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#4601 Init BP DevHub with the BP REST API Handbook assigned enhancement normal johnjamesjacoby 10/06/2021
#4894 Add a BP GraphQL API Handbook to accepted enhancement normal netweb 03/03/2020
#5141 Add link of developer pages to the main navigation new enhancement normal 04/22/2020
#6095 In adminbar login and author name designing issue in Tablet and Mobile screen new defect (bug) normal 02/11/2022
#6133 Redacted information in user profiles from Support/bbPress does not seem to update BuddyPress new defect (bug) normal 03/03/2022
#6181 Right side white space is coming in buddypress site in mobile and tablet size new defect (bug) normal 03/14/2022
#1077 Fix anchors in the bbPress & BuddyPress Codex theme so that anchors are not behind the toolbar assigned defect (bug) low 01/23/2024
#6003 W3C CSS syntax for pseudo element in meta new defect (bug) lowest 01/04/2022
#7135 buddypress home page - design issue on small devices new defect (bug) lowest 07/13/2023
#6211 Override banner design in home page for the mobile devices. closed reported-upstream defect (bug) normal 03/23/2022
#5682 Was seeing that you got some syntax errors and typos closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 03/30/2021
#5276 Emoji not working on closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 07/10/2020
#4784 Problem with Cyrillic names on closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/26/2020
#5208 BuddyPress 2020 Survey Banners closed fixed defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 06/04/2020
#4472 Improve BuddyPress Trac's header for mobile devices closed fixed enhancement normal johnjamesjacoby 09/03/2019
#4460 BuddyPress Trac's header doesn't apply the right style closed fixed defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 05/23/2019
#4028 I have found some documentation correction on the site. closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 01/08/2019
#638 bbPress and BuddyPress codex archive pages do not include pagination links closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 01/12/2018
#1284 - String localization closed fixed defect (bug) normal netweb 01/12/2018
#1171 "Create new topic" should be a parent menu item for easier discoverability closed fixed defect (bug) normal 09/01/2016
#410 BuddyPress/bbPress Trac attachment links displayed as blocks closed fixed defect (bug) lowest johnjamesjacoby 10/27/2015
#1108 BP Codex: Fix width of footer area closed fixed defect (bug) normal netweb 07/17/2015
#1024 comment submit button goes to blank /wp-comments-post.php closed fixed defect (bug) high johnjamesjacoby 06/03/2015
#1069 Switch to HTTPS URL's in bb-base theme closed fixed defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 06/02/2015
#531 BP Codex: Reveal hidden breadcrumb and remove footer top border closed fixed defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 11/12/2014
#576 bb-base: Fix bbPress topic merge sort order closed fixed defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 11/12/2014
#393 Change Toolbar Color for closed fixed enhancement normal 10/06/2014
#374 Open source and closed fixed task (blessed) normal nacin 02/28/2014
#6927 bbpress home page - design issue on small devices new defect (bug) normal 04/11/2023
#6928 bbpress nav menu Toggle not working properly. new defect (bug) normal 04/11/2023
#1028 Add subscription form to Blog closed invalid defect (bug) normal 02/19/2018
#1285 - String localization closed fixed defect (bug) normal netweb 01/12/2018
#761 Change pending status topics/replies to spam status when marking a user as a spammer closed fixed defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 12/07/2014
#639 Add user login widget to bbPress codex closed fixed defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 11/12/2014
#640 Update theme 'New Topic' template closed fixed defect (bug) normal johnjamesjacoby 11/12/2014
#1429 Implement JQuery autocomplete on fields of submit video form new enhancement high 05/13/2022
#1456 Increase font sizes site-wide new enhancement high 01/15/2024
#4080 Embedded videos not keyboard accessible once video is playing new defect (bug) high 04/02/2024
#5859 Improve video thumbnail images new defect (bug) high 08/11/2021
#6311 Upgrading and evolving the WPTV form to upload videos new enhancement high 09/20/2023
#7079 mobile version grid design responsive issue new defect (bug) high 06/22/2023
#7419 Subtitles upload issue in videos new defect (bug) high 01/25/2024
#1156 ISO Language Code Tag to Improve API new enhancement normal 11/25/2020
#1433 Mention WordCamp twitter in tweet when publishing new video new enhancement normal 04/14/2021
#1434 Create terms list pages new enhancement normal 06/20/2019
#1442 Sort event videos by event date instead of upload date new enhancement normal 11/25/2020
