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Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#5093 Proposal to allow users to remove URLs that they have added to their posts in the support forums Support Forums reviewing defect (bug) high SergeyBiryukov 05/21/2023
#5168 Noindex stale plugin peripherals Support Forums reviewing defect (bug) high tellyworth 05/04/2023
#1510 Add full transcripts to videos on reviewing enhancement normal dd32 06/15/2020
#3858 Fix/add select2 support to HelpHub Contributors module HelpHub ( reviewing defect (bug) normal netweb 10/30/2018
#3999 Add link/button to create new topic near "reply form" Support Forums reviewing enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 04/05/2023
#4195 Add block editor template for the helphub_version post type HelpHub ( reviewing enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 04/17/2023
#4224 Can we provide a Data Export Request form/page similar to the Data Erasure Request form/page Profiles reviewing enhancement normal tellyworth 09/23/2020
#4237 Rejected plugins show wrong last_updated date Plugin Directory reviewing defect (bug) normal SergeyBiryukov 03/11/2020
#4301 Coding standards: Need to use numeric values instead of keywords in CSS. reviewing defect (bug) normal tellyworth 05/17/2019
#4309 Displaying PHP Compatibility results from Tide on Plugin Directory reviewing enhancement normal 08/23/2023
#4525 Add insights to the plugin language packs page Translate Site & Plugins reviewing enhancement normal tellyworth 06/02/2020
#4917 Trac needs more responsive styles Trac reviewing defect (bug) normal dd32 04/27/2022
#6756 Add a copy to clipboard button to code blocks Make (Get Involved) / P2 reviewing feature request normal tellyworth 02/17/2023
#3933 Optimize fonts for Persian language General reopened enhancement high 10/12/2020
#4233 Footer wordpress twitter id hover underline break General reopened enhancement high dd32 03/08/2019
#6993 Plugin Repo Feature: Assign plugins to reviewers Plugin Directory reopened feature request high dd32 09/26/2023
#27 Provide an option for adding multiple theme authors Theme Directory reopened enhancement normal Otto42 03/12/2021
#273 Keyboard navigation friendliness for Trac Trac reopened defect (bug) normal 01/24/2018
#1383 List available translations on theme pages Theme Directory reopened enhancement normal 03/16/2021
#4258 Add `needs-design-feedback` keyword to Trac Trac reopened enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 05/03/2019
#4507 Glossary tooltips break HTML markup (take 2) Make (Get Involved) / P2 reopened defect (bug) normal 07/13/2022
#4730 unbalanced HTML in Plugins Home page Plugin Directory reopened defect (bug) normal 06/16/2023
#4814 Pagination broken on themes Theme Directory reopened defect (bug) normal 08/24/2023
#5143 GitHub PRs on Trac don't send email notifications Trac reopened defect (bug) normal 03/16/2022
#5146 All Recent Topics RSS Feed returns topics from plugins and themes, not the general forums Support Forums reopened defect (bug) normal 03/29/2023
#5471 Add Serbian Latin locale with transliteration of Serbian Cyrillic locale Translate Site & Plugins reopened task (blessed) normal ocean90 01/26/2023
#5533 Make blogs rss feed in Feedly shows glossary tooltips inline Make (Get Involved) / P2 reopened defect (bug) normal 04/01/2022
#5748 Block ability to add links in reviews Support Forums reopened enhancement normal dd32 04/12/2023
#5855 Correct formatting for code blocks imported from GitHub PRs, take 2 Trac reopened defect (bug) normal 03/30/2022
#5916 Update Account Deletion Page to explain posts etc WILL NOT be removed/edited Site reopened defect (bug) normal dd32 11/15/2021
#5958 improve Twitter #ILoveWP hashtag link on Testimonials page General reopened enhancement normal 11/29/2021
#6058 Logging in to does not direct you back to the context you were in upon successful login Login & Authentication reopened defect (bug) normal 02/01/2022
#6383 Highlight start/end spaces and single space strings Translate Site & Plugins reopened enhancement normal 11/03/2022
#6458 Invalid link on page Make (Get Involved) / P2 reopened defect (bug) normal 09/07/2022
#6526 Add context to support forum search results Support Forums reopened enhancement normal 04/26/2023
#6645 Include a message about using the Code Block in the forums General reopened defect (bug) normal 07/20/2023
#6693 Alignment Issue in Themes page Theme Directory reopened defect (bug) normal 01/23/2023
#6722 Support Forums: Timeframe to edit posts or to add further posts should be longer Support Forums reopened enhancement normal 10/17/2023
#6834 Support Forums: Require a reason when flagging a user Support Forums reopened enhancement normal 09/21/2023
#6835 Corrupt code in official documentation Developer Hub reopened defect (bug) normal 03/05/2023
#7061 Clicking the "Expand Code" button it is getting shaking and extra space. Developer Hub reopened defect (bug) normal 06/17/2023
#7272 Not having a proper spacing on about page numbering elements Site reopened defect (bug) normal 11/01/2023
#7331 UI issue Under gutenberg screen Site reopened defect (bug) normal 11/02/2023
#200 "Download WordPress" button in header feels like a submit button for the search bar General reopened enhancement low obenland 02/17/2023
#314 Opt-out of getting email notifications for Trac comments I leave Trac reopened enhancement low 07/20/2017
#871 Inactive Profiles Need a Better Design Profiles reopened enhancement low 08/26/2022
#1077 Fix anchors in the bbPress & BuddyPress Codex theme so that anchors are not behind the toolbar reopened defect (bug) low dd32 06/01/2020
