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    1010> If you want to code your plugin code to a specific standard, then you can do so if you wish. But having it located in a folder using lowercase letters only is not really a very large burden to bear.
    11 It is NOT for the slug, not for SEO. It is for the FOLDER NAME ONLY.
     11It is NOT for the slug, not for SEO (the URL with SOLID MVC will still remain the same, i.e. "" while the folder name will be "/wp-content/plugins/DemoMVC/". It is for the FOLDER NAME ONLY.
    1212Well, as mentioned before this small-feature-lack is like a backbone for very high scyscraper, and it impacts (the reset of namespace back to dash separated after plugin’s update) thousands of plugin authors in the whole tree stack (S.O.L.I.D. MVC -> Some plugin, i.e. Booking -> Some extension for the plugin, i.e. “Villa” or “Hotel” -> Some of 100’s themes for that plugin extension -> And that exact theme overriding plugin view (i.e. /themes/AmazingWorld/Extensions/SomeCamelCasedPluginName/) name folder), not even talking about the fact that as per Wolf of Wall Street’s Jordan’s Belford’s book “Way of The Wolf” we have 4 seconds to make this believe for a developer starting his masters course in University to choose WordPress plugin for his course task and not C# and ASP.NET, and that would never make him believe if we have to start a talk with “well, you will have to make a HACK for plugin’s folder name”, and it would take then 8 additional long meetings to make him believe in WordPress again, and as Guttenberg is not just WordPress anymore, the greatest idea to start is to say that to make a solid WordPress plugin you don’t have to learn any new coding standards, you can just port your C# code library with small changes straight to WordPress in a day due to S.O.L.I.D. MVC + Templates that follows all these PSR-2 & PSR-4 Autoloader coding standards that is pretty much a status-quo in JAVA an C# OOP world for a decade already.
    1313The first question you need to ask if you do believe that WordPress in just just WordPress anymore, as Matt said, and do you want to convert thousands of C# and JAVA developers to WP plugin devs or not, as this will also pay-off the reputation of WordPress A LOT, as if you start to talk with C# dev or some University lecturer that you have to start from the HACK then it will never sell. I'm saying that we need just to add support for this, not to ditch the existing dash-lowercase separation, just this is just an addition that helps 10,000 of plugin author at Envato that uses EnvatoToolkit plugin concepts of SOLID MVC, as well as devs from other CMS'es like Php-Fusion, and other languages. Because autoloaders and namespaces will then won't work who prefer to follow the default global-use coding standards. And EVEN the HACK won't work well, as for "/GreatMVC_Tests/" it will give you the "great-m-v-c---tests" URL in W.ORG instead of "great-mvc-tests" URL that we want. And this can be solved with just one line of support for "Namespace" META header for plugins, and can have the SAME SLUG for URL's and translations. Meaning we need to allow this only for the folder names to follow the correct PSR-4 Autoloaders standard, so that everything, even PHPStorm IDE with have it defaults to work well without additional renames for everyfile, especially if you have a TREE-REFACTORING.