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#7188 Update twitter social icon in site Site closed reported-upstream enhancement normal 08/09/2023
#4260 Update verbiage associated to the new 'has-privacy-review'/'needs-privacy-review' Trac keywords Trac closed fixed enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 03/12/2019
#5561 Update voice count after user is blocked Support Forums new enhancement normal 04/07/2023
#998 Update wording on General closed wontfix enhancement low 01/27/2016
#867 Update header colors General closed fixed enhancement normal Otto42 08/02/2015
#3758 Update General new task (blessed) normal 02/17/2023
#4919 Update so the copiable email matches the recommendation (MariaDB 10.0 > 10.1) Site closed fixed defect (bug) normal SergeyBiryukov 12/18/2019
#5200 Update wp_register_script documentation to recommend registration on init instead of wp_enqueue_scripts Codex closed invalid enhancement low 05/05/2020
#3876 Update wporg-gp-customizations to generate translation files for each JS file. Translate Site & Plugins closed fixed enhancement normal ocean90 07/21/2019
#7123 Update/fix/remove info for pending posts Support Forums new defect (bug) normal 07/04/2023
#1439 Updated language request for training video instructions on closed fixed defect (bug) normal jerrysarcastic 09/23/2018
#1142 Updated readme.txt won't reflect on the site Plugin Directory closed worksforme defect (bug) high 07/21/2015
#5538 Updates for 5.6 credits API closed fixed task (blessed) normal SergeyBiryukov 12/09/2020
#4847 Updates to Site closed fixed defect (bug) high coffee2code 03/17/2020
#4515 Updating Trac ticket w/ multi-byte characters get stripped. Trac closed duplicate defect (bug) normal 06/19/2019
#4479 Updating WordPress page - links without href attribute HelpHub ( closed fixed defect (bug) normal 06/01/2019
#371 Updating email address doesn't update target for Trac notifications Trac closed wontfix defect (bug) high 02/25/2014
#6350 Updating translations for (en_US)… Download failed. Unauthorized API closed invalid defect (bug) high 06/06/2022
#5061 Upgrade GitHub OAuth Usage Profiles closed fixed task (blessed) normal dd32 02/27/2020
#5363 Upgrade Markdown library Plugin Directory new defect (bug) low 08/10/2020
#4974 Upgrade Node.js and npm on the "Build Server" General closed fixed task (blessed) high 05/13/2020
#6897 Upgrade Notice from readme.txt not working in Themes Theme Directory closed invalid enhancement normal 06/21/2023
#1544 Upgrade international forums from bbPress.old to bbPress 2.x International Forums closed fixed task (blessed) high 02/19/2017
#3945 Upgrade protocol from SPDY to HTTP/2 General closed worksforme task (blessed) low 12/02/2018
#7347 Upgrade the es_ES ( sites - database character encoding International Sites (Rosetta) new enhancement normal 11/30/2023
#1090 Upgrade to latest version of VideoPress closed fixed enhancement normal 08/13/2015
#6311 Upgrading and evolving the WPTV form to upload videos new enhancement high 09/20/2023
#6040 Upload button on missing submit forms closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 02/25/2022
#6832 Upload of .vtt file refused HelpHub ( new defect (bug) normal 03/06/2023
#7113 Upload welcome guide assets to for WP 6.3 Site closed fixed enhancement normal 07/03/2023
#1706 Uploaded plugins with `draft` status will appear in the repository. Plugin Directory closed fixed defect (bug) normal obenland 03/29/2017
#6584 Urgent - Home page desing issue Site closed fixed defect (bug) highest omg bbq 11/20/2022
#848 Url not updating on first click after 'Feature Filter' Theme Directory closed invalid defect (bug) normal 02/10/2015
#1232 Use "ticket" instead of "bug report" in Core Trac ticket notes Trac closed fixed defect (bug) normal nacin 10/11/2015
#684 Use * SSL certificate on SSL closed fixed task (blessed) low 12/11/2014
#6567 Use Yoda Condition As per WordPress-Core Coding Standard General closed invalid defect (bug) normal 11/03/2022
#6221 Use `410 Gone` response on permanently closed plugin pages. Plugin Directory closed worksforme defect (bug) normal 03/29/2022
#5923 Use `prepare_original()` in editor for strings with plurals as well Translate Site & Plugins closed fixed enhancement normal dd32 11/05/2021
#6218 Use a consistent color in wp.,org header Global Header/Footer closed wontfix enhancement normal 09/05/2022
#5549 Use a fixed width font for the ticket information in Trac emails Trac closed invalid defect (bug) low 12/16/2020
#1467 Use bbPress color #2d8e42 for Trac messages piped to Slack Communication (Matrix, Slack, IRC) closed fixed defect (bug) normal ocean90 05/03/2016
#1528 Use correct textdomain in wporg-login/header.php Login & Authentication closed fixed defect (bug) normal coffee2code 01/22/2016
#6540 Use inclusive language when submitting plugin for review Plugin Directory closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 10/31/2022
#1124 Use new methods to add custom routes for Translate Site & Plugins closed fixed defect (bug) highest omg bbq ocean90 07/18/2015
#5132 Use of reusable blocks is inconvenient for translation HelpHub ( new defect (bug) normal 04/13/2020
#4962 Use as fallback Plugin Directory closed duplicate enhancement lowest 01/17/2020
#6249 Use same height for project boxes Translate Site & Plugins closed fixed enhancement normal ocean90 04/03/2022
#4997 Use standard language abbreviations closed duplicate enhancement normal 11/25/2020
#594 Use the dashicons class name for CPT icons WordCamp Site & Plugins closed fixed enhancement normal iandunn 02/06/2015
#4222 Use wordpress default function and escaping function. General closed invalid defect (bug) normal 02/27/2019
#4239 Use wp_die() instead of die() function in wordpress General closed invalid task (blessed) high 03/05/2019
