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#2938 WordCamp Sponsors: QBO does not accept sponsor company names that have non-Latin characters WordCamp Site & Plugins defect assigned 07/07/17
#2939 Themes older than 2 years cannot be found by an exact slug match Theme Directory defect new 07/07/17
#2961 show count of all submitted translations in statistics... Translate Site & Plugins defect new 07/17/17
#2980 WordPress.org Showcase showing incorrect / defunct thumbnails Showcase defect new 07/19/17
#2982 Support Forums: Previously approved topics can be unapproved on editing or moving Support Forums defect new 07/19/17
#2984 AJAX modified search results not available in browser history Support Forums defect new 07/20/17
#2990 Inconsistent button labels for adding a review Plugin Directory defect new 07/21/17
#3000 More info about grunt patch Handbooks defect new 07/25/17
#3001 Plugin Directory Admin: Add 'date' display to Internal Notes Plugin Directory defect new 07/25/17
#3003 Tagregator - Twitter resets settings randomly WordCamp Site & Plugins defect coreymckrill accepted 07/26/17
#3006 Review is not not showing in plugin Plugin Directory defect tellyworth assigned 07/28/17
#3009 Multiple placeholders should be ordered. Expected '%1$s, %2$s', but got %s, %s. bbpress.org defect new 07/29/17
#3017 Support Forums: "Search forums" should search forums only, not the whole of WP.org Support Forums defect new 08/02/17
#3019 Searching dynamic hooks returns no results Developer Hub defect new 08/03/17
#3021 Link to the locale home page from translations Translate Site & Plugins defect new 08/04/17
#3027 Events API: Two meetups returned for same date in same city API defect new 08/07/17
#3028 Plugin Directory: Consolidate "Contributors & Developers" sections Plugin Directory defect new 08/08/17
#3032 Plugin Directory: "Read more" link inconsistency Plugin Directory defect new 08/09/17
#3053 Wrong dates in "Make WordPress Core" Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 08/18/17
#3058 Missing commits from the bbPress Git mirror Version Control defect new 08/20/17
#3060 Login redirect in plugins doesn't lead back to same page Login & Authentication defect new 08/21/17
#3061 Plugin forums new thread doesn't ask for plugin version or PHP version Support Forums defect new 08/21/17
#3070 Plugin Directory: "Screenshots" heading is always displayed in English Plugin Directory defect new 08/25/17
#3078 Meetings: Use a single place to store meeting times info Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 08/29/17
#3079 Plugin Directory: Fix upper/lower case on plugin info labels Plugin Directory defect new 08/29/17
#3082 WordPress.org usernames displayed publicly Profiles defect new 08/30/17
#3083 wordpress.tv subscribe Sign me up button text color not readable . WordPress.tv defect new 08/30/17
#3084 Translate API endless loop Translate Site & Plugins defect new 08/30/17
#3085 Unable to "Follow" or "Unfollow" Make Handbook pages Handbooks defect new 08/31/17
#3089 Support Forums: Auto-closed topics should be marked as such Support Forums defect new 09/01/17
#3091 WordPress.org nav menu should fold out on tab-focus General defect new 09/01/17
#3098 Username on make blog not linking Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 09/04/17
#3105 Wrong colors on second menu (unreadable) Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 09/06/17
#3107 Plugin Directory: Changelogs not updating on Rosetta plugin directories, Act II Plugin Directory defect new 09/06/17
#3109 Plugin Directory: Locale banner resets search results Plugin Directory defect new 09/07/17
#3114 The credits API responds with latest version data for old versions API defect new 09/10/17
#3118 Trac: Improve mobile styling on report pages Trac defect new 09/11/17
#3136 Support Forums: "View all" link should keep the current page Support Forums defect new 09/18/17
#3137 Proper formatting of CSS inside the anon-upload-template.php file WordPress.tv defect new 09/19/17
#3145 Support Rep UI > HTML entities may be exposed Plugin Directory defect new 09/20/17
#3151 Explain the [attachment:example.patch] feature on the Wiki formatting page. Trac defect new 09/21/17
#3153 Plugin Search result page plugin title show outiside of the block. Plugin Directory defect new 09/22/17
#3162 Profiles: Strip shortcodes from Activity entries Profiles defect new 09/24/17
#3168 WordPress.tv: Too small font size in handbook menu Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect coffee2code accepted 09/27/17
#3169 Translation of readme doesn't update on wordpress.org Plugin Directory defect new 09/29/17
#3174 Remove an extra line at the end of doc comment Plugin Directory defect new 10/01/17
#3176 Wrong source code in `_wp_image_editor_choose()` function Developer Hub defect new 10/02/17
#3181 P2: Extra bottom margin on callout boxes Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 10/04/17
#3186 P2: Missing bottom margin in search template Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 10/08/17
#3190 Sponsor Invoices: "paid" emails are coming from multiple sites WordCamp Site & Plugins defect new 10/11/17
