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Ticket Summary Component Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#174 Link to generally related functions/classes Developer Hub assigned task high 08/31/17
#262 Automate WordCamp Gravatar Badge Creation WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned enhancement high 10/18/17
#291 Bring core trac improvements to other trac instances (meta, bbPress, BuddyPress) Trac new enhancement high 07/26/17
#703 Keep track of which WordCamps each profile has spoken at and organized WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned defect high 10/24/17
#1152 Open source Profiles theme Profiles new task high 09/03/17
#1334 Documentation for the theme and plugin translation process Translate Site & Plugins new task high 10/14/15
#1453 Better error message when non-logged in users view the newticket page Trac new defect high 08/19/17
#7 Search individual plugin/theme forums Support Forums new enhancement normal 07/11/17
#27 Provide an option for adding multiple theme authors Theme Directory assigned enhancement normal Otto42 03/16/17
#45 Theme repository - add changelog listing tab Theme Directory new task normal 01/12/16
#77 Setup two-factor authentication for privileged WordPress accounts Login & Authentication new enhancement normal 12/21/16
#145 Extend Theme previews doesn't stay on same theme when using IE10 or IE9 in Windows 8 Theme Directory new defect normal 06/30/14
#204 Balance the learn more link with the chat times on homepage Make (Get Involved) / P2 new enhancement normal 01/17/17
#215 Feature Request: Readme.txt generated tabs on theme pages Theme Directory new enhancement normal 08/20/15
#221 Open-Source WordCamp.org WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned task normal iandunn 06/16/14
#249 More Plugin API Encoding Issues API new defect normal 12/12/13
#273 Keyboard navigation friendliness for Trac Trac reopened defect normal 01/10/14
#277 [codex] Some symbols are not allowed in password Codex new defect normal 01/25/16
#281 Plugins Trac: Plugin Component not saved Trac reopened defect normal 02/15/15
#333 Trac: Source View Line Wrapping Trac reopened defect normal 09/21/17
#350 Search enhancements: filtering and add'l details Trac new enhancement normal 02/18/14
#360 Make trac ticket properties more accessible in the Edit/Create Ticket screen Trac new enhancement normal 12/25/14
#391 Change Jobs home page to list All Openings in descending order Jobs (jobs.wordpress.net) new enhancement normal 03/06/14
#394 WordPress.tv search is case-sensitive for non-English keywords WordPress.tv new defect normal 06/01/15
#433 Block spaces and special characters in login names Login & Authentication new defect normal 02/18/17
#452 Add link to change password Profiles assigned defect normal samuelsidler 02/08/16
#455 It's hard to grok a huge discussion on a trac ticket Trac new enhancement normal 07/20/17
#475 Open source WordPress.tv theme/plugins WordPress.tv accepted enhancement normal obenland 09/22/15
#479 Add ability to browse activity history to profiles Profiles new enhancement normal 07/20/17
#499 Trac nav menus should be consistent across all WP.org Tracs Trac new enhancement normal 07/24/16
#501 Trac search results aren't great Trac new enhancement normal 06/13/14
#518 unify profiles Profiles assigned task normal samuelsidler 05/24/17
#527 Profiles: Badges should link to the corresponding team Profiles new enhancement normal 09/03/17
#556 Code Reference: No-result searches should be wildcarded Developer Hub new enhancement normal 07/19/16
#568 Blocklist for .org Forums Support Forums new enhancement normal 01/20/17
#583 3.9.2-src reports that an updated version is available API new defect normal 08/22/14
#592 Plugins API timeouts API new defect normal 09/03/14
#596 Create plugin icons for all plugins General assigned enhancement normal 10/19/17
#605 Operation timed out after 15000 milliseconds API new defect normal 09/17/14
#613 JSON output/endpoint(s) for profiles.wordpress.org Profiles new enhancement normal 08/19/17
#620 developer.wordpress.org activity should appear on profiles Profiles accepted enhancement normal DrewAPicture 02/01/16
#629 Mailing list access not loading Mailing Lists new defect normal 01/28/16
#632 Unknown message digest algorithm SSL new defect normal 10/05/14
#634 SSL for planet.wordpress.org SSL assigned task normal Otto42 04/11/17
#637 Add sync for bbpress.git.wordpress.org with Github Version Control new defect normal 01/30/16
#638 bbPress and BuddyPress codex archive pages do not include pagination links buddypress.org new defect normal 09/12/17
#646 Plug-in screenshot URLs not always protocol independent SSL new defect normal 10/09/14
#649 Link to handbook for trac should be on the edit trac box Trac new enhancement normal 09/19/16
#658 Internationalization DevHub Developer Hub new enhancement normal 10/05/17
#668 Open-source News Theme General accepted enhancement normal ocean90 01/25/16
#681 Community profile badges disappear for WordCamp organisers of two different WordCamps Profiles new defect normal 10/21/17
