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Support Forums: Bring "Also Viewing" Native

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We love Also Viewing: https://gist.github.com/Clorith/20596176f85495da865cf41a90b43576

But wouldn't it be nice to have native? If we can do this without giving Heartbeat API a heart attack, we should.

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#3 @Clorith
4 years ago

Just some concerns/thoughts I had about bringing this into .org:

We're currently offloading it and doing everything our selves to avoid giving .org a stroke by allowing it for all users.

Now, to avoid overloading things, we would perhaps want to limit this to moderators+ only, but this alienates other contributors that are not in these groups but are still using the scripts as well because it helps them when providing support and avoids overlap.

We can't enable it for -all- users o n.org, the system would not like that, not one bit and I do not want Barry coming after any of us :)

Potentially a way for admins to enable this feature on a per-account basis would be a possibility, but relies heavily on us actually getting user editing fixed (right now nobody can edit other users except the brass with network admin via wp-admin it self, see #1985).

#4 @johnjamesjacoby
4 years ago

Agree with everything.

The edit_lock implementation in bbPress now is basically the same as what's in wp-admin already, minus the heart-attack API that would inevitably kill some things.

It means when someone with an edit_topic capability is actually editing a topic from the front-end, it adds some meta data to the topic to say so. It's good for 3 minutes. Once three minutes are up, either they're done editing, or they've taken too long. Once they hit update, the lock goes away. Once three minutes are up, the lock goes away.

It's a decent and inexpensive middle-ground that should help dodge the toggle problem, too. And everything in wp-admin continues to play nicely and work the same as before.

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#5 @netweb
4 years ago

Related: #bb3005 - Notification to moderators when administrative tasks are being carried out

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3 years ago

#7 @dd32
8 months ago

If we were to bring this in-house, I think adding it as a toggle menu item under the Profile menu in the Admin Bar would be a good way to allow those who know what it is to opt-in, even if we could handle the load of everyone using it.

Ideally it would be implemented through not-post_meta and rather through an in-memory thing like memcache to avoid the DB writes, but unfortunately I can't think of an easy way to do that with Memcache due to it's non-support for multiple distinct values for a single key.

I guess it could potentially be implemented as a MySQL MEMORY table which would at least avoid the DB load of querying/writing the post_meta table constantly.
edit: As it turns out, it's probably not a good idea to use MEMORY tables with replication (like we do on WordPress.org), as although it can handle the primary restarting (and loosing the data is fine), secondaries being restarted can cause sync issues. Implemented as it's own table, just on-disk would ultimately be fine I guess.

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