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#1520 Add more granular notifications for SupportFlow tickets Make (Get Involved) / P2 assigned enhancement low 10/19/2017
#3868 Option to download Theme, Plugin and REST API Handbooks together with WP-CLI Commands and Code Reference as PDF Handbooks new enhancement low 11/15/2018
#3881 Handbooks: warn if user is modifying page and causing status change from published to pending Handbooks new defect low 06/14/2020
#3962 Tracbot: Delete slack posts when the related trac ticket is deleted. Slack & IRC new defect low 08/04/2021
#3992 Gutenberg Theme: Add old-browser fallback General new enhancement low 04/17/2020
#4281 Minify wp4.css General new enhancement low 05/03/2019
#4289 Delete placeholder pages International Sites (Rosetta) accepted defect low ocean90 06/28/2019
#4378 Tweak the page title on the 404 template on the codex Codex new enhancement low 11/11/2020
#4506 i18n: Create list with CL-PTE's and their respective projects Translate Site & Plugins new enhancement low 06/16/2021
#4522 Glossary Landingpage General new enhancement low 03/19/2021
#4536 Rosetta main nav menus frequently link to missing 'Support' page International Sites (Rosetta) new defect low 06/26/2019
#4649 Remove content hiding mechanism on Make (Get Involved) / P2 reopened defect low 06/30/2020
#4669 Generate theme screenshot from the demo preview Theme Directory new enhancement low 10/02/2020
#4683 Make / Polyglots locale filters International Sites (Rosetta) new defect low 08/16/2019
#4684 Trac 'reports' crawl and indexing controls Trac new defect low 08/19/2019
#4686 Empty tag archives on make / design (and elsewhere) should return 404 behaviour Make (Get Involved) / P2 reopened defect low 02/14/2020
#4744 Promote local WordCamp on a Rosetta site by showing a banner International Sites (Rosetta) new defect low 09/26/2019
#4755 Establish browser requirements General reopened enhancement low 11/18/2019
#5049 SSL for domain SSL new enhancement low 09/27/2021
#5138 Showcase: add more fields to submission form to be used as filters in showcase later on Showcase new enhancement low 08/28/2020
#5226 "My Favorites" does not work, redirect to "Favorits" tags Plugin Directory new defect low 05/25/2020
#5251 Faulty links redirect to random pages HelpHub new defect low 02/24/2021
#5324 Plugin URLs should 301 to lowercase Plugin Directory reopened defect low dd32 09/16/2020
#5344 Delete stale, orphaned topic tags Support Forums accepted defect low dd32 02/16/2021
#5359 Misc 404s / broken links should be 301'd and/or corrected General new defect low 08/28/2020
#5363 Upgrade Markdown library Plugin Directory new defect low 08/10/2020
#5376 Add Trending tab on a weekly basis Theme Directory new enhancement low 08/16/2020
#5381 Prevent broken internal links in plugin readme content Plugin Directory new defect low 08/28/2020
#5398 Paginated hosting tests should be noindex'd Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect low 08/28/2020
#5454 Forum profiles: Limit "Edit" link Support Forums new defect low 09/28/2020
#5462 Add signposting to the end of truncated pagination General new enhancement low 10/05/2020
#5523 Noindex archives new defect low 12/03/2020
#5552 Allow mods to hide moderator badge Support Forums new enhancement low 02/23/2021
#5557 Add a hovering button to join slack community in Make Blog Network Make (Get Involved) / P2 new enhancement low 02/03/2021
#5596 Trac: "My patches" report does not include GitHub PRs Trac new defect low 01/22/2022
#5604 Add structured data to profile pages Profiles new enhancement low 02/08/2021
#5621 Don't warn on numbered placeholders <=> non-numbered placeholders Translate Site & Plugins new defect low 03/02/2021
#5661 Standardise Rosetta homepage pre-footers Showcase new defect low 03/16/2021
#5693 Allow themes to re-use a rejected slug Theme Directory new enhancement low 04/07/2021
#5724 Slack: /here command strips out hyperlinked text Slack & IRC new defect low 05/05/2021
#5755 Support Change Password UI needs work Support Forums new defect low 05/28/2021
#5806 Remove legacy robots.txt disallow directives General new defect low 10/10/2021
#5807 images shouldn't use and similar Showcase new defect low 07/06/2021
#5821 Prevent layout shift on showcase feature banner Showcase new defect low 07/13/2021
#5841 Make it easier to copy from the other languages without it copying the string. Translate Site & Plugins new enhancement low 07/26/2021
#5852 Adding Pronouns field on the profile Profiles new enhancement low 12/16/2021
#6045 Add Openverse to the list of External Bug Trackers General new enhancement low 01/25/2022
#1119 Display multiple uploaded images to a ticket as a gallery Trac new enhancement lowest 07/02/2018
#1381 Trac could have a "Thank You" button or link Trac new enhancement lowest 05/31/2019
#1502 Add redirects for URLs referenced in git-svn-id Trac new enhancement lowest 07/13/2018
#3949 Old news trackbacks/pingbacks which return a non-200 status should be deleted General new task lowest 01/18/2019
