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#5839 Theme upload: Replace old codex links Theme Review closed fixed enhancement normal Otto42 07/22/2021
#5787 Setting theme directly live even it’s updated after 2 years Theme Review closed fixed enhancement normal dd32 06/25/2021
#5656 Set a trac keyword for themes with the full-site-editing tag Theme Review closed fixed enhancement normal 06/17/2021
#4039 Prevent theme copies from being uploaded Theme Review closed fixed enhancement high dd32 11/06/2020
#5094 New .org subdomain to allow for iteration and testing of a remedial program for theme authors Theme Review closed worksforme enhancement normal 05/22/2020
#5059 Token form Message Issue on small device Theme Review closed fixed defect (bug) normal 02/26/2020
#4657 Redirect the removed theme review handbook links to correct places Theme Review closed fixed defect (bug) high dd32 10/17/2019
#4727 Remove Upload Your Theme button from the header Theme Review closed fixed enhancement high dd32 10/17/2019
#1515 Adding more info in the email sent after theme is submitted Theme Review closed worksforme enhancement normal 09/11/2019
#1188 New updated ticket process format Theme Review closed maybelater enhancement normal 09/11/2019
#4616 Change pickupimage SSL ot nonSSL (HTTPS to HTTP) Theme Review closed fixed defect (bug) normal otto 07/21/2019
#4558 Add details summary block to the Theme Review sites Theme Review closed fixed enhancement high dd32 07/10/2019
#752 Theme trac: If reviewer has done more than 2 reviews automatically make them full reviewer Theme Review closed invalid enhancement normal 01/23/2019
#709 Theme trac: Add flag checkbox Theme Review closed wontfix enhancement normal 01/23/2019
#3904 Remove attachments from the Themes Trac Theme Review closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 11/23/2018
#765 Theme review trac: Change Owner to Reviewer Theme Review closed fixed enhancement normal obenland 02/17/2018
#708 Theme trac: Add mentor field Theme Review closed maybelater enhancement normal 06/15/2017
#762 Themes trac: Magic button to automatically assign reviewers the next available ticket (theme) to review if they don't already have a ticket Theme Review closed fixed enhancement high nacin 01/16/2016
#291 Bring core trac improvements to other trac instances (meta, bbPress, BuddyPress) Trac new enhancement high 03/04/2022
#3594 Email notifications not sent for updates to watched tickets and still sent for blocked tickets Trac new defect (bug) high 04/05/2023
#5105 Remove bot blocking (403 responses) on * sites. Trac new defect (bug) high 07/14/2021
#7275 TracQuery page is fully breaking at every responsive breakpoints. Trac new defect (bug) high 09/14/2023
#273 Keyboard navigation friendliness for Trac Trac reopened defect (bug) normal 01/24/2018
#499 Trac nav menus should be consistent across all Tracs Trac new enhancement normal 01/23/2019
#699 Bug Gardeners should have predefs available on ticket pages Trac new enhancement normal 02/17/2018
#3867 Refreshing Core Patches Trac new enhancement normal 06/07/2021
#3890 Trac: Increase preview file size limit Trac new enhancement normal 10/30/2018
#4770 Add a robots.txt disallow rule for /raw-attachment/ Trac new defect (bug) normal 10/22/2019
#4832 How do I change my email address? Trac new task (blessed) normal 11/14/2019
#4917 Trac needs more responsive styles Trac reviewing defect (bug) normal dd32 01/10/2024
#4965 Nav menu icon size problem on mobiles device Trac new defect (bug) normal 01/25/2021
#5053 GitHub integration: Sync the final review comment to Trac Trac new enhancement normal 02/24/2020
#5055 Hide emails in CC fields on all tracs Trac new enhancement normal 07/05/2023
#5118 Introduce dev-note field to Trac Trac new enhancement normal 08/13/2020
#5143 GitHub PRs on Trac don't send email notifications Trac reopened defect (bug) normal 03/16/2022
#5162 Display a "welcome" message when a user hasn't submitted a patch or commented before Trac new enhancement normal 04/20/2020
#5374 Block trac ticket submissions with inappropriate language Trac new enhancement normal 08/12/2020
#5383 Trac: Merge "Text Changes" component with the "ui-copy" focus Trac new task (blessed) normal 05/31/2022
#5453 Allow users to view their props launched in a release Trac new defect (bug) normal 09/28/2020
#5529 Alter trac robots.txt Trac new defect (bug) normal 12/03/2020
#5681 Add a test template to Trac tickets Trac new enhancement normal 09/21/2021
#5749 GitHub integration: Showing "All checks pass" on failing PR Trac new defect (bug) normal 06/21/2022
#5855 Correct formatting for code blocks imported from GitHub PRs, take 2 Trac reopened defect (bug) normal 03/30/2022
#5928 Add a row background color-coding legend to the top of the various core Trac reports Trac new enhancement normal 01/25/2023
#5949 Add a 'needs-e2e-tests' keyword to trac Trac new enhancement normal 12/01/2021
#6319 Trac: attachment links need text Trac new defect (bug) normal 04/06/2024
#6474 Core Trac: Revise "New Ticket" screen. Trac new enhancement normal 09/27/2022
#6507 Add "Changes Requested" sections to Trac reports Trac new enhancement normal 09/28/2022
