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#5903 Warn when a plugin tag is made, but never released Plugin Directory new enhancement low 04/29/2024
#6053 Display friendly page on 404 of plugin/theme projects Translate Site & Plugins new enhancement low 01/28/2022
#6108 Add automated guideline checks and constant feedback to plugin authors about it Plugin Directory new defect (bug) low 05/17/2024
#6122 Allow for retraction before moderation Photo Directory new enhancement low 03/17/2022
#6370 Header & Footer broken on Plugins Trac Trac new defect (bug) low 05/01/2024
#6415 Add a link to the overview page to the menu bar of meta trac Trac new enhancement low 07/20/2022
#6464 Enable shortlinks for custom post types for Site new enhancement low 08/31/2022
#6602 Comment previews can be inaccurate when they contain back slashes. Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect (bug) low 11/28/2022
#6631 Button padding produces horizontal scrolling issue and white space at very narrow widths Five For The Future new defect (bug) low 11/30/2023
#6706 site's footer and header container size does not the same. new defect (bug) low 12/05/2023
#6723 Require source and map files for JS Plugin Directory reopened feature request low 04/29/2024
#6748 Content overflow issue in the Get Involved section WordCamp Site & Plugins new defect (bug) low 11/16/2023
#6763 Update robots.txt (and rosetta variations) General reopened enhancement low 01/09/2024
#6766 Update to prevent spam attacks General new enhancement low 02/18/2023
#6768 Investigate broken 'jobs page' URLs Site new defect (bug) low 04/17/2023
#6773 Remove interstitial tags redirect Site new defect (bug) low 02/20/2023
#6853 Request more information on Plugin submission Plugin Directory new enhancement low 04/19/2024
#6926 Paragraph and Image are aligned inline HelpHub ( new defect (bug) low 11/27/2023
#6929 Add a "Last modified" date on glossary page and not only per row Translate Site & Plugins new feature request low 04/10/2023
#6967 Unwanted console error of 'ajax' Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect (bug) low 11/27/2023
#7161 Remove auto-closure from support from threads and add warning if thread is old instead Support Forums new enhancement low 10/17/2023
#7255 Add a one-off "I have read the guidelines" checkbox before posting for the first time Support Forums new enhancement low 05/17/2024
#7312 Improve homepage SEO new enhancement low 10/19/2023
#7403 Plugin Directory: Field on plugin info page for GDPR data collection Privacy Plugin Directory reopened enhancement low 04/29/2024
#7496 In news Details pages, link on email social button goes blank. Site new defect (bug) low 02/29/2024
#7513 Add "My favorites" functionality to the WordPress Photo Directory Photo Directory accepted feature request low coffee2code 07/16/2024
#7531 Hook automatic documentation Plugin Directory new feature request low 04/12/2024
#7538 Instead Feed page , its showing HTML Support Forums new enhancement low 03/28/2024
#7569 Add official "Team Reps" list in code / automate team rep access Make (Get Involved) / P2 new feature request low 04/18/2024
#7593 Remove the non-block editor Support Forums new task (blessed) low 06/10/2024
#7643 Follow Button not working properly Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect (bug) low 05/29/2024
#7658 Plugin Preview on Playground: Edit plugin notice pointing to enable the preview on the Advanced tab Plugin Directory assigned defect (bug) low dd32 05/27/2024
#7668 Broken link to VVV howto Handbooks new defect (bug) low 06/10/2024
#7698 In Responsive view, input box is going out of screen(not proper layout) Plugin Directory new defect (bug) low 07/04/2024
#7725 Blank dot issue in meta block post General new defect (bug) low 07/19/2024
#1119 Display multiple uploaded images to a ticket as a gallery Trac new enhancement lowest 07/02/2018
#1381 Trac could have a "Thank You" button or link Trac new enhancement lowest 05/31/2019
#1502 Add redirects for URLs referenced in git-svn-id Trac new enhancement lowest 06/05/2022
#3949 Old news trackbacks/pingbacks which return a non-200 status should be deleted General new task (blessed) lowest 01/18/2019
#4184 Add a robots.txt disallow all rule to Version Control accepted defect (bug) lowest Otto42 02/19/2019
#4298 Inaccurate dates in release archive General assigned task (blessed) lowest SergeyBiryukov 07/15/2024
#4546 Invalid date format requests to News URLs should 301 redirect General new defect (bug) lowest 10/15/2019
#4685 Disallow /changeset in Trac new defect (bug) lowest 08/19/2019
#4897 Gutenberg page omits hreflang tags General new defect (bug) lowest 01/16/2020
#4950 Links in Trac tickets should be nofollow'd Trac reopened enhancement lowest dd32 01/15/2024
#5347 Add a robots.txt file to Mailing Lists new defect (bug) lowest 02/21/2024
#5449 Add a favicon to Trac new defect (bug) lowest 09/24/2020
#5567 Adapt the page title on filtered plugin review archives Support Forums new defect (bug) lowest 02/23/2021
#5668 Add an 'empty' robots.txt file to General accepted defect (bug) lowest dd32 02/17/2023
#5780 Defer and move navigation.js General new enhancement lowest 06/23/2021
#5809 Remove resolved/unresolved links from individual Make tags Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect (bug) lowest 07/05/2021
