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Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#5322 Paginated states of topics should append a trailing slash Support Forums accepted defect (bug) high tellyworth 04/29/2024
#5618 Require ToS/Privacy at login and record acceptance Login & Authentication accepted enhancement high dd32 11/17/2021
#1424 Automate meta contributor badge assignment when receiving props Profiles accepted defect (bug) normal coffee2code 09/01/2017
#3954 Support Forums: Add counters to moderation links Support Forums accepted enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 03/22/2023
#4123 Proposal to improve the main navigation menu accessibility General accepted defect (bug) normal Otto42 06/13/2023
#4253 Plugins API `query_plugins` produces wrong number of results Plugin Directory accepted defect (bug) normal tellyworth 05/03/2019
#4478 Add an `.editorconfig` file to the root of the meta repo General accepted enhancement normal tellyworth 05/31/2019
#4487 Set the codex to readonly Codex accepted task (blessed) normal dd32 02/27/2024
#4535 Delete "Hello World" posts (and tidy up empty blogs) International Sites (Rosetta) accepted defect (bug) normal ocean90 01/17/2020
#4555 Plugin Directory Administration: Mass Email Tool Plugin Directory accepted feature request normal dd32 03/30/2022
#4695 Add FAQPage schema markup to plugin pages Plugin Directory accepted defect (bug) normal SergeyBiryukov 02/17/2023
#4894 Add a BP GraphQL API Handbook to accepted enhancement normal netweb 03/03/2020
#5140 Can the current day on Meetings show upcoming a little better Site accepted enhancement normal tellyworth 04/13/2020
#5343 SVN: Update precommit hooks to block 'compressed' files. Plugin Directory accepted enhancement normal Otto42 07/29/2020
#5445 Make the Planet a hub for fantastic WP community content Planet ( accepted enhancement normal iandunn 03/20/2024
#5637 Email alert to plugin committer when security scanner triggers a change Plugin Directory accepted enhancement normal dd32 02/26/2021
#5906 Returns false instead of theme_information often Theme Directory accepted defect (bug) normal dd32 09/17/2021
#5934 Blocking User from Signup Does not Fully Document in profile General accepted defect (bug) normal dd32 10/26/2021
#6182 Create a Components page for Meta Trac Make (Get Involved) / P2 accepted task (blessed) normal SergeyBiryukov 03/23/2022
#6286 Update the Meta Handbook with useful info Handbooks accepted task (blessed) normal renyot 06/07/2022
#7558 Swahili /support and /team International Sites (Rosetta) accepted enhancement normal tobifjellner 04/10/2024
#4289 Delete placeholder pages International Sites (Rosetta) accepted defect (bug) low ocean90 06/28/2019
#7513 Add "My favorites" functionality to the WordPress Photo Directory Photo Directory accepted feature request low coffee2code 07/16/2024
#4184 Add a robots.txt disallow all rule to Version Control accepted defect (bug) lowest Otto42 02/19/2019
#5668 Add an 'empty' robots.txt file to General accepted defect (bug) lowest dd32 02/17/2023
#83 X account for Jobs ( assigned enhancement high coffee2code 02/12/2024
#518 unify profiles Profiles assigned enhancement high 07/03/2024
#5207 Improve heuristics for detecting block assets Plugin Directory assigned enhancement high coreymckrill 05/16/2024
#987 Display WPTV videos on speaker and producer profiles Profiles assigned enhancement normal 10/05/2020
#1078 Enable community-translator Translate Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal 01/23/2024
#3633 Moderator tool: Help spot sock puppets Support Forums assigned enhancement normal 03/08/2023
#3774 Create a Blog Page on General assigned enhancement normal ryelle 02/17/2023
#4096 Redesign /mobile/ General assigned defect (bug) normal sjardo 08/05/2021
#4455 Make it easier to notify plugin/theme authors to make their code translatable Translate Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal 04/29/2024
#4601 Init BP DevHub with the BP REST API Handbook assigned enhancement normal johnjamesjacoby 10/06/2021
#5152 Put a limit on adding new translation after multiple warnings Translate Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal 01/23/2024
#5238 Remove or block the support forum for the defunct "Ask Questions" plugin Support Forums assigned defect (bug) normal dd32 04/05/2023
#5598 Broken links to usability tests in Test Team handbook Handbooks assigned defect (bug) normal ironprogrammer 09/28/2022
#5679 Fuzzies need to be rejected in the development and the stable versions Translate Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal spiraltee 06/21/2024
#6573 add counter for total amount of translated lines into profile Translate Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal Amieiro 12/21/2022
#6594 Make full width Translate Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal amieiro 01/04/2023
#6985 Add an extra parameter 'show_in_rest' in custom taxonomy code snippet of developer doc. Developer Hub assigned enhancement normal akhterarif 05/13/2023
#7117 Filter structure issue. Swag Store ( assigned defect (bug) normal 04/23/2024
#7145 Improve Workflow for testing Theme for Accessibility-Ready-Tag Handbooks assigned enhancement normal @… 07/11/2024
#7165 Overview: Current state of accessibility-ready Themes Theme Review assigned defect (bug) normal Travel_girl 01/23/2024
#7181 Misleading text in discussion tab while reviewing strings Translate Site & Plugins assigned defect (bug) normal Amieiro 05/26/2024
#7297 Add locale mapping to DeePL API requests General assigned defect (bug) normal amieiro 10/18/2023
#7465 Plugins: Add interface for requesting plugin categorization in "advanced tab" Plugin Directory assigned enhancement normal dufresnesteven 02/21/2024
#7637 create documentation page for Rosetta sites International Sites (Rosetta) assigned enhancement normal 06/04/2024
#7690 Color Contrast Issue on Five for the Future Page of Site assigned defect (bug) normal deepakrohilla 06/30/2024
#1077 Fix anchors in the bbPress & BuddyPress Codex theme so that anchors are not behind the toolbar assigned defect (bug) low 01/23/2024