#4127 Noindex empty user pages Codex new defect lowest 11/11/2020
#4184 Add a robots.txt disallow all rule to Version Control accepted defect lowest Otto42 02/19/2019
#4298 Inaccurate dates in release archive General assigned task lowest SergeyBiryukov 11/15/2021
#4397 'Forums' subdomains should include Google Tag Manager Support Forums new defect lowest 02/16/2021
#4398 'Forums' subdomains should have friendly error templates Support Forums new defect lowest 02/16/2021
#4546 Invalid date format requests to News URLs should 301 redirect General new defect lowest 10/15/2019
#4685 Disallow /changeset in Trac new defect lowest 08/19/2019
#4897 Gutenberg page omits hreflang tags General new defect lowest 01/16/2020
#4898 Gutenberg pages lack localised title component General new defect lowest 01/15/2020
#4950 Links in Trac tickets should be nofollow'd Trac new enhancement lowest 05/14/2020
#4995 Page title format incorrect on support article category templates HelpHub new defect lowest 02/07/2020
#5329 Paginated theme tag urls should 301, not 302 Theme Directory new defect lowest 04/09/2021
#5334 Noindex 'recent comments' view Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect lowest 07/21/2020
#5345 Document indexing controls General new defect lowest 10/16/2020
#5347 Add a robots.txt file to Mailing Lists new defect lowest 08/03/2020
#5449 Add a favicon to Trac new defect lowest 09/24/2020
#5524 Remove the 'browse by WordCamp' template component from event archives new defect lowest 12/03/2020
#5567 Adapt the page title on filtered plugin review archives Support Forums new defect lowest 02/23/2021
#5610 Update Google Fonts CSS General new task lowest 09/01/2021
#5668 Add an 'empty' robots.txt file to General accepted defect lowest dd32 03/23/2021
#5677 Lock down / hide / noindex Jobs ( new defect lowest 04/21/2021
#5780 Defer and move navigation.js General new enhancement lowest 06/23/2021
#5809 Remove resolved/unresolved links from individual Make tags Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect lowest 07/05/2021
#5810 Enforce a trailing slash on user profile links General accepted defect lowest dd32 12/15/2021
#5822 Showcase archive images should be lazy-loaded Showcase new defect lowest 07/13/2021
#5824 5ftf contributor pledge pages should use the 'pretty' links Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect lowest 07/13/2021
#5867 Anchor links headline invisible behind top menu bar. Should have compensating offset. Site new defect lowest 09/03/2021
#5935 Add Google Tag Manager to General assigned defect lowest 10/22/2021
#6003 W3C CSS syntax for pseudo element in meta new defect lowest 01/04/2022
#666 Wrong Plugin shown from view details in wp-admin/plugins.php Plugin Directory closed defect normal ocean90 04/20/2016
#1494 Plugins & Themes should be allowed to indicate minimum supported PHP version Plugin Directory closed enhancement normal 12/23/2015
#217 URL's in [sourcecode] shortcode makeclickable() on 'make' Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed defect normal 10/30/2013
#314 Opt-out of getting email notifications for Trac comments I leave Trac reopened enhancement low 07/20/2017
#1077 Fix anchors in the bbPress & BuddyPress Codex theme so that anchors are not behind the toolbar reopened defect low dd32 06/01/2020
#5992 Currenty if you as PTE/GTE reject a translation it is only deleted from one branch (default or dev) Translate Site & Plugins closed duplicate enhancement normal 01/26/2022
#6030 Track pull requests on my-patches page Trac closed duplicate defect normal 01/22/2022
#5424 Display locale suggestion banner on support forums list Support Forums closed duplicate defect normal 01/21/2022
#6028 Add a note to a forum user's profile when they report or modlook a topic Support Forums closed duplicate enhancement normal 01/20/2022
#5988 Contribution History for Photos Profiles closed duplicate enhancement normal 12/20/2021
#5982 Browse Source menu in themes trac page showing 502 Bad Gateway Trac closed duplicate defect high 12/16/2021
#5961 Block accounts on Translate Site & Plugins closed duplicate enhancement normal 11/24/2021
#5956 Spaces in glossary items are ignored Translate Site & Plugins closed duplicate defect normal 11/20/2021
#5953 Screenshot slider is not working in single plugin page Plugin Directory closed duplicate defect high 11/16/2021
#5917 TLS Certificates in alternative domains SSL closed duplicate defect high 09/27/2021
#5885 Improve plugin search Plugin Directory closed duplicate enhancement high 09/02/2021
#5874 Database character set default configuration General closed duplicate defect high 08/24/2021
#5869 Forums: Notify Users/Support Representatives on marking topic resolved International Forums closed duplicate defect normal 08/20/2021
#981 Create feedback form for devhub Developer Hub closed duplicate enhancement normal 07/28/2021
#5832 Rosetta menu with child elements does not work International Sites (Rosetta) closed duplicate defect normal 07/21/2021
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