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#3026 new enhancement

Access to WP-CLI profile badge management

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As one of the WP-CLI team reps, I'd like to be able to manage the WP-CLI profile badges for our contributors.

So far, there's no automated mechanism to add the relevant profile badges to WP-CLI contributors, as development happens on GitHub.

I'm also not quite sure yet whether we can completely automate this, as account names don't always match up between wordpress.org and GitHub.

For these reasons, I'd like to have the above access, so that I can manage this manually until we've been able to discuss/implement a better solution.

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#5 @obenland
2 years ago

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@coffee2code Is this something that you could look at?

#6 @iandunn
2 years ago

There's some related discussion in ticket:2683#comment:26 and 27.

#7 @dd32
14 months ago

@schlessera This is a very belated reply, but you do have access to approve badges for users who request it, it's just not really documented anywhere (IIRC the Community team also handles it this way)

You can direct contributors to request membership via https://profiles.wordpress.org/associations/cli-contributor/request-membership/
and you can then approve their membership through https://profiles.wordpress.org/associations/cli-contributor/admin/membership-requests/

You can also do that for cli-team in addition to cli-contributor.

Adding a UI to allow admins to directly add users would be good though.

#8 follow-up: @schlessera
14 months ago

Thanks for the links, @dd32! The first one gives me a "Page Not Found", though...

#9 in reply to: ↑ 8 ; follow-up: @dd32
14 months ago

Replying to schlessera:

Thanks for the links, @dd32! The first one gives me a "Page Not Found", though...

Were you logged in?

Upon reading ticket:2683#comment:26 closer I did notice that we previously had a front-end UI for directly adding users (so they didn't need to request permission), so we'll likely re-enable that at some point if it can be found.

#10 in reply to: ↑ 9 @schlessera
14 months ago

Replying to dd32:

Were you logged in?

I tried both, with the same "Page Not Found" result.

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12 months ago

#12 @schlessera
10 months ago

I want to note here that the links work for me, but come with a severe drawback.

Whenever I post the request link somewhere, I get a multitude of random people just creating a single pull request modifying a comma or adding an article somewhere in the documentation (often even making the docs worse instead of better), and then aggressively pinging me in DMs, just to grab that seemingly "free badge".

I can make do with this process, but I would really prefer a means of just adding contributors myself after each release. So still a vote from me in favor of reactivating the missing UI for group admins.

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