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#1 @obenland
6 years ago

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In 7444:

Translate: There can't be a translation backlog of less than 0.

Props GaryJ.
Fixes #3713.

#2 @garrett-eclipse
6 years ago

THANK YOU, I run into this ALL the time

#3 @GaryJ
6 years ago

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I don't deserve props for anything here!

While this fixes the symptom, is there any underlying cause that needs addressing? i.e. why is current_count somehow ending up more than all_count in the first place?

My suspicion is that it comes from a situation like this:

  • someone submits a string.
  • they then realise they made a mistake, and so submits a replacement string. There are now two strings Waiting.
  • a PTE/GTE comes along, and bulk approves all the strings (without appreciating that they are not all for unique original strings).

If the strings had been approved one by one, then I think there would be warnings when trying to approve the second submission. However, there's no such visual warning for bulk approvals, so there may not be the same checks going on, or at least the counts logic isn't taking into consideration that bulk approving 100 strings may not result in 100 approved strings, like when the situation above occurs, for instance.

#4 @garrett-eclipse
6 years ago

Might want to check with @ocean90 if this is a GlotPress issue or just as it might be better address in GlotPress itself;

#5 @GaryJ
6 years ago

I did originally raise these three instances of negative counts with @ocean90 before, but he hadn't had a chance to address them, as he had with other instances. @pento said to open a Meta ticket for these three, which is this one.

#6 @garrett-eclipse
6 years ago

Ah good stuff, sounds like it's under control

#7 @ocean90
6 years ago

In 7480:

Translate: Revert [7444] due to not fixing the actual issue.

See #3713.

#8 @ocean90
6 years ago

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This is a known issue with an unknown cause through. In case you find another set with a negative number just comment here with a link and someone will clear the duplicates.

#9 @garrett-eclipse
6 years ago

Hi @ocean90 I've got another instance here and did some snooping to see if I could help shed some light on the cause.

Plugin Project;

Note the Stable (latest release) has the -1 count.

Comparing the two Stable vs Development I noted Stable has 145 (one more) and Develop has 144.

I then found the specific case which shows as a duplicate in stable and not develop;

Looking at 'All translations of this original' on both the duplicate strings in stable;
*They're identical with the same original_id.

And in the 'View original in consistency tool' you see three entries one from develop and the two duplicates from stable;
*note times... The develop string was added a second before BOTH the develop duplicate strings which leads me to believe the Develop version was translated and then the sync process created a duplicate in the mirrored stable branch.

This seems to be consistent with how I recall creating the issue is I would submit a string or approve one on develop and then would find the negative counts applied to the stable branch.

Anyway what I'm getting at is it seems to be an issue with the syncing of strings between dev/stable.

This ticket was mentioned in Slack in #meta by tellyworth. View the logs.

6 years ago

#15 @ocean90
5 years ago

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Based on any new reports I'm going to close this as worksforme.

#16 @garrett-eclipse
5 years ago

Sound good @ocean90 I just quickly ran through all the projects linked here that had the issue originally and can confirm there's none with a negative.

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