#1510 Add full transcripts to videos on new enhancement normal 01/23/2024
#4301 Coding standards: Need to use numeric values instead of keywords in CSS. reviewing defect (bug) normal tellyworth 05/17/2019
#4520 Rework Browse by WordCamp list in sidebar of event archives new defect (bug) normal 06/28/2019
#5125 Video player controls disappear after closing fullscreen (WPTV) new defect (bug) normal 04/20/2020
#5349 List of all videos with a subtitle new enhancement normal 08/24/2023
#5410 Categories not displayed on the page of the video new enhancement normal 09/02/2020
#5697 Show the important the most tags in home new enhancement normal 04/28/2021
#5846 WPTV: Subtitle attachment info stays even after subtitle file is removed new defect (bug) normal 12/16/2021
#5947 Support in upload form for thumbnails new enhancement normal 11/06/2021
#6172 WPTV Subtitle Moderation Missing new defect (bug) normal 03/08/2022
#6244 In WPTV Category page video group layout should be full width in mobile new defect (bug) normal 04/19/2022
#6303 Content is currently hidden behind the footer new defect (bug) normal 05/17/2022
#6344 Having a loggedin part new enhancement normal 06/02/2022
#6346 Update WordCamp video meta when a new video has been published new enhancement normal 06/02/2022
#6486 The design of WordCampTV video lists is deteriorating at mobile screen size. new defect (bug) normal 09/20/2022
#6549 Add notifications for Publish/reject of video submissions new feature request normal 10/24/2022
#6624 Spacing Issue in language title new defect (bug) normal 01/10/2024
#6629 page In secondary video does not show proper. new defect (bug) normal 12/05/2023
#6816 Some title are mis-aligned new defect (bug) normal 03/01/2023
#6852 Spacing Issue between description and image new defect (bug) normal 12/13/2023
#6854 Spacing Issue in "Filter Options box" new defect (bug) normal 03/13/2023
#6857 Spacing Issue in "Filter Options box" new defect (bug) normal 03/14/2023
#6951 Creating Podcast feeds for new feature request normal 05/26/2023
#6977 Archive of taxonomy page should display the excerpt new enhancement normal 05/09/2023
#6984 [] Widgetize sidebar and add terms for the different taxonomies new enhancement normal 05/12/2023
#6988 Choosing a language new defect (bug) normal 05/20/2023
#7143 subtitle upload not working. new defect (bug) normal 07/18/2023
#7230 Video dissapearing after returning from fullscreen to normal mode in MS Edge browser new defect (bug) normal 08/23/2023
#7313 Explain that Video titles are limited to 100 characters new enhancement normal 12/13/2023
#7315 Some video titles incorrectly right-aligned new defect (bug) normal 12/13/2023
#7364 Fix missing alt for video images new defect (bug) normal 12/13/2023
#7374 Scrolling on 404 page new defect (bug) normal 01/03/2024
#7578 Code Refinement for Improved Efficiency new enhancement normal 04/12/2024
#5523 Noindex archives new defect (bug) low 12/03/2020
#6706 site's footer and header container size does not the same. new defect (bug) low 12/05/2023
#7312 Improve homepage SEO new enhancement low 10/19/2023
#6245 pagination wraps to multiple lines in mobile new defect (bug) lowest 04/01/2022
#6297 Video upload content Cutting Off in small viewport size new enhancement lowest 04/29/2022
#6300 Need left side spacing hero title in small viewport size new enhancement lowest 12/13/2023
#6986 In Responsive the Latest Video and Popular Video Section not looks Proper reopened defect (bug) lowest 09/19/2023
#6997 In Menu there should be hover effect to looks good new defect (bug) lowest 09/19/2023
#7369 Star rating info content outside the box and overlaping closed fixed defect (bug) normal mrfoxtalbot 04/16/2024
#6966 Spacing Issue in iPad and Mobile devices closed duplicate defect (bug) normal coffee2code 01/25/2024
#7046 Spacing Issue in mobile devices. closed duplicate defect (bug) normal 12/13/2023
#7060 Spacing issues in the title on responsive devices. closed duplicate defect (bug) normal 12/13/2023
#6965 Design break issue on closed worksforme defect (bug) normal 12/13/2023
#7090 Wrong social link for YouTube in Resources sidebar - site closed worksforme defect (bug) normal 06/23/2023
#6963 Video cover image should be the same in all videos closed invalid defect (bug) normal 04/28/2023
#3573 Add Speed Setting closed invalid enhancement normal 04/25/2023
#5524 Remove the 'browse by WordCamp' template component from event archives closed invalid defect (bug) lowest 02/17/2023
#5512 Add VideoObject schema to video pages closed fixed enhancement high 02/17/2023
#1474 Color contrast adjustments for closed fixed defect (bug) normal samuelsidler 12/27/2022
#1430 Auto post published videos to YouTube channel closed fixed enhancement high 10/19/2022
#6000 audio does not work when downloading med and high quality video closed fixed defect (bug) high dd32 09/02/2022
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