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    • Property Summary changed from Move number of waiting strings from /stats to /locale/slug/default to Add total number of waiting strings within a locale from /locale/slug/default
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    initial v16  
    11[5955] froze the number of waiting strings for each locale, since the query for count of waiting strings in each language used to time out.
    2 At the same time, partial results seems to cached, so if I reloaded a couple of times, I'd usually get all (or most) counts correctly.
     2At the same time, partial results seems to cached, so if I reloaded Earlier was showing (or trying to show, the query timed out all the time) the total number of waiting strings per locale.
    4 But yes, /stats was slow.
    54However, this piece of information is important. First of all for the GTE's of each locale.
    65I suggest that the total number of waiting strings '''for a specific locale''' is added to ''(where slug is replaced by the locale slug)''
    8 For overview, it would be good to still present these numbers on /stats but using cached values for total waiting strings per locale and update this cache via a cronjob once an hour.
     7Since I hope the count of waiting strings for only ONE locale is a much smaller effort than gathering the same for ALL locales, this should be doable. After all: in order to show correct pagination for the page with waiting projects, a query is already run on that page, to gather all projects with waiting strings and even sort them in descending order by number waiting strings.)
     9(Updated description on Jan 16 2019 - and reverted prio to Normal)