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#5346 Characters like &,<,? does not seem to be showing correctly in some Doc pages Developer Hub closed fixed defect normal coffee2code 10/12/2020
#215 Feature Request: Readme.txt generated tabs on theme pages Theme Directory new enhancement high 10/13/2020
#5476 Setting a Rosetta site to private mode should add noindex tags everywhere International Sites (Rosetta) closed fixed defect lowest 10/16/2020
#5345 Document indexing controls General new defect lowest 10/16/2020
#5477 Add CORS headers for responses from s.w.org General new enhancement normal 10/16/2020
#5479 Plugin/Theme short description should be used for search results everywhere Plugin Directory closed invalid defect normal 10/20/2020
#5480 Add announce to new feature-notifications host Slack & IRC closed fixed task normal Otto42 10/20/2020
#5419 Plugin Directory: Update approval email Plugin Directory closed fixed defect normal Ipstenu 10/21/2020
#5175 Plugin Directory: End Support for 'asset' files outside of the assets folder Plugin Directory new enhancement normal 10/23/2020
#5481 Prevent/strip UTM tags in plugin readme 'internal' links Plugin Directory closed wontfix defect lowest 10/23/2020
#5325 Invalid multi-level plugin URL requests should return a 404 response Plugin Directory closed fixed defect high dd32 10/26/2020
#5472 Image slider issue WordCamp Site & Plugins closed wontfix defect low 10/26/2020
#5486 Activate setting "user must be logged-in" to comment on rosetta and /team sites International Sites (Rosetta) new task normal 10/26/2020
#4963 Plugin Directory: Show flag or marker to indicate the plugin has been added to BLOCKS category Plugin Directory new enhancement normal 10/26/2020
#5487 Unpublished (Pending) HelpHub articles should redirect to english version for not editors HelpHub new defect normal 10/26/2020
#5491 Incorrect maximum upload file size on Rosetta sites International Sites (Rosetta) closed fixed defect normal 10/28/2020
#5492 Rosetta: Expired SSL certificate error when building WordPress packages manually International Sites (Rosetta) closed fixed defect normal SergeyBiryukov 10/29/2020
#5494 Make page of closed theme similar to page of closed plugin Theme Directory new enhancement normal 11/01/2020
#4915 Add comment or feedback section to End User Documentation page for low-friction interaction HelpHub closed worksforme enhancement normal coreymckrill 11/01/2020
#5483 Force-enable release confirmations for high-target plugins Plugin Directory new enhancement normal 11/02/2020
#5484 Add a "Tag and release" button Plugin Directory new enhancement normal 11/02/2020
#5496 Hide author for closed plugins Plugin Directory new enhancement normal 11/03/2020
#5469 Padding on group blocks Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed fixed enhancement normal coffee2code 11/03/2020
#5495 Array to string conversion notice when querying multiple post_types General closed invalid defect normal 11/04/2020
#5498 ma.tt showcase link contains a leading space Showcase closed fixed defect lowest Otto42 11/04/2020
#5490 Can't read text code at php coding-standards WordPress.org Site closed duplicate defect normal 11/04/2020
#5474 Make sure the reason for blocking/bozoing an account is always recorded and available General closed duplicate enhancement normal 11/04/2020
#5120 Add "created date" to support forum archive Support Forums closed maybelater enhancement normal 11/05/2020
#5502 Plugin Directory: Readme Validator thinks valid Readme is invalid Plugin Directory closed fixed defect normal Otto42 11/05/2020
#4904 Allow moderators to reply to archived or spam topics Support Forums closed reported-upstream enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 11/06/2020
#634 SSL for planet.wordpress.org SSL reopened task normal Otto42 11/06/2020
#629 SSL for Mailing list access SSL new defect normal 11/06/2020
#3644 Remake of the learn.wordpress.org site learn.wordpress.org closed fixed task normal 11/06/2020
#5497 Flag threads with 'dofollow' link attributes for spam review Support Forums closed fixed defect high dd32 11/06/2020
#4039 Prevent theme copies from being uploaded Theme Review closed fixed enhancement high dd32 11/06/2020
#5285 Download Beta/Nightly page doesn't have any download links WordPress.org Site closed fixed enhancement normal dd32 11/06/2020
#5278 Registration: Allow users to 'resend' registration link Login & Authentication closed fixed enhancement normal 11/06/2020
#5310 Improve WordPress.org Server Performance - globally WordPress.org Site closed maybelater defect normal 11/06/2020
#5499 XML sitemaps omit trailing slashes General closed reported-upstream defect lowest 11/07/2020
#5505 Handle subscriptions better Support Forums new enhancement normal 11/09/2020
#658 Internationalization DevHub Developer Hub new enhancement normal 11/09/2020
#4130 Codex topics (and previous page versions) should have a canonical URL tag Codex new defect normal 11/11/2020
#4373 Individual file pages on the codex site should noindex Codex new defect normal 11/11/2020
#4127 Noindex empty user pages Codex new defect lowest 11/11/2020
#4378 Tweak the page title on the 404 template on the codex Codex new enhancement low 11/11/2020
#277 [codex] Some symbols are not allowed in password Codex closed wontfix defect normal 11/11/2020
#354 Encoding issue in WP.org notifications Profiles closed fixed defect normal coffee2code 11/11/2020
#5411 Plugin Directory: Improve display of available blocks Plugin Directory closed fixed enhancement normal ryelle 11/11/2020
#5286 Found Responsive issue on about page WordPress.org Site closed fixed defect normal ryelle 11/12/2020
