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#4824 Global header CSS is not DRY General new task (blessed) normal 11/04/2019
#5013 Overarching design style guide General new enhancement normal 02/20/2020
#5133 Don't load wp4.css on the homepage. General new enhancement normal 04/06/2020
#5144 [all websites] Declare HTML5 scripts and styles support for better compliance with W3C validator General new defect (bug) normal 05/21/2021
#5211 Update button styles to match WP 5.3 General new defect (bug) normal 05/13/2020
#5216 Accessibility: Text Changes, change ERROR to Error General new enhancement normal 05/29/2020
#5241 Soft 404s with order params General new defect (bug) normal 07/13/2020
#5275 Smarter nightly refreshing General new enhancement normal 06/17/2020
#5418 Remove link to "About Cookies" from Cookie Policy Page General new defect (bug) normal 09/18/2020
#5445 Planet feed does not have variety General accepted enhancement normal iandunn 03/08/2023
#5477 Add CORS headers for responses from General new enhancement normal 10/16/2020
#5478 Add brotli compression to emoji image files General new enhancement normal 08/05/2021
#5539 Create an "Ask a Question About WordPress" page General new defect (bug) normal 02/23/2021
#5581 Consolidating setup of local Dev environment documentation and testing instructions. General new task (blessed) normal 04/01/2022
#5601 Idea: Add a Gutenberg icon page General new defect (bug) normal 08/05/2021
#5622 When a non PTE or GTE suggests an already present string, he cannot reject his own string directly General new enhancement normal 02/17/2021
#5623 Locks list incorrect on plugin directory page General new defect (bug) normal 02/22/2021
#5666 Contributed Plugins/Themes security advisory news feed General new defect (bug) normal 03/18/2021
#5731 Add performance index to each theme and plugin in the repository General new enhancement normal 05/11/2021
#5769 Submit a new project General new enhancement normal 06/15/2021
#5934 Blocking User from Signup Does not Fully Document in profile General accepted defect (bug) normal dd32 10/26/2021
#5937 Extend the possibility for leaving a plugin or theme review General new enhancement normal 12/15/2021
#5958 improve Twitter #ILoveWP hashtag link on Testimonials page General reopened enhancement normal 11/29/2021
#5968 Curate more #ILoveWP posts on testimonials webpage General new task (blessed) normal 11/30/2021
#6259 Heading alignment issue in the About page General new defect (bug) normal 05/27/2022
#6462 Showing Error on website General new defect (bug) normal 09/01/2022
#6541 The horizontal bar is appearing in the mobile devices. General new defect (bug) normal 10/13/2022
#6574 Navigation block does not work on General new defect (bug) normal 11/30/2022
#6606 Moving a repo (Canonical plugin) to the WordPress GitHub General new feature request normal 01/04/2023
#6612 Prepare for bumping the recommended PHP version to 8.0+ General new task (blessed) normal 12/07/2022
#6614 page in top Register & Log In menu does not show in mobile and top design break. General new defect (bug) normal 12/15/2022
#6618 Spacing Issue in donation form. General new defect (bug) normal 12/13/2022
#6621 page tabbing not working proper and design break. General new defect (bug) normal 12/13/2022
#6623 Content overflow issue in responsive design General new enhancement normal 12/14/2022
#6629 page In secondary video does not show proper. General new defect (bug) normal 12/16/2022
#6645 Include a message about using the Code Block in the forums General reopened defect (bug) normal 01/09/2023
#6646 Needs to remove unused variable. General new defect (bug) normal 12/29/2022
#6649 Content overflow issue in responsive design General new defect (bug) normal 01/04/2023
#6654 Documenting the globals in various files into the General new enhancement normal 01/06/2023
#6665 preview twentytwentythree theme menu not work in mobile device. General new defect (bug) normal 01/06/2023
#6669 page inner menu not close after click on mobile menu. General new defect (bug) normal 01/10/2023
#6671 unused variable removed. General new defect (bug) normal 01/11/2023
#6675 Content formatting issue at 425px General new defect (bug) normal 01/12/2023
#6702 The title design is getting messed up on this page in mobile size. General new defect (bug) normal 01/23/2023
#6706 site's footer and header container size does not the same. General new defect (bug) normal 01/24/2023
#6709 mobile design break. General new defect (bug) normal 01/27/2023
#6716 Search text and buttons are not displaying properly and are sticky. General new defect (bug) normal 01/27/2023
#6717 The "Become-a-reviewer" page does not look good on a responsive. General new defect (bug) normal 01/27/2023
#6729 Enhancement suggestion in Comment form at the bottom of the page General new enhancement normal 02/02/2023
#6730 designs break on mobiles devices. General new defect (bug) normal 02/03/2023
#6736 Navigation menu formatting issue General new defect (bug) normal 02/10/2023