#7658 Plugin Preview on Playground: Edit plugin notice pointing to enable the preview on the Advanced tab Plugin Directory assigned defect (bug) low dd32 05/27/2024
#4298 Inaccurate dates in release archive General assigned task (blessed) lowest SergeyBiryukov 07/15/2024
#5935 Add Google Tag Manager to General assigned defect (bug) lowest 10/22/2021
#7692 Missing Escaping, Strict Check, and PHPCS Issues in Multiple Files of Jobs ( assigned defect (bug) lowest 07/03/2024
#7234 New Core Committer - George Mamadashvili Version Control closed fixed task (blessed) normal 07/18/2024
#7319 In Responsive view, Footer social logos are colliding on each other. Trac closed fixed defect (bug) lowest 07/17/2024
#7718 The release page incorrectly states the wrong date for the initial version (0.70) of WP and 0.71 on june 2003 Site closed duplicate defect (bug) lowest 07/15/2024
#7717 Incorrect link image styles in the profile section "Plugins" Profiles closed fixed defect (bug) normal 07/15/2024
#7547 Add announce to new meta-learn dev-squad host Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) closed fixed defect (bug) normal psykro 07/10/2024
#7711 Add Validation on form Plugin Directory closed wontfix defect (bug) normal 07/09/2024
#7712 Bug: Image attributes don't propogate to posts, pages, products, etc General closed invalid defect (bug) normal 07/09/2024
#7710 Improve our logo page Site closed reported-upstream defect (bug) normal 07/09/2024
#7695 Restructure profile fields. Profiles closed fixed defect (bug) normal 07/09/2024
#7670 Switch international support sites to new theme International Forums closed fixed task (blessed) high 07/08/2024
#7707 Remove Jetpack from Featured and Recommended channels Plugin Directory closed invalid enhancement normal 07/07/2024
#7172 [Plugin Submission Form] Add a "I have tested my plugin using the Plugin Check plugin" checkbox Plugin Directory closed maybelater enhancement normal 07/06/2024
#6139 White space are appearing in responsive devices Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed fixed defect (bug) normal coffee2code 07/04/2024
#6180 In responsive view, content overflows because of table on the Components page Site closed duplicate defect (bug) normal 07/04/2024
#7685 Profile: Move "notifications" page into a tab. Profiles closed fixed defect (bug) normal 07/04/2024
#5901 Plugin 'Development Release' ZIPs not updating with Release confirmation enabled Plugin Directory closed fixed defect (bug) normal 07/04/2024
#7694 Missing Escaping, Strict Check, and PHPCS Issues in Multiple Files of Jobs ( closed duplicate defect (bug) normal 07/03/2024
#7697 Google Podcasts is deprecated - WP Briefing Site closed fixed enhancement low 07/03/2024
#7686 hide plugins in if they load their own translations. Translate Site & Plugins closed wontfix defect (bug) normal 07/01/2024
#7693 Create a new GitHub repository for Twenty Twenty-Five Version Control closed fixed feature request normal 07/01/2024
#7688 Issue related to "Ensures links have discernible text" on Learn ( closed wontfix defect (bug) normal narenin 06/30/2024
#7684 Accessibility issue : Ensures links have discernible text | | footer logo Swag Store ( closed wontfix defect (bug) normal 06/27/2024
#7683 New Slack #core-themes privileges Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) closed invalid task (blessed) normal 06/26/2024
#7671 underline the link for "contributor wizard" message Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/26/2024
#7681 Go to the elementor option after not show the left-right spacing properly on responsive device. Site closed invalid defect (bug) normal 06/25/2024
#5352 Plugin Security - Add email confirmation prior to releases being processed Plugin Directory closed fixed enhancement normal 06/25/2024
#7680 Search Text is not visible when we type Swag Store ( closed invalid defect (bug) normal 06/21/2024
#7142 Enable regex search on Translate Site & Plugins closed reported-upstream feature request normal 06/21/2024
#7676 Change help link in editor Support Forums closed fixed enhancement normal dufresnesteven 06/20/2024
#6613 Themes Directory: Feature filter for block themes is not closing after clicking it back Theme Directory closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/20/2024
#7184 Link is wrong for Puneet on HeroPress for WordPress Remembers page. General closed fixed defect (bug) normal adamwood 06/20/2024
#5329 Paginated theme tag urls should 301, not 302 Theme Directory closed wontfix defect (bug) lowest 06/19/2024
#6579 Improve meta descriptions when viewing tags in theme directory. Theme Directory closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/19/2024
#6417 And prev/next navigation to single pattern view Theme Directory closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/19/2024
#4814 Pagination broken on themes Theme Directory closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/19/2024
#1383 List available translations on theme pages Theme Directory closed fixed enhancement normal 06/19/2024
#7277 Theme Search is broken Theme Directory closed fixed defect (bug) high 06/19/2024
#7679 Bump recommended MariaDB version to 10.5 Site closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/18/2024
#7675 Lang guess: Support Site closed fixed defect (bug) normal renyot 06/17/2024
#6691 Links on don't open General closed wontfix defect (bug) high 06/17/2024
#7164 Can’t create Updates CPT HelpHub ( closed fixed defect (bug) normal dufresnesteven 06/17/2024
#5133 Don't load wp4.css on the homepage. General closed fixed enhancement normal 06/17/2024
#7673 Request for a badge for the sustainability team Profiles closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/17/2024
#7677 Allow assigning badges manually to sustainability team members and contributors Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed duplicate feature request normal 06/17/2024
#7674 New Trac text line-height hinders readability Trac closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/14/2024
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