#3191 Plugin Directory Admin: Renaming Plugins Should be More Ajaxy Plugin Directory defect new 10/11/17
#3197 Need more description about "how to write the line of Contributors" Handbooks defect new 10/15/17
#3206 Theme Trac: A string is translated when a theme is uploaded from a Rosetta site Theme Directory defect new 10/18/17
#3212 @link in fetch_feed() isn't generated correctly Developer Hub defect new 10/19/17
#3230 submitting HTML to the plugin readme validator causes Chrome to ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR Plugin Directory defect new 10/26/17
#3233 Inline comments must end in full-stops,exclamation marks, or question marks missing wp standard in doc Support Forums defect reopened 10/28/17
#3235 Remove negative margin from the autocomplete list. Developer Hub defect new 10/30/17
#3259 Gmail adds different emails from contact forms in the same thread WordCamp Site & Plugins defect casiepa assigned 11/08/17
#3261 Events API: returning past meetups API defect new 11/10/17
#3262 Update Intro on Roadmap page General defect new 11/10/17
#3265 Serve auto-generated plugin icons via URL Plugin Directory defect Otto42 accepted 11/13/17
#3267 Onboarding for Make.WordPress.org Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 11/15/17
#3283 Automate thumbnail and about on https://central.wordcamp.org/schedule/ WordCamp Site & Plugins defect new 11/21/17
#3290 Spacing issue on support user profile for small devices. Support Forums defect new 11/24/17
#3295 Events API location search is case-sensitive API defect new 11/29/17
#3296 Regular users can change 'priority' in meta tickets. Trac defect new 11/29/17
#3299 Plugin Directory: Submission Blackouts Plugin Directory defect new 12/03/17
#3303 Plugin Directory Admin: Quick Edit should not allow slug changes on approved or rejected plugins Plugin Directory defect new 12/03/17
#3309 Feed shows posts while in 'Coming soon' mode WordCamp Site & Plugins defect new 12/04/17
#3311 Gutenberg Theme: Links in list are not underlined General defect obenland assigned 12/04/17
#3316 Confusing calls to action on main Download WordPress page General defect new 12/07/17
#3325 Add make/tide to make.wordpress.org Make (Get Involved) / P2 defect new 12/12/17
#3335 Plugin Checksum generation failing with filenames containing whitespace Plugin Directory defect new 12/14/17
#3336 Themes: Use Cavalcade for Trac sync Theme Directory defect new 12/14/17
#1608 Trac: Enhance uploading attachments Trac enhancement new 02/29/16
#1612 Support tickets list (RSS & API) Support Forums enhancement reopened 02/29/16
#1613 Send newly added GTEs and PTEs an email notification International Sites (Rosetta) enhancement new 03/01/16
#1624 WordPress.tv should default to HTTPS WordPress.tv enhancement new 03/09/16
#1625 WPTV: Add Creative Commons Widget to Sidebar WordPress.tv enhancement new 03/10/16
#1629 Create archives for popular and recent videos and link to them from home page sections WordPress.tv enhancement new 03/13/16
#1643 New PTE request from plugins authors International Sites (Rosetta) enhancement new 03/23/16
#1653 Introduce retina support to WordCamp.org WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 03/31/16
#1655 Page that lists previous meetings with link to slack General enhancement new 03/31/16
#1658 Meetings: Add a calendar view Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement assigned 04/05/16
#1668 Language mixup at download page General enhancement reopened 04/13/16
#1669 Add time zone profile field to w.org profiles Profiles enhancement new 04/14/16
#1673 Forum registration form i18n International Forums enhancement new 04/18/16
#1707 Attach PDFs to Sponsor Invoice posts WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 05/13/16
#1717 Add "subtitled" tag to WordPress.tv WordPress.tv enhancement new 05/18/16
#1761 Improve Translation Consistency Checker Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 06/09/16
#1767 Inform users upon registration, that the account can't be deleted or renamed Profiles enhancement new 06/12/16
#1776 Allow multiple links to wordpress.org on make blogs Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 06/20/16
#1780 Meta fonts Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 06/23/16
#1794 Sponsor Info to have billing and contact emails WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement Kenshino assigned 07/01/16
#1805 Plugin Directory: Indicate developer review replies on plugin pages Plugin Directory enhancement new 07/06/16
#1817 Add Notes Field to Invoice WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement new 07/08/16
#1826 Add "alt" to links at : https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference Codex enhancement new 07/11/16
#1847 Add short descriptions to Related section Developer Hub enhancement new 07/19/16
#1858 Tickets page should have a big "New ticket" button. Trac enhancement new 07/24/16
#1874 Add a filter for waiting strings with newest/oldest sorting Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 07/30/16
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