#4649 Remove content hiding mechanism on Make (Get Involved) / P2 reopened defect (bug) low 06/30/2020
#4755 Establish browser requirements General reopened enhancement low 02/17/2023
#5324 Plugin URLs should 301 to lowercase Plugin Directory reopened defect (bug) low dd32 06/08/2023
#5845 Dutch (formal) appears twice in the dropdown menu in the consistency tool Translate Site & Plugins reopened defect (bug) low 05/22/2022
#6723 Require source and map files for JS Plugin Directory reopened enhancement low 03/27/2023
#6763 Update robots.txt (and rosetta variations) General reopened enhancement low 06/21/2023
#6880 Persistent plugin author notifications Plugin Directory reopened enhancement low 07/24/2023
#6986 In Responsive the Latest Video and Popular Video Section not looks Proper reopened defect (bug) lowest 09/19/2023
#7218 Data Request screen not fully responsive Site reopened defect (bug) lowest 08/23/2023
#7235 Props page credits people who have gotten unprops General new defect (bug) highest omg bbq 08/24/2023
#30 Make better theme test data for display in the theme directory. Theme Directory new enhancement high 04/12/2023
#89 Add email notifications for new jobs on Jobs ( new enhancement high 01/17/2018
#215 Feature Request: Readme.txt generated tabs on theme pages Theme Directory new enhancement high 10/05/2023
#291 Bring core trac improvements to other trac instances (meta, bbPress, BuddyPress) Trac new enhancement high 03/04/2022
#969 Allow multiple screenshots Theme Directory new enhancement high 10/19/2022
#1429 Implement JQuery autocomplete on fields of submit video form new enhancement high 05/13/2022
#1456 Increase font sizes site-wide new enhancement high 11/24/2023
#3594 Email notifications not sent for updates to watched tickets and still sent for blocked tickets Trac new defect (bug) high 04/05/2023
#3674 Forums: pending replies do not send notification after reviewed Support Forums new defect (bug) high 09/29/2022
#4080 Embedded videos not keyboard accessible once video is playing new defect (bug) high 03/01/2019
#4228 Gutenberg theme: Remove reliance upon the plugin General new task (blessed) high 03/21/2019
#4875 Add bulk suspension and reinstating admin tool for themes Theme Directory new enhancement high 01/28/2020
#5047 Add check to forum subscriptions if the account is "Blocked" or "Spectator" Support Forums new defect (bug) high 02/18/2022
#5104 Relax request limits on Showcase URLs Showcase new defect (bug) high 07/14/2021
#5105 Remove bot blocking (403 responses) on * sites. Trac new defect (bug) high 07/14/2021
#5190 Plugin images/screenshots should be lazy-loaded Plugin Directory new defect (bug) high 06/09/2023
#5306 Make it easy for plugin review team to add plugins to the Block Directory Plugin Directory new enhancement high 07/08/2020
#5587 Skip sanitization of code snippets in forum replies email notifications Support Forums new defect (bug) high 08/10/2023
#5708 Allow only moderators to remove modlook tag Support Forums new defect (bug) high 04/08/2022
#5859 Improve video thumbnail images new defect (bug) high 08/11/2021
#5920 Feature Request: Unsubscribe from Forum Topics (Bulk Actions) Support Forums new enhancement high 08/04/2023
#5975 Plugin Directory: Show name of committer being removed in JavaScript confirmation. Plugin Directory new enhancement high 12/10/2021
#6311 Upgrading and evolving the WPTV form to upload videos new enhancement high 09/20/2023
#6326 Need to synchronize authors' lists on Rosetta sites International Sites (Rosetta) new defect (bug) high 10/21/2022
#6405 Migrate the `/here` command to use the Slack Messaging API Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) new task (blessed) high 08/10/2022
#6443 /page/2/ being adding to reply links incorrectly Support Forums new defect (bug) high 02/01/2023
#6511 Provide helpful plugin stats and insights Plugin Directory new feature request high 08/06/2023
#6515 Forums: Add ability to sort unresolved threads Support Forums new defect (bug) high 05/04/2023
#6591 Add Note or Feedback comment Add/Editor not working Developer Hub new defect (bug) high 02/28/2023
#6604 Mobile screen navigation issue due to padding in the content tabs Profiles new defect (bug) high 03/02/2023
#6648 Unnecessary horizontal scroller on the Mercantile login page Swag Store ( new enhancement high 05/25/2023
#6691 Links on don't open General new defect (bug) high 07/11/2023
#6839 Allow option for anonymous posting by moderators Support Forums new enhancement high 08/10/2023
#6994 [Plugin Repo] Break down stats by reviewer Plugin Directory new enhancement high 09/22/2023
#7040 Create and add a plugin for embedding playground iframes in docs Handbooks new defect (bug) high 06/08/2023
#7079 mobile version grid design responsive issue new defect (bug) high 06/22/2023
#7205 Design of the search bar in Support forum is broken Support Forums new defect (bug) high 08/15/2023
#7236 Requirements page update (MySQL and PHP) Site new defect (bug) high 10/04/2023
#7240 The Feeback design is not proper. General new defect (bug) high 08/29/2023
#7275 TracQuery page is fully breaking at every responsive breakpoints. Trac new defect (bug) high 09/14/2023
#7277 Theme Search is broken Theme Directory new defect (bug) high 10/18/2023
#7282 Host SVG image previews and JSON collection data for Google Fonts listed in the Font Library General new defect (bug) high 10/05/2023
#7351 Helpscout: Improve plugin information in the sidebar widget. Plugin Directory new enhancement high 11/22/2023
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