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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#2207 GTEs should be able to mark PTE requests as resolved Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 11/03/16
#2214 Forums: Automate Support badges Support Forums enhancement new 11/07/16
#2215 copy translations to older versions General enhancement new 11/07/16
#2224 Support Theme: Custom Display for Plugin/Theme reviews Support Forums enhancement new 11/10/16
#2232 Forums: Provide access to post revisions Support Forums enhancement new 11/12/16
#2241 GlotPress plugin to enable GTE-only (read-only) variant to run on translate.wordpress.org Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 11/15/16
#2259 Ability to rate sessions / speakers WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 11/21/16
#2264 Change the default Twitter account in Rosetta local sites at .org International Sites (Rosetta) enhancement new 11/23/16
#2282 Improve UI for navigating large [camptix_attendees] lists WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement new 11/30/16
#2290 Progress stats for the top 100 plugins and themes Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 12/03/16
#2312 Automate theme reviewer badges Profiles enhancement new 12/06/16
#2320 Global stats for GlotPress to identify possible future GTE Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 12/08/16
#2323 DEVHUB: List all private functions Developer Hub enhancement new 12/10/16
#2335 Automatically assign user set as admin for a new forum as a key master International Forums enhancement reopened 12/18/16
#2349 DevHub: Allow CPT be accessed via the REST API Developer Hub enhancement new 12/30/16
#2358 Make P2s: allow authors with existing moderated comments to upload files Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement pento assigned 01/06/17
#2383 Add a meta field in the Sponsor CPT for Twitter handle WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 01/13/17
#2401 Forums should have a way to hide user's Gravatar Support Forums enhancement new 01/18/17
#2410 Handbook sidebar nav needs a bit more styling help Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement mapk assigned 01/19/17
#2431 Create a public facing page to list all current external libraries Developer Hub enhancement new 01/24/17
#2444 Display theme position in the review queue Theme Review enhancement new 01/26/17
#2445 Display all owned tickets (new/live) Theme Review enhancement new 01/26/17
#2446 Add more information to the list of owned themes Theme Directory enhancement new 01/26/17
#2456 Priority Queue for Good Theme Authors Theme Review enhancement new 01/28/17
#2459 Revamp homepage of Developer Resources to match other sites Developer Hub enhancement new 01/30/17
#2480 Forums: Increase the number of topics and replies per page Support Forums enhancement new 02/06/17
#2488 Add Twitter/Github style username autocomplete/linking to support forums. Support Forums enhancement new 02/08/17
#2496 Move "WordPress is also available in %s" strings to non-deprecated projects Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 02/13/17
#2521 Expose `author_uri` in the WP.org API Theme Directory enhancement Otto42 assigned 02/21/17
#2523 Multi-project translation status view for PTE Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 02/22/17
#2537 Support Forums: Audit Log for Mod Actions Support Forums enhancement new 02/27/17
#2541 Rosetta: in the PTE management page, projects should link to projects on translate International Sites (Rosetta) enhancement new 03/01/17
#2552 Support Forums: Bring "Also Viewing" Native Support Forums enhancement new 03/02/17
#2570 Support Theme: Remove some excess whitespace on home page Support Forums enhancement new 03/08/17
#2596 Support Templates ala Github Support Forums enhancement new 03/22/17
#2598 Extend Close and Archive to Plugin and Theme Authors and Contributors Support Forums enhancement new 03/23/17
#2599 A Global Moderation Queue General enhancement new 03/23/17
#2631 Plugin Directory: No way to view Recently Updated plugins Plugin Directory enhancement reopened 03/29/17
#2666 Support Forums: Expose and enhance global plugin author views Support Forums enhancement new 03/31/17
#2691 Readme.txt section 'Upgrade Notice' cannot be translated Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 04/06/17
#2695 Support Theme: Add support for dashicons in forums list Support Forums enhancement new 04/07/17
#2699 Add a new role to the forums: plugin/theme support Support Forums enhancement Otto42 accepted 04/07/17
#2729 Profiles: Notifications from plugin/theme forums should include the plugin/theme name Profiles enhancement new 04/12/17
#2754 Plugin directory search highlighting Plugin Directory enhancement reopened 04/19/17
#2776 Plugin Directory: Improve responsive design of tabs Plugin Directory enhancement new 04/24/17
#2780 Plugin Directory: Improve Readme Validator styling Plugin Directory enhancement new 04/25/17
#2783 Plugin Directory: Use native locale names in the list of translations Plugin Directory enhancement new 04/25/17
#2797 Plugins: Suggest related plugins when the current plugin hasn't been updated in two years Plugin Directory enhancement reopened 04/29/17
#2838 In WordPress.org notification matchers, show forum name. Profiles enhancement new 05/23/17