#6508 Make Report 27 dynamic Trac new feature request normal 10/04/2022
#6520 Table content overflow in resonsive Trac new defect (bug) normal 10/06/2022
#6533 PR Bot: Auto-generate a props list from activity on GitHub PR/s Trac new defect (bug) normal 10/19/2022
#6553 Alphabetically sort the Workflow Keywords dropdown Trac new enhancement normal 10/28/2022
#6593 Trac Menu Items looks broken Trac new defect (bug) normal 01/17/2024
#6666 The colour of the link visited is different. Trac new defect (bug) normal 01/06/2023
#6685 In mobile size, there is a padding issue with the content. Trac new defect (bug) normal 01/19/2023
#6708 Add keyword on Trac 'needs-copy' Trac new enhancement normal 01/31/2023
#6783 Remove or replace "(blessed)" from the "Task" ticket type label Trac new enhancement normal 04/26/2023
#6787 Need some space between buttons Trac new defect (bug) normal 02/21/2023
#6791 Content overflow issue in footnotes section. Trac new defect (bug) normal 02/21/2023
#6818 Content overflow issue Trac new defect (bug) normal 03/01/2023
#6822 View Changes form not displaying properly. Trac new defect (bug) normal 12/06/2023
#6838 Spacing issue in menu in mobile devide Trac new defect (bug) normal 03/10/2023
#7012 Add a checkmark or something to say when it's the final patch Trac new enhancement normal 05/26/2023
#7025 Field "Contributor Focuses" likely actually means "Contribution Focuses" as in "Focuses of this issue" Trac new enhancement normal 06/02/2023
#7159 Need some space before main section. Trac new defect (bug) normal 07/29/2023
#7180 No way to unsubscribe from Trac tickets Trac new defect (bug) normal 04/28/2024
#7266 Main heading " Making WordPress,org" is not visible after clicking the menu toggle icon Trac new defect (bug) normal 09/11/2023
#7279 Remove max-width on PR requests on trac Trac new defect (bug) normal 09/17/2023
#7298 Add emoji reaction to trac comments Trac new defect (bug) normal 12/05/2023
#7304 Alignment issue on all tickets listing pages. Trac new defect (bug) normal 12/05/2023
#7338 Navigation menu position is not proper in responsive Trac new defect (bug) normal 12/05/2023
#7442 GitHub PR images not displayed Trac new defect (bug) normal 02/15/2024
#7508 Add 'sustainability' to the Ticket->focuses dropdown shortcode Trac new defect (bug) normal 03/07/2024
#7521 GitHub PR syncing: Delete trac comment if GitHub comment deleted Trac new defect (bug) normal 03/20/2024
#314 Opt-out of getting email notifications for Trac comments I leave Trac reopened enhancement low 07/20/2017
#4684 Trac 'reports' crawl and indexing controls Trac new defect (bug) low 02/17/2023
#6370 Header & Footer broken on Plugins Trac Trac new defect (bug) low 05/01/2024
#6415 Add a link to the overview page to the menu bar of meta trac Trac new enhancement low 07/20/2022
#1119 Display multiple uploaded images to a ticket as a gallery Trac new enhancement lowest 07/02/2018
#1381 Trac could have a "Thank You" button or link Trac new enhancement lowest 05/31/2019
#1502 Add redirects for URLs referenced in git-svn-id Trac new enhancement lowest 06/05/2022
#4685 Disallow /changeset in Trac new defect (bug) lowest 08/19/2019
#4950 Links in Trac tickets should be nofollow'd Trac reopened enhancement lowest dd32 01/15/2024
#5449 Add a favicon to Trac new defect (bug) lowest 09/24/2020
#6412 UI issue on Latest tickets page. Trac new defect (bug) lowest 07/25/2022
#7043 Logged In as {userid} is sticked to menu Trac new defect (bug) lowest 01/09/2024
#7319 In Responsive view, Footer social logos are colliding on each other. Trac new defect (bug) lowest 11/01/2023
#7344 In Responsive 768px size there is no space between content Trac new defect (bug) lowest 01/11/2024
#7423 Trac headers congested / small Trac new defect (bug) lowest 01/25/2024
#7459 Enabling #enable-experimental-web-platform-features in Chromium breaks custom queries Trac new defect (bug) lowest 02/12/2024
#7470 In ticket details pages, Spacing issue between button in responsive view. Trac new defect (bug) lowest 02/15/2024
#7484 In ticking Listing Page, Custom query result content layout is not proper Trac new defect (bug) lowest 02/22/2024
#7501 In Responsive view, preview section taking on half of screen width Trac new defect (bug) lowest 03/06/2024
#7169 Add `php-compatibility` focus to Core's Trac to identify PHP incompatibility Trac closed fixed enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 05/10/2024
#7622 Interactivity API: New Component proposal Trac closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 05/07/2024
#7519 In Tickets Custom Query Page , table content going out of page. Trac closed wontfix defect (bug) lowest 03/15/2024
#7461 In Trac Tickets Listing page, Max items per page Gets Alphabets Input Trac closed wontfix enhancement lowest 02/12/2024
#7453 Icons in footer are overlapping in responsive on whole trac sites. Trac closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 02/08/2024
#7450 Icons in Footer are not displaying on Trac whole site. Trac closed fixed defect (bug) normal 02/07/2024
#7438 Submenu is Not Working(Header) in Meta Trac Pages & Core Trac Pages Trac closed duplicate defect (bug) normal 02/07/2024
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