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#18 Add 2013 WP survey to the header on dotorg General closed fixed task normal 07/09/2013
#16 Empty comments cause UI overlap Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed fixed defect trivial nacin 07/02/2013
#17 Mobile link on Themes page is broken Theme Directory closed fixed defect trivial 07/02/2013
#15 Action links on top of content Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed fixed defect lowest 07/01/2013
#5 Some padding on Trac Trac closed fixed enhancement low nacin 06/10/2013
#4 Install Simple Page Ordering Handbooks closed wontfix enhancement low 06/09/2013
#83 Twitter account for jobs.wordpress.net Jobs (jobs.wordpress.net) assigned enhancement high coffee2code 06/08/2020
#1207 WPTV: Allow submission of more than one caption file by language WordPress.tv assigned enhancement high 02/27/2019
#5207 Improve heuristics for detecting block assets Plugin Directory assigned enhancement high coreymckrill 08/19/2020
#518 unify profiles Profiles assigned enhancement normal samuelsidler 01/18/2018
#987 Display WPTV videos on speaker and producer profiles Profiles assigned enhancement normal 10/05/2020
#3559 About section: make heading sizes consistent General assigned defect normal mapk 06/05/2018
#3633 Moderator tool: Help spot sock puppets Support Forums assigned enhancement normal 05/23/2018
#3660 WordPress.org and Rosetta privacy pages mentions WordCamp Central’s DPO instead of w.org General assigned enhancement normal tellyworth 11/06/2020
#3774 Create a Blog Page on WordPress.org General assigned enhancement normal ryelle 11/15/2018
#4096 Redesign /mobile/ General assigned defect normal sjardo 04/23/2020
#4275 Reviews that are moderated, do not keep their ratings Support Forums assigned defect normal dd32 05/03/2019
#4455 Make it easier to notify plugin/theme authors to make their code translatable Translate Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal ck3lee 05/31/2019
#4601 Init BP DevHub with the BP REST API Handbook buddypress.org assigned enhancement normal johnjamesjacoby 12/08/2019
#5142 Need the three dots position fix at the end. WordPress.org Site assigned defect normal SergeyBiryukov 04/14/2020
#5152 Put a limit on adding new translation after multiple warnings Translate Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal dd32 01/07/2021
#5238 Remove or block the support forum for the defunct "Ask Questions" plugin Support Forums assigned defect normal dd32 11/05/2020
#5471 Add Serbian Latin locale with transliteration of Serbian Cyrillic locale Translate Site & Plugins assigned task normal ocean90 10/14/2020
#150 Better 404 page for WordPress.org General assigned defect low 05/04/2020
#1520 Add more granular notifications for SupportFlow tickets Make (Get Involved) / P2 assigned enhancement low 10/19/2017
#5362 Add delist option to theme directory Theme Directory assigned enhancement low tellyworth 10/13/2020
#3957 Theme Trac Ticket styling issues on smart devices Trac assigned defect lowest 11/26/2018
#4298 Inaccurate dates in release archive General assigned task lowest SergeyBiryukov 12/07/2020
#668 Open-source News Theme General accepted enhancement high ocean90 06/15/2018
#4126 "Special contributions" template leaks PII Codex accepted defect high tellyworth 11/11/2020
#4277 Profile template meta tweaks Profiles accepted enhancement high coffee2code 03/29/2020
#1278 Plugins Install API: Add ability to order results API accepted enhancement normal tellyworth 02/01/2018
#1424 Automate meta contributor badge assignment when receiving props Profiles accepted defect normal coffee2code 09/01/2017
#3954 Support Forums: Add counters to moderation links Support Forums accepted enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 01/07/2021
#4123 Proposal to improve the main navigation menu accessibility General accepted defect normal Otto42 01/31/2019
#4245 HTTP requests to pingomatic.com should 301 to the HTTPS equivalent SSL accepted defect normal dd32 05/03/2019
#4253 Plugins API `query_plugins` produces wrong number of results Plugin Directory accepted defect normal tellyworth 05/03/2019
#4280 Add schema markup to profile templates Profiles accepted defect normal coffee2code 05/03/2019
#4306 Plugin Admin: Update Plugin Stats Report to use HelpScout Plugin Directory accepted defect normal tellyworth 02/26/2020
#4478 Add an `.editorconfig` file to the root of the meta repo General accepted enhancement normal tellyworth 05/31/2019
#4487 Set the codex to readonly HelpHub accepted task normal dd32 01/07/2021
#4535 Delete "Hello World" posts (and tidy up empty blogs) International Sites (Rosetta) accepted defect normal ocean90 01/17/2020
#4555 Plugin Directory Administration: Mass Email Tool Plugin Directory accepted enhancement normal dd32 06/30/2019
#4695 Add FAQPage schema markup to plugin pages Plugin Directory accepted defect normal SergeyBiryukov 08/20/2019
#4894 Add a BP GraphQL API Handbook to developer.buddypress.org buddypress.org accepted enhancement normal netweb 03/03/2020
#5140 Can the current day on Meetings show upcoming a little better WordPress.org Site accepted enhancement normal tellyworth 04/13/2020
#5247 Import Hosting Handbook Markdown from Github Handbooks accepted enhancement normal coffee2code 11/09/2020
#5277 Plugin Directory Admin: Add 'button' or method to trigger plugin syncs via wp-admin Plugin Directory accepted enhancement normal Otto42 07/01/2020
#5343 SVN: Update precommit hooks to block 'compressed' files. Plugin Directory accepted enhancement normal Otto42 07/29/2020
#5445 Planet feed does not have variety General accepted enhancement normal iandunn 09/28/2020
#5493 English Writing Error in Main Privacy Policy Page WordPress.org Site accepted defect normal garrett-eclipse 12/09/2020