#683 Profile: WordCamp Speaker badge missing from profile Profiles new defect normal 11/10/17
#696 Add markdown support to support forum editor Support Forums new enhancement normal 10/29/14
#699 Bug Gardeners should have predefs available on ticket pages Trac new enhancement normal 10/29/14
#709 Theme trac: Add flag checkbox Theme Review new enhancement normal 10/18/15
#712 Bring the Showcase to Rosetta sites International Sites (Rosetta) new enhancement normal 01/28/16
#721 Allow WordPress.org to act as a oAuth Provider API new enhancement normal 07/10/15
#727 No subscription option on wordpress.org/news General new defect normal 05/25/17
#752 Theme trac: If reviewer has done more than 2 reviews automatically make them full reviewer Theme Review new enhancement normal 09/14/16
#765 Theme review trac: Change Owner to Reviewer Theme Review reopened enhancement normal 10/18/15
#767 Security Confirmation Emails Go To Spam General new defect normal 01/26/16
#829 Missing functionality from Slack Logs Slack & IRC assigned defect normal pento 05/18/15
#833 Add a random survey feature to the forums Support Forums new enhancement normal 07/20/17
#836 Link ticket difference to a query on make/core components page Trac new enhancement normal 06/28/15
#841 Display security checkbox on trac for users with less than three tickets. Trac new enhancement normal 02/04/15
#857 Tab-able load more button Theme Directory new defect normal 09/24/17
#866 Themes search API returns invalid result when `per_page=1` API new defect normal 02/18/15
#869 WordPress logo missing on i18n.trac.wordpress.org Trac reopened defect normal 09/18/16
#879 show a notification in Slack when a support topic is marked with modlook or dupe Slack & IRC new enhancement normal 02/24/15
#880 Reintroduce total theme count and downloads to header of landing page Theme Directory new enhancement normal 05/05/15
#916 Profiles show incorrect flagged statuses Profiles new defect normal 02/03/16
#922 Provide context for theme tags Theme Directory new enhancement normal 05/28/15
#957 Create a community Code of Conduct General new enhancement normal 09/30/17
#969 Allow multiple screenshots Theme Directory new enhancement normal 04/18/17
#974 Make WordPress.tv theme responsive WordPress.tv assigned enhancement normal 10/20/17
#981 Create feedback form for devhub Developer Hub new enhancement normal 08/09/16
#987 Display WPTV videos on speaker and producer profiles Profiles assigned enhancement normal 10/19/17
#988 Profiles: Assign badges to WPTV contributors Profiles new enhancement normal 04/15/16
#1015 DevHub: Better sass structure Developer Hub assigned task normal kevinwhoffman 02/04/17
#1017 Google Analytics code uses old (deprecated format) General new defect normal 02/03/16
#1028 Add subscription form to bbPress.org Blog bbpress.org new defect normal 05/14/15
#1032 Comment child should not be visible until comment parent is Make (Get Involved) / P2 new defect normal 07/20/17
#1046 Make/core Component Pages: hide tickets reported by component maintainers in unresponded-to tickets list Make (Get Involved) / P2 new enhancement normal 05/25/15
#1050 Theme directory should list current logged in status Theme Directory new defect normal 01/21/17
#1072 Plugins Directory Search for incomplete names API new enhancement normal 06/03/15
#1074 Gracefully handle unrefundable ticket refund attempts WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned defect normal 10/27/17
#1075 Log the theme and plugin API requests API new enhancement normal 06/08/15
#1077 Fix anchors in the bbPress & BuddyPress Codex theme so that anchors are not behind the toolbar buddypress.org new defect normal 06/09/15
#1078 Enable community-translator General reviewing enhancement normal ocean90 11/16/16
#1085 Duplicate results in developer.wordpress.org search Developer Hub reopened defect normal 12/03/17
#1097 Allow sorting of attendee surnames in attendance UI. WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal SergeyBiryukov 08/29/17
#1109 Site Cloner: Add support for importing menus WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal 10/19/17
#1110 Site Cloner: Add support for importing widgets WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal 10/19/17
#1111 Site Cloner: Add support for importing relevant Customizer settings WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal 10/19/17
#1112 Site Cloner: Scale to support hundreds of sites WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal 10/19/17
#1114 Site Cloner: Confirm dialog is displayed when switching sites WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned defect normal 10/19/17
#1116 Site Cloner: Prime mShots cache WordCamp Site & Plugins assigned enhancement normal 10/19/17
#1117 WPTV: Add progress indicator to upload page WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 05/12/16
#1156 ISO Language Code Tag to Improve API WordPress.tv new enhancement normal 07/31/15
#1173 'Showcase' Not Responsive Showcase new defect normal 11/25/17
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