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#88 Sources and Build Scripts for Wordpress.org Missing General closed maybelater defect low 08/19/2013
#64 Add sandbox ID to the Make theme header General closed invalid enhancement lowest iandunn 08/19/2013
#74 Fix display of table rows containing multi-line content Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed fixed defect low nacin 08/19/2013
#76 Formatting fixes for wporg-p2 stylesheet Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed fixed defect low nacin 08/19/2013
#87 Images can be rendered on timeline feed Trac closed fixed defect low ocean90 08/17/2013
#49 Setup #wordpress-meta General closed fixed task low 08/13/2013
#63 Plugin listing is still showing text from submission form Plugin Directory closed invalid defect low 08/07/2013
#61 Update header/footer of phpdoc.wordpress.org General closed fixed defect low iandunn 08/06/2013
#56 Download Size of WP is wrong on Download page WordCamp Site & Plugins closed fixed defect low 08/02/2013
#11 Include plugin/theme slug in .org subscription emails Support Forums closed fixed enhancement low 08/01/2013
#48 Last Modified header issue in support RSS feed Support Forums closed fixed defect low 07/31/2013
#55 Registration for Support Forums is in plain text (not checkbox) Support Forums closed duplicate defect low 07/31/2013
#35 Header login/profile links should be colorized. General closed fixed enhancement low 07/30/2013
#33 Import tickets from Core trac Trac closed wontfix task low 07/30/2013
#41 Add "Related" links to support forum posts General closed duplicate enhancement low 07/28/2013
#25 Remove 2013 WP survey from the header on dotorg General closed fixed task low 07/25/2013
#3 Set up wp-meta@lists.wordpress.org to receive SVN commits and Trac activity Mailing Lists closed fixed task low 07/23/2013
#18 Add 2013 WP survey to the header on dotorg General closed fixed task normal 07/09/2013
#16 Empty comments cause UI overlap Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed fixed defect trivial nacin 07/02/2013
#17 Mobile link on Themes page is broken Theme Directory closed fixed defect trivial 07/02/2013
#15 Action links on top of content Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed fixed defect lowest 07/01/2013
#5 Some padding on Trac Trac closed fixed enhancement low nacin 06/10/2013
#4 Install Simple Page Ordering Handbooks closed wontfix enhancement low 06/09/2013
#5458 Redirects should not trigger 429 responses, and rate limiting should be relaxed. General new defect highest omg bbq 10/10/2021
#5738 Add Feedback form to Dev Handbooks Developer Hub new enhancement highest omg bbq 07/28/2021
#30 Make better theme test data for display in the theme directory. Theme Directory new enhancement high 11/25/2021
#89 Add email notifications for new jobs on jobs.wordpress.net Jobs (jobs.wordpress.net) new enhancement high 01/17/2018
#215 Feature Request: Readme.txt generated tabs on theme pages Theme Directory new enhancement high 10/13/2020
#291 Bring core trac improvements to other trac instances (meta, bbPress, BuddyPress) Trac new enhancement high 06/18/2021
#969 Allow multiple screenshots Theme Directory new enhancement high 01/08/2021
#1429 Implement JQuery autocomplete on fields of submit video form WordPress.tv new enhancement high 04/14/2021
#1430 Auto post published videos to YouTube channel WordPress.tv new enhancement high 04/14/2021
#1456 WordPress.tv: Increase font sizes site-wide WordPress.tv new enhancement high 06/20/2019
#3594 Email notifications not sent for updates to watched tickets and still sent for blocked tickets Trac new defect high 08/05/2021
#3674 Forums: pending replies do not send notification after reviewed Support Forums new defect high 07/31/2021
#3773 Request from Marketing Team to Implement Navigation Change at make.wordpress.org Make (Get Involved) / P2 new enhancement high 09/22/2021
#4080 Embedded videos not keyboard accessible once video is playing WordPress.tv new defect high 03/01/2019
#4228 Gutenberg theme: Remove reliance upon the plugin General new task high 03/21/2019
#4278 Alter approach to social profile retrieval on profile templates Profiles new task high 08/05/2021
#4875 Add bulk suspension and reinstating admin tool for themes Theme Directory new enhancement high 01/28/2020
#5024 Provide/verify access to *.wordpress.org sites in Google Search Console. General new task high 02/24/2020
#5047 Add check to forum subscriptions if the account is "Blocked" or "Spectator" Support Forums new defect high 05/20/2021
#5089 Responsive theme - preview is not working on wordpress.org Theme Directory new defect high 03/11/2020
#5104 Relax request limits on Showcase URLs Showcase new defect high 07/14/2021
#5105 Remove bot blocking (403 responses) on *.trac.wordpress.org sites. Trac new defect high 07/14/2021
#5190 Plugin images/screenshots should be lazy-loaded Plugin Directory new defect high 01/15/2021
#5306 Make it easy for plugin review team to add plugins to the Block Directory Plugin Directory new enhancement high 07/08/2020
#5323 Plugin searches should force to lowercase Plugin Directory new defect high 12/15/2020
#5512 Add VideoObject schema to wordpress.tv video pages WordPress.tv new enhancement high 11/25/2020
#5534 Add limits to prevent high-triggering notifications General new defect high 12/09/2020