#5507 Link to the company pledge from a sponsored contributor's profile Five For The Future closed reported-upstream enhancement normal 11/13/2020
#5091 Data does not change when updating WP Forum Profile Profiles closed fixed defect normal 11/13/2020
#5509 Notify users of changes to plugin ownership Plugin Directory new enhancement normal 11/17/2020
#5289 Remove Core from the channels that are auto-joined on Slack Slack & IRC new defect normal 11/17/2020
#5511 New Update API endpoints API new enhancement normal 11/17/2020
#1334 Documentation for the theme and plugin translation process Translate Site & Plugins closed fixed task normal 11/18/2020
#5514 Requests to robots.txt files on wordcamp domains should not redirect WordCamp Site & Plugins closed reported-upstream defect high 11/18/2020
#5412 Add offers for 'release-candidate' and 'beta' to Core API version check API closed fixed enhancement normal 11/18/2020
#5153 Theme Directory: Infinite Scroll makes it impossible to reach important links in the footer Theme Directory closed fixed defect high ryelle 11/18/2020
#5503 Forums: Impossible to spam a reply if the topic is already spammed Support Forums closed reported-upstream defect normal 11/18/2020
#5515 Plugin directory: Change layout to "unstretch" header image Plugin Directory new enhancement normal 11/19/2020
#975 Set og:image to the WP logo on WordPress.org news articles General closed fixed enhancement normal 11/25/2020
#4997 Use standard language abbreviations WordPress.tv closed duplicate enhancement normal 11/25/2020
#1156 ISO Language Code Tag to Improve API WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 11/25/2020
#5512 Add VideoObject schema to wordpress.tv video pages WordPress.tv new enhancement high 11/25/2020
#1442 Sort event videos by event date instead of upload date WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 11/25/2020
#5517 wordpressfoundation.org contact form broken General closed fixed defect normal 11/25/2020
#3728 Some city names shown incorrectly in Events API Events API closed fixed defect normal dd32 11/30/2020
#160 Fix Plugins Trac Components to Work for All Plugins Trac new enhancement low 12/01/2020
#5520 Adding the "enable public preview" feature General closed fixed enhancement normal 12/01/2020
#5513 Registered blocks list on plugins README displaying wrong labels. Plugin Directory new defect normal 12/01/2020
#5521 link to codex instead of code reference in the manually curated content on the WP_User_Query entry in the code reference Developer Hub closed fixed defect normal 12/02/2020
#5524 Remove the 'browse by WordCamp' template component from wordpress.tv event archives WordPress.tv new defect lowest 12/03/2020
#5529 Alter trac robots.txt Trac new defect normal 12/03/2020
#5525 Search results on wordpress.tv should be noindex'd WordPress.tv closed duplicate defect low 12/03/2020
#5523 Noindex wordpress.tv archives WordPress.tv new defect low 12/03/2020
#5526 Speaker pages on wordpress.tv should be noindex'd WordPress.tv closed duplicate defect lowest 12/03/2020
#5527 "Year" categories on wordpress.tv should be deleted WordPress.tv closed duplicate defect lowest 12/03/2020
#5100 Replace all instances that matches the OP's domain name as contained in "the link I need help with" in the content of their post and any follow-up posts with "example.com" Support Forums new defect normal 12/04/2020
#5532 Erroneous release dates for older versions General closed duplicate defect lowest 12/07/2020
#5531 Theme Directory: Unexpected redirect for non-existing themes Theme Directory new defect normal 12/08/2020
#5528 Redirect misc broken homepage links General closed fixed defect low dd32 12/08/2020
#5522 Gutenberg Props: WordPress 5.6 Profiles closed invalid task high 12/08/2020
#5493 English Writing Error in Main Privacy Policy Page WordPress.org Site accepted defect normal garrett-eclipse 12/09/2020
#5534 Add limits to prevent high-triggering notifications General new defect high 12/09/2020
#5538 Updates for 5.6 credits API closed fixed task normal SergeyBiryukov 12/09/2020
#5541 Add the `dev-reviewed` keyword to Trac Trac closed fixed enhancement normal dd32 12/11/2020
#5353 Increase base font-size on make blogs Make (Get Involved) / P2 new task normal 12/11/2020
#1139 Remember locale selection Translate Site & Plugins new enhancement low 12/11/2020
#5537 Impossible to edit a draft article on localized versions of HelpHub HelpHub closed worksforme defect normal 12/11/2020
#5543 JavaScript error in the theme previewer Theme Directory closed fixed defect normal dd32 12/12/2020
#5544 The mySQL query / lookup for the lesson plans on Learn is wrong. learn.wordpress.org closed fixed defect normal 12/15/2020
#5546 Update credits API with missing contributor. API closed fixed defect normal dd32 12/15/2020
#5323 Plugin searches should force to lowercase Plugin Directory new defect high 12/15/2020
#5548 A more inclusive commenting policy for P2 Make (Get Involved) / P2 new enhancement normal 12/16/2020
#5473 Update one line of copy on https://wordpress.org/hosting/ WordPress.org Site new defect normal 12/16/2020
#5500 Remove the current https://wordpress.org/hosting/ page? WordPress.org Site closed wontfix defect normal 12/16/2020
#1201 Lock default header navigation items International Sites (Rosetta) new enhancement normal 12/16/2020
#5549 Use a fixed width font for the ticket information in Trac emails Trac closed invalid defect low 12/16/2020
#5547 Show Learn activity on user profiles Profiles closed reported-upstream enhancement normal 12/17/2020
#5553 Change “Plugin Author” label to “Plugin Manager” Support Forums closed wontfix enhancement low 12/18/2020
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