#2843 Slack: Add ?support Slackbot auto-response Slack & IRC enhancement new 05/31/17
#2847 allow filtering of @since tax archive by the type of change Developer Hub enhancement new 06/02/17
#2848 Excerpts for comments in wordpress.org Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 06/05/17
#2859 Add a 'Remaining' string count to the translation project overview Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 06/12/17
#2862 Forums: Merge wporg-bbp-* plugins into the main support forums plugin Support Forums enhancement new 06/14/17
#2873 New support volunteer pings Support Forums enhancement new 06/15/17
#2884 Send notification if review is edited Support Forums enhancement new 06/19/17
#2890 Move readme.html and wp-config-sample.php translations to GlotPress International Sites (Rosetta) enhancement new 06/21/17
#2893 Admin Flags: Add Attendee filtering by Flag WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement coreymckrill accepted 06/22/17
#2898 Localized/Rosetta Site Consistency International Sites (Rosetta) enhancement new 06/23/17
#2902 Add PHPCS to theme upload process Theme Review enhancement new 06/27/17
#2905 Add link to Consistency tool from Glossary Terms Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 06/28/17
#2910 Enable Trac authentication for /login/jsonrpc Trac enhancement new 06/29/17
#2917 Add ability to filter by consistency term results Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 06/30/17
#2918 Improve processes related to uploading a patch Trac enhancement new 07/02/17
#2930 Create 'Reason for Closing or Archiving Ticket' storage when Archiving or Closing a Ticket Support Forums enhancement new 07/05/17
#2933 Provide shortcode for linking to unanswered tickets for a component Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 07/06/17
#2947 Allow uploading and embedding of video files to Trac Trac enhancement new 07/10/17
#2955 iCal feed for the entire meetings page Make (Get Involved) / P2 enhancement new 07/13/17
#2969 Use new-style handbook theme for REST API Handbook Developer Hub enhancement new 07/18/17
#2972 Replace special characters in Vendor Payments and Reimbursement Request plugins automagically WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement reopened 07/19/17
#2974 Attendee information upload tool for CampTix WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement assigned 07/19/17
#2986 Add "REST API" section to the Showcase Showcase enhancement new 07/20/17
#2996 Add wordpress.org information page about upgrading PHP General enhancement new 07/24/17
#2998 Show nearby events in dashboard events widget in a per country basis API enhancement new 07/25/17
#3002 Interface for authors to find active installs for a potential theme name Theme Review enhancement new 07/25/17
#3022 Plugin Directory: Add a "latest" URL for readme file standard Plugin Directory enhancement new 08/05/17
#3024 Support Forums: Introduce a Recount Replies action for topics Support Forums enhancement new 08/05/17
#3026 Access to WP-CLI profile badge management Profiles enhancement new 08/06/17
#3030 API: Add translation editors Translate Site & Plugins enhancement new 08/08/17
#3033 Change microcopy of "Submit changes" button Trac enhancement new 08/09/17
#3034 Search only tickets by default Trac enhancement new 08/09/17
#3037 WordPress.tv: Show the views of the video WordPress.tv enhancement new 08/10/17
#3043 Allow team reps to assign contributor badges Profiles enhancement schlessera assigned 08/15/17
#3063 Show JavaScript documentation on developer.wordpress.org Developer Hub enhancement new 08/22/17
#3069 Plugin Directory: Add dates to Changelog section in readme.txt example Plugin Directory enhancement reopened 08/25/17
#3096 Support Forums: Page template for ToC content Support Forums enhancement new 09/03/17
#3102 Notification on new strings on GlotPress via Slack Slack & IRC enhancement new 09/05/17
#3111 Enhancement: Support Session Excerpts WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement kau-boy assigned 09/07/17
#3116 Support new "heading" parameter for sessions and speakers shortcodes WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement kau-boy assigned 09/10/17
#3117 Schedule: Support sessions that span multiple time slots WordCamp Site & Plugins enhancement new 09/10/17
#3120 Replace HTTP links with HTTPS SSL enhancement new 09/11/17
#3126 Show whether plugins include WP-CLI commands Plugin Directory enhancement new 09/12/17
#3149 Support Forums: Consider disabling wptexturize() in forum posts Support Forums enhancement new 09/20/17
#3152 Support Theme: Get rid of empty space in home page footer Support Forums enhancement new 09/21/17
#3157 Link to Forum Profile in the Global Profile Profiles enhancement new 09/22/17
#3158 Advanced Search Filtering Keywords Developer Hub enhancement new 09/22/17
#3163 Automated release packages should support including custom plugins in the package International Sites (Rosetta) enhancement new 09/25/17
#3164 Plugin Readme Standard > Update Markdown formatting Plugin Directory enhancement new 09/26/17
#3178 Add user-friendly explanations of current workflow keywords on a ticket Trac enhancement new 10/03/17
#3187 Support Forums: Ajaxify topic status dropdown Support Forums enhancement new 10/09/17
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