#6737 Margin and padding issue at 768px General new defect (bug) normal 02/07/2023
#6738 page h1 tag cutting issue on mobile General new defect (bug) normal 02/07/2023
#6739 Yes text radio button design is breaking on mobile devices issue for the page. General new defect (bug) normal 02/07/2023
#6743 Design break issue in the Five for the Future page General new defect (bug) normal 02/08/2023
#6757 page design breaking issue in the mobile devices. General new defect (bug) normal 02/16/2023
#6765 Rosetta sites with no news articles should noindex the news archive General new defect (bug) normal 02/17/2023
#6772 Paginated homepage states should 301 to the root General new defect (bug) normal 04/17/2023
#6822 View Changes form not displaying properly. General new defect (bug) normal 03/02/2023
#6846 Page design is broken in mobile screens. General new defect (bug) normal 03/10/2023
#6885 Image is inline with paragraph General new defect (bug) normal 03/24/2023
#6888 The right sidebar search box placeholder text is not displaying correctly, and its getting cut. General new enhancement normal 03/24/2023
#6891 Data erasure requests: Update important information about forum content General new defect (bug) normal 03/24/2023
#6894 Image path is wrong on WordPress Documentation page General new defect (bug) normal 03/27/2023
#6946 Wrong URL General new defect (bug) normal 04/24/2023
#6959 Design break issue on Documentation page General new defect (bug) normal 05/01/2023
#6960 Search TextBox and Search Button design break issues generated on the WordPress search page for mobile devices. General new defect (bug) normal 04/28/2023
#7002 Individual pattern translation General new defect (bug) normal 05/22/2023
#7016 Restore visibility of all WordPress releases in events and news widget General new enhancement normal 06/05/2023
#150 Better 404 page for General assigned defect (bug) low 02/17/2023
#200 "Download WordPress" button in header feels like a submit button for the search bar General reopened enhancement low obenland 02/17/2023
#3992 Gutenberg Theme: Add old-browser fallback General new enhancement low 04/17/2020
#4281 Minify wp4.css General new enhancement low 02/17/2023
#4522 Glossary Landingpage General new enhancement low 03/19/2021
#4755 Establish browser requirements General reopened enhancement low 02/17/2023
#5359 Misc 404s / broken links should be 301'd and/or corrected General new defect (bug) low 08/28/2020
#5462 Add signposting to the end of truncated pagination General new enhancement low 10/05/2020
#6763 Update robots.txt (and rosetta variations) General new enhancement low 03/10/2023
#6766 Update to prevent spam attacks General new enhancement low 02/18/2023
#6981 Menu position is not correct. General new enhancement low 05/20/2023
#3949 Old news trackbacks/pingbacks which return a non-200 status should be deleted General new task (blessed) lowest 01/18/2019
#4298 Inaccurate dates in release archive General assigned task (blessed) lowest SergeyBiryukov 04/03/2023
#4546 Invalid date format requests to News URLs should 301 redirect General new defect (bug) lowest 10/15/2019
#4897 Gutenberg page omits hreflang tags General new defect (bug) lowest 01/16/2020
#5668 Add an 'empty' robots.txt file to General accepted defect (bug) lowest dd32 02/17/2023
#5780 Defer and move navigation.js General new enhancement lowest 06/23/2021
#5935 Add Google Tag Manager to General assigned defect (bug) lowest 10/22/2021
#6777 Remove Google Fonts hints where not used General new defect (bug) lowest 02/17/2023
#5709 redirects to the http:// version of Gravatar, rather than https:// General closed reported-upstream defect (bug) normal 05/24/2023
#6949 How to block the user if login from the cookies General closed invalid defect (bug) high 04/25/2023
#6532 WebAssembly WordPress demo page General closed fixed feature request normal 04/14/2023
#6875 "Receive notifications by email" feature getting unchecked intermittently General closed fixed defect (bug) high dd32 03/28/2023
#6866 superfly menu Skewed style submenu not working General closed invalid defect (bug) normal 03/18/2023
#6861 Search label is misplaced for the single page of donate. General closed duplicate defect (bug) normal 03/15/2023
#6856 Disabling Responsive Columns on Mobile General closed invalid defect (bug) normal 03/13/2023
#6855 WordPress Org Mobile responsive menu design not proper. General closed invalid enhancement normal 03/13/2023
#6840 Click to link counter General closed invalid feature request normal 03/07/2023
#6806 Input checkboxes are not displaying properly on mobile devices, They appear to be a bigger size. General closed invalid defect (bug) normal 02/24/2023
#6770 Don't enqueue zxcvbn.min.js when not needed General closed reported-upstream defect (bug) high 02/22/2023
#6794 page inner sub menu dropdown not working on mobile devices. General closed fixed defect (bug) normal 02/22/2023
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