#5570 Plugins API - inconsistent results for short_description if being trimmed. Plugin Directory accepted defect normal dd32 01/11/2021
#3587 Default image when sharing forum topics on social networks Support Forums accepted enhancement low Clorith 02/06/2020
#4289 Delete placeholder pages International Sites (Rosetta) accepted defect low ocean90 06/28/2019
#4184 Add a robots.txt disallow all rule to ps.w.org Version Control accepted defect lowest Otto42 02/19/2019
#1629 Create archives for popular and recent videos and link to them from home page sections WordPress.tv reviewing enhancement normal dd32 07/24/2019
#1805 Plugin Directory: Indicate developer review replies on plugin pages Plugin Directory reviewing enhancement normal dd32 04/08/2020
#3456 Rephrase the "Subscribe to this plugin" button and adjust the unsubscribe flow Support Forums reviewing enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 04/06/2019
#2127 enhancement: WordPress.tv: add an optional slug field for the video submission form WordPress.tv reviewing enhancement low dd32 10/21/2019
#2289 Allow cmd/ctrl-enter to submit the comment form in Trac Trac reopened enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 09/14/2020
#2335 Automatically assign user set as admin for a new forum as a key master International Forums reopened enhancement normal 02/14/2019
#2631 Plugin Directory: No way to view Recently Updated plugins Plugin Directory reopened enhancement normal dd32 11/23/2020
#2754 Plugin directory search highlighting Plugin Directory reopened enhancement normal 11/02/2017
#2776 Plugin Directory: Improve responsive design of tabs Plugin Directory reopened enhancement normal tellyworth 04/02/2020
#2797 Plugins: Suggest related plugins when the current plugin hasn't been updated in two years Plugin Directory reopened enhancement normal 11/02/2017
#1664 Display translated projects in WP.org profiles Profiles new enhancement high 04/21/2020
#2003 Open source all Rosetta mu-plugins as one plugin International Sites (Rosetta) new task high 10/17/2019
#1608 Trac: Enhance uploading attachments Trac new enhancement normal 07/20/2017
#1645 Move WordPress versions from the codex to devhub HelpHub new task normal 07/08/2020
#1665 Rosetta release page embed uses placeholder text International Sites (Rosetta) new defect normal 12/08/2017
#1864 Theme Directory should have a locale suggestion banner Theme Directory new enhancement normal 01/29/2020
#1999 Forums: Add links to RSS feeds for plugin/theme support topics and reviews Support Forums new defect normal 03/09/2018
#2082 Enable revisions on the front end for DevHub/HelpHub/Handbook pages HelpHub new enhancement normal 04/25/2020
#2122 WordPress.tv: Introduce "watch later" functionality WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 02/22/2019
#2129 bbPress.org forum profiles should have a link to the WP.org profile buddypress.org new enhancement normal 01/17/2018
#2184 Overall translation contributor stats for a locale Translate Site & Plugins new enhancement normal 02/25/2019
#2197 Show reviews on the user profile page Profiles new enhancement normal 07/20/2017
#2207 GTEs should be able to mark PTE requests as resolved Make (Get Involved) / P2 new enhancement normal 06/26/2019
#2264 Change the default Twitter account in Rosetta local sites at .org International Sites (Rosetta) new enhancement normal 07/10/2019
#2312 Automate theme reviewer badges Profiles new enhancement normal 03/27/2018
#2388 Glossary rewrite broken for sites with multiple handbooks Handbooks new defect normal 01/16/2019
#2389 Move TOC to allow more space for the content Handbooks new defect normal 05/04/2020
#2431 Create a public facing page to list all current external libraries Developer Hub new enhancement normal 07/31/2019
#2444 Display theme position in the review queue Theme Review new enhancement normal 09/11/2019
#2531 Broken link to mailing list on bbPress Trac Mailing Lists new enhancement normal 01/08/2019
#2552 Support Forums: Bring "Also Viewing" Native Support Forums new enhancement normal 03/18/2020
#2596 Add Default Text in Support form as a Template for Asking Good Support Questions Support Forums new enhancement normal 04/24/2019
#2666 Support Forums: Expose and enhance global plugin author views Support Forums new enhancement normal 03/31/2017
#2695 Support Theme: Add support for dashicons in forums list Support Forums new enhancement normal 02/18/2020
#2843 Slack: Add ?support Slackbot auto-response Slack & IRC new enhancement normal 01/06/2021
#2847 allow filtering of @since tax archive by the type of change Developer Hub new enhancement normal 05/27/2019
#2884 Send notification if review is edited Support Forums new enhancement normal 06/19/2017
#2890 Move readme.html and wp-config-sample.php translations to GlotPress Translate Site & Plugins new enhancement normal 05/07/2020
#2902 Add PHPCS to theme upload process Theme Review new enhancement normal 09/11/2019
#2925 occurence of literal '\0' in docblock `@param` of wp_kses_no_null() causes a null character in the corresponding meta_value Developer Hub new defect normal 10/29/2018
#2947 Allow uploading and embedding of video files to Trac Trac new enhancement normal 07/11/2017
#2982 Support Forums: Previously approved topics can be unapproved on editing or moving Support Forums new defect normal 03/18/2020
#2998 Show nearby events in dashboard events widget in a per country basis Events API new enhancement normal 10/17/2019
#3026 Access to WP-CLI profile badge management Profiles new enhancement normal 06/16/2020
#3037 WordPress.tv: Show the views of the video WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 06/20/2019
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