#5935 Add Google Tag Manager to General assigned defect (bug) lowest 10/22/2021
#6003 W3C CSS syntax for pseudo element in meta new defect (bug) lowest 01/04/2022
#6245 pagination wraps to multiple lines in mobile new defect (bug) lowest 04/01/2022
#6297 Video upload content Cutting Off in small viewport size new enhancement lowest 04/29/2022
#6300 Need left side spacing hero title in small viewport size new enhancement lowest 12/13/2023
#6317 Table text cutting Off Translate Site & Plugins new enhancement lowest 05/19/2022
#6412 UI issue on Latest tickets page. Trac new defect (bug) lowest 07/25/2022
#6648 Unnecessary horizontal scroller on the Mercantile login page Swag Store ( new enhancement lowest 04/23/2024
#6729 Enhancement suggestion in Comment form at the bottom of the page HelpHub ( new enhancement lowest 12/05/2023
#6777 Remove Google Fonts hints where not used General new defect (bug) lowest 02/17/2023
#6858 Margin and padding issue on WordPress donate website Site new defect (bug) lowest 11/16/2023
#6986 In Responsive the Latest Video and Popular Video Section not looks Proper reopened defect (bug) lowest 07/08/2024
#6997 In Menu there should be hover effect to looks good new defect (bug) lowest 09/19/2023
#7043 Logged In as {userid} is sticked to menu Trac new defect (bug) lowest 01/09/2024
#7155 Accessibility Statement is not in footer Site new feature request lowest 07/26/2023
#7214 Inactive theme translation projects string not accurate for old themes. Translate Site & Plugins new defect (bug) lowest 08/17/2023
#7225 Page Break in Mobile Responsive View Translate Site & Plugins new defect (bug) lowest 08/22/2023
#7344 In Responsive 768px size there is no space between content Trac new defect (bug) lowest 01/11/2024
#7349 In resposive view, shortlink menu button not working properly Site new defect (bug) lowest 11/29/2023
#7356 Excessive space in footer HelpHub ( new defect (bug) lowest 01/25/2024
#7359 Profile Website Links Simply Reload Profile When Openned in a new tab in Safari Only Profiles new defect (bug) lowest 12/13/2023
#7418 Make Design Proper Profiles new defect (bug) lowest 01/21/2024
#7423 Trac headers congested / small Trac new defect (bug) lowest 01/25/2024
#7429 In Responsive mobile size the text is overlapping Support Forums new defect (bug) lowest 04/09/2024
#7446 Improved Search Bar Filter Design in responsive General new enhancement lowest 02/22/2024
#7448 Plugins: Consider combining screenshot and banner. Plugin Directory new enhancement lowest 04/29/2024
#7459 Enabling #enable-experimental-web-platform-features in Chromium breaks custom queries Trac new defect (bug) lowest 06/20/2024
#7470 In ticket details pages, Spacing issue between button in responsive view. Trac new defect (bug) lowest 02/15/2024
#7484 In ticking Listing Page, Custom query result content layout is not proper Trac new defect (bug) lowest 02/22/2024
#7491 Improved Design of the Dropdown General new defect (bug) lowest 04/08/2024
#7501 In Responsive view, preview section taking on half of screen width Trac new defect (bug) lowest 03/06/2024
#7541 In Mobile device the Filter Button does not have space Translate Site & Plugins new defect (bug) lowest 07/03/2024
#7589 Design Issue: Underlines in submenu of polyglot sub page Translate Site & Plugins new defect (bug) lowest 04/16/2024
#7592 Improve the button design Swag Store ( new enhancement lowest 04/17/2024
#7604 Playground Preview button in plugin directory doesn't always work if you have Release Confirmation active Plugin Directory new defect (bug) lowest 05/17/2024
#7624 In support forum , Page navigation issue Support Forums new defect (bug) lowest 05/15/2024
#7629 Allow changing the Closure reason Plugin Directory new enhancement lowest 05/07/2024
#7649 Wrong Url Redirection in Breadcrums Translate Site & Plugins new defect (bug) lowest 05/22/2024
#7691 Strict comparison operator missing with post get_post_type() check Jobs ( new defect (bug) lowest 07/01/2024
#7692 Missing Escaping, Strict Check, and PHPCS Issues in Multiple Files of Jobs ( assigned defect (bug) lowest 07/03/2024
#7705 In Responsive the search icon and hamburger icon are not at proper place Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect (bug) lowest 07/05/2024
#7716 Need clear definition of Explicit Consent for Plugin Guidelines Plugin Directory reopened enhancement lowest 07/15/2024
#7234 New Core Committer - George Mamadashvili Version Control closed fixed task (blessed) normal 07/18/2024
#7319 In Responsive view, Footer social logos are colliding on each other. Trac closed fixed defect (bug) lowest 07/17/2024
#7718 The release page incorrectly states the wrong date for the initial version (0.70) of WP and 0.71 on june 2003 Site closed duplicate defect (bug) lowest 07/15/2024
#7717 Incorrect link image styles in the profile section "Plugins" Profiles closed fixed defect (bug) normal 07/15/2024
#7547 Add announce to new meta-learn dev-squad host Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) closed fixed defect (bug) normal psykro 07/10/2024
#7711 Add Validation on form Plugin Directory closed wontfix defect (bug) normal 07/09/2024
#7712 Bug: Image attributes don't propogate to posts, pages, products, etc General closed invalid defect (bug) normal 07/09/2024
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