to videos on WordPress.tv WordPress.tv enhancement new 01/08/16
#2018 Add functionality to flag topics and replies NSFW Support Forums enhancement new 09/10/16
#1472 Add keyboard focus to WordPress.tv links WordPress.tv defect assigned 12/17/15
#2905 Add link to Consistency tool from Glossary Terms Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 06/28/17
#452 Add link to change password Profiles defect samuelsidler assigned 05/04/14
#2915 Add link to consistency tool in the original string Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 06/29/17
#3325 Add make/tide to make.wordpress.org Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 12/12/17
#696 Add markdown support to support forum editor Support Forums enhancement new 10/29/14
#1520 Add more granular notifications for SupportFlow tickets Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement assigned 01/14/16
#2446 Add more information to the list of owned themes Theme Directory enhancement new 01/26/17
#165 Add new status for support threads: "awaiting user's verification for resolution" Support Forums enhancement new 09/04/13
#3286 Add notification about combaining reimbursement requests WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement sippis assigned 11/22/17
#2965 Add plugin to Favorites directly from plugin archive page Plugin Directory enhancement new 07/17/17
#2193 Add pointer to meta.trac from core.trac Trac defect new 10/31/16
#1502 Add redirects for URLs referenced in git-svn-id Trac enhancement new 12/30/15
#3241 Add search feature to WordCamp currency dropdowns WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement new 11/01/17
#2849 Add sessions list and other details to speaker pages WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement coreymckrill accepted 06/05/17
#1847 Add short descriptions to Related section Developer Hub enhancement new 07/19/16
#1939 Add site name to translated strings and use instead of site name from db International Sites (Rosetta) task ocean90 assigned 08/31/16
#3240 Add speaker's social media handle to WordPress.tv video link WordPress.tv enhancement new 11/01/17
#1387 Add stats/filters to the project overview page Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 11/09/15
#1028 Add subscription form to bbPress.org Blog bbpress.org defect new 05/14/15
#143 Add support to request topics through the WordPress API Support Forums enhancement new 08/30/13
#637 Add sync for bbpress.git.wordpress.org with Github Version Control defect new 10/03/14
#2424 Add text of reviews to plugin search to improve search Support Forums enhancement new 01/23/17
#1669 Add time zone profile field to w.org profiles Profiles enhancement new 04/14/16
#3178 Add user-friendly explanations of current workflow keywords on a ticket Trac enhancement new 10/03/17
#2996 Add wordpress.org information page about upgrading PHP General task new 07/24/17
#3213 Add: Plugin Icon URL API / service API enhancement reopened 10/19/17
#1515 Adding more info in the email sent after theme is submitted Theme Review enhancement new 01/13/16
#3302 Adding users without using their e-mail address Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 12/03/17
#2893 Admin Flags: Add Attendee filtering by Flag WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement coreymckrill accepted 06/22/17
#2894 Admin Flags: Internationalise the post-status-change label WordCamp Site & Plugins defect coreymckrill accepted 06/22/17
#3158 Advanced Search Filtering Keywords Developer Hub enhancement new 09/22/17
#1956 All w.org users should be able to report posts or topics Support Forums defect new 09/02/16
#1396 Allow Plugin pages to be oembedded like WP Posts Plugin Directory enhancement assigned 11/17/15
#1324 Allow Thread Author and Plugin/Theme Owner to mark correct answer Support Forums enhancement new 10/09/15
#3202 Allow WordCamp organizers to activate/deactivate whitelisted plugins WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement RMarks assigned 10/16/17
#721 Allow WordPress.org to act as a oAuth Provider API enhancement new 11/08/14
#1892 Allow bbPress slug changes to reflect locales International Forums enhancement reopened 08/05/16
#3236 Allow for beta channels for plugins and themes API enhancement new 10/30/17
#1919 Allow locales to create localised handbooks on Rosetta sites International Sites (Rosetta) enhancement new 08/19/16
#1776 Allow multiple links to wordpress.org on make blogs Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 06/20/16
#969 Allow multiple screenshots Theme Directory enhancement new 03/22/15
#153 Allow previewing posts in WordPress.org support forums Support Forums enhancement new 08/30/13
#1097 Allow sorting of attendee surnames in attendance UI. WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement SergeyBiryukov assigned 06/29/15
#3043 Allow team reps to assign contributor badges Profiles enhancement schlessera assigned 08/15/17
#2947 Allow uploading and embedding of video files to Trac Trac enhancement new 07/10/17
#1358 Allow users to filter out themes that upsell or have features locked Theme Directory enhancement new 10/25/15
#2076 Announcement mailing lists need a new subscription UI Mailing Lists defect new 09/24/16
#1605 Apostrophes in Forum Title are encoded within the Email Subject and Content Support Forums defect new 02/26/16
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