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Setup #wordpress-meta

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Is it time to start using #wordpress-meta on Freenode?

There were about 10 people at the Meta table at WCSF contrib day, so it seems like there's interest from the community in helping out, and as the number of people involved grows, it would help to have an open place to discuss issues, similar to #wordpress-dev, #wordpress-sfd, etc.

Tasks involved

  • Setup a page on
  • Setup a bot to log conversations
  • Add info to the Meta p2 sidebar
  • Anything else?

Also, thoughts on setting up a weekly chat? The benefit would be that it could provide a time to help everyone find something to work on and check up on progress. The drawback is that it'd be one more meeting to attend, and also that there might not be enough people yet to really justify it. I'd vote that we wait until we see a compelling need for it, rather than starting it now.

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#1 @DrewAPicture
11 years ago

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#2 @samuelsidler
11 years ago

I don't think we need weekly meetings yet, but a place to coordinate would be good. Are there any current IRC channels we could use instead? The fewer IRC channels we have to follow, the better off we are. If there aren't any that are relevant, #wordpress-meta sounds fine with me.

#3 follow-up: @nacin
11 years ago

Currently discussions occur either on #wordpress-dev in a very ephemeral manner (as in, nacin: X is broken), or in a Skype conversation among the main developers. I think a dedicated channel makes sense for this in theory. (And no, no other channel makes a ton of sense.) In practice, I'm not sure there is a significant amount (outside of P2 and meta.trac) to discuss. You guys are happy to use #wordpress-dev for conversations