#323 Used by and Uses information to be added to code reference archive pages Developer Hub closed fixed task (blessed) normal coffee2code 01/27/2015
#7294 Useless link in user profile Translate Site & Plugins new enhancement normal 10/02/2023
#1004 User Capabilities Documentation Codex closed fixed defect (bug) normal 04/29/2015
#1146 User Favorites Theme Directory closed fixed defect (bug) normal 08/13/2015
#7175 User Meta for Memorial Accounts General closed fixed task (blessed) normal 11/27/2023
#5501 User Profiles: Audit Log user role changes Profiles closed fixed defect (bug) normal 05/12/2021
#5764 User Registration: Log more data as comment when user is banned Support Forums closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 03/03/2022
#931 User plugin inconsistency General closed duplicate defect (bug) normal 03/04/2015
#1151 User profile page output should include username Profiles closed fixed enhancement normal coffee2code 02/17/2016
#525 User profile page: Permalinks for "Plugins" and another tabs Profiles closed duplicate enhancement normal 06/21/2014
#4644 User profiles: Make sure all users have a displayname defined Profiles new task (blessed) normal 10/06/2022
#4284 User website links in support forum profile templates should be nofollow'd Profiles closed fixed defect (bug) low Otto42 03/15/2019
#3589 Username on meta.trac page not showing properly Trac closed duplicate defect (bug) low 04/23/2018
#6313 Users API endpoint is not returng all the users available Photo Directory closed fixed defect (bug) high dd32 05/20/2022
#4659 Users still have trouble finding the new topic form in forums Support Forums closed fixed enhancement low coffee2code 03/31/2020
#6337 Users who can't publish pages are able to bring down helphub and devhub pages by editing them Developer Hub closed duplicate defect (bug) high 05/31/2022
#3823 Using Locale Switcher on Logout Page redirects to Profile page Login & Authentication closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 09/25/2018
#4196 Using gp_warning_placeholders_re update the GlotPress regex to include ###[A-Z_]+### placeholders for WP emails Translate Site & Plugins closed fixed enhancement normal dd32 02/22/2019
#5128 Using the Handbook search produces a Javascript error in the console Handbooks closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 04/02/2020
#3640 Using the Locale Switcher on loses the return URL Login & Authentication closed fixed defect (bug) normal tellyworth 06/04/2018
#3794 Using the locale switcher on loses original redirect_to value Login & Authentication closed fixed defect (bug) normal 09/21/2018
#5126 Validate the license set during plugin upload Plugin Directory new enhancement normal 04/02/2020
#7114 Validation error on registration form Site closed fixed defect (bug) normal dd32 07/03/2023
#3966 Vanishing translated strings and translation updates stuck. Translate Site & Plugins closed invalid defect (bug) normal 12/03/2018
#4775 Various 'make' legacy 302s Make (Get Involved) / P2 closed reported-upstream defect (bug) low 10/24/2019
#3882 Various changes for note feedback Developer Hub closed fixed defect (bug) normal coffee2code 10/23/2018
#4788 Various unescaped inputs/outputs General closed fixed defect (bug) normal 10/25/2019
#4302 Vendor payment request form: add field for reference number WordCamp Site & Plugins closed reported-upstream defect (bug) normal 09/24/2020
#4303 Vendor payment request form: use select2 for all country fields WordCamp Site & Plugins closed fixed defect (bug) low 07/02/2020
#5745 Verb missing in "40 percent" Site closed fixed defect (bug) normal dufresnesteven 06/08/2021
#1193 Verify Checksums API Fails for WP 3.9 with en_CA locale API closed invalid defect (bug) normal 08/20/2015
#349 Verify parser will not alter custom fields during updates Developer Hub closed fixed defect (bug) normal 05/20/2014
#7189 Version Header is hidden on mobile device. Site closed reported-upstream defect (bug) high 08/09/2023
#4267 Version article title should look different than rest of the headings HelpHub ( closed fixed defect (bug) normal coffee2code 06/17/2019
#6318 Version number not sorted appropriately Version Control closed wontfix defect (bug) normal 05/20/2022
#5838 Version stats API returns empty array API closed reported-upstream defect (bug) normal 07/22/2021
#5776 Very long user names need to be forced to wrap General closed fixed defect (bug) normal coffee2code 07/19/2021
#5690 Very low link contrast in email Version Control closed invalid defect (bug) normal 04/06/2021
#7009 Video cannot be played HelpHub ( closed fixed defect (bug) normal 05/25/2023
#6963 Video cover image should be the same in all videos closed invalid defect (bug) normal 04/28/2023
#7230 Video dissapearing after returning from fullscreen to normal mode in MS Edge browser new defect (bug) normal 08/23/2023
#6643 Video overflow issue in mobile view design Site closed worksforme defect (bug) normal 11/16/2023
#5125 Video player controls disappear after closing fullscreen (WPTV) new defect (bug) normal 04/20/2020
#6297 Video upload content Cutting Off in small viewport size new enhancement lowest 04/29/2022
#1197 VideoPress shortcodes have stopped working International Sites (Rosetta) closed fixed defect (bug) normal 08/21/2015
#6822 View Changes form not displaying properly. General new defect (bug) normal 03/02/2023
#494 View all hooks available in a function Developer Hub closed duplicate enhancement normal 11/01/2014
#6481 Voice count on reviews showing Zero Support Forums new defect (bug) normal 05/04/2023
#674 Vote Up/Down - Agree/Disagree Reference for Tickets (and/or Ticket Comments) Trac closed wontfix enhancement normal 12/25/2014
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