#5587 Skip sanitization of code snippets in forum replies email notifications Support Forums new defect high 02/24/2021
#5707 Support Forums: Allow global forum moderators to block users Support Forums new enhancement high 08/12/2021
#5708 Allow only moderators to remove modlook tag Support Forums new defect high 08/24/2021
#5835 (re)instate "noindex" mode on the Patterns Directory Pattern Directory new defect high 08/01/2021
#5859 Improve video thumbnail images WordPress.tv new defect high 08/11/2021
#45 Theme repository - add changelog listing tab Theme Directory new task normal 12/29/2020
#479 Add ability to browse activity history to profiles Profiles new enhancement normal 07/20/2017
#499 Trac nav menus should be consistent across all WP.org Tracs Trac new enhancement normal 01/23/2019
#527 Profiles: Badges should link to the corresponding team Profiles new enhancement normal 04/13/2018
#613 JSON output/endpoint(s) for profiles.wordpress.org Profiles new enhancement normal 08/05/2021
#629 SSL for Mailing list access SSL new defect normal 11/06/2020
#658 Internationalization DevHub Developer Hub new enhancement normal 11/09/2020
#681 Community profile badges disappear for WordCamp organisers of two different WordCamps Profiles new defect normal 06/07/2021
#683 Profile: WordCamp Speaker badge missing from profile Profiles new defect normal 06/07/2021
#699 Bug Gardeners should have predefs available on ticket pages Trac new enhancement normal 02/17/2018
#712 Bring the Showcase to Rosetta sites Showcase new enhancement normal 03/06/2020
#957 Create a community Code of Conduct General new enhancement normal 09/01/2021
#988 Profiles: Assign badges to WPTV contributors Profiles new enhancement normal 06/21/2018
#1156 ISO Language Code Tag to Improve API WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 11/25/2020
#1201 Lock default header navigation items International Sites (Rosetta) new enhancement normal 12/16/2020
#1218 Create new build (continuous/latest) that updates after each commit General new enhancement normal 01/31/2019
#1292 Display Meetup.com Events on Rosetta Sites International Sites (Rosetta) new enhancement normal 02/26/2020
#1433 Mention WordCamp twitter in tweet when publishing new video WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 04/14/2021
#1434 Create terms list pages WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 06/20/2019
#1442 Sort event videos by event date instead of upload date WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 11/25/2020
#1471 Streamline the process of checking waiting/fuzzy strings Translate Site & Plugins new enhancement normal 06/12/2018
#3544 Plugin Admin: IP Tracker Plugin Directory new defect normal 07/05/2018
#3570 e-mail notification for new posts in pending/spam in support forum Support Forums new enhancement normal 02/16/2021
#3576 Content Limitations - custom CSS and aria-label International Sites (Rosetta) new enhancement normal 04/17/2018
#3577 Add Dictonary for Captioner on WordPress Events Handbooks new enhancement normal 03/19/2021
#3592 Dashboard Event Widget: Display 5 meetups instead of 3 Events API new enhancement normal 01/22/2020
#3593 Centralize GitHub Markdown importer Handbooks new enhancement normal 02/13/2019
#3603 Send email to comment authors when a comment is deleted or approved. Developer Hub new enhancement normal 05/03/2018
#3619 Explain what are non-support topics Support Forums new enhancement normal 11/09/2019
#3651 Update core checksum endpoint to output sha256 hashes API new enhancement normal 05/13/2020
#3699 Deprecated methods/functions/classes/hooks should be included in the @since tax archive for the version they were deprecated in Developer Hub new enhancement normal 10/29/2018
#3712 Identify unresolved topics when the last reply is from a support role Support Forums new enhancement normal 08/11/2018
#3733 Dsiaplay current browser version in Browse Happy Browse Happy new enhancement normal 06/30/2021
#3739 Field for P2 post deadline and list of deadlines coming up Make (Get Involved) / P2 new enhancement normal 04/02/2019
#3741 Show percentages in legend on Stats page General new enhancement normal 04/17/2020
#3743 On Make WP blog the 'Follow' action removes syntax highlighting on code snippets Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect normal 03/24/2020
#3744 Content Submission for Dot Org: How to Get Help With WordPress General new task normal 08/07/2018
#3751 create shortcode for formatting tickets in make/core release posts Make (Get Involved) / P2 new enhancement normal 08/07/2018
#3758 Update wordpress.org/about/history/ General new task normal 08/10/2018
#3781 The Views for 'My @Mentions' and 'My Posts' give 'Page Not Found' message which is misleading Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect normal 09/12/2018
#3802 Meetup organizer handbook need to absorb quizzes section. Handbooks new enhancement normal 09/20/2018
#3848 WordPress Plugin: Remove contributors & developers block Plugin Directory new enhancement normal 10/26/2018
#3863 Make plugin dependencies (suggestions) clearer in Themes Directory Theme Directory new enhancement normal 09/21/2021
#3867 Refreshing Core Patches Trac new enhancement normal 06/07/2021
#3878 Adding Badges for WordCamp Volunteers and Attendees Profiles new enhancement normal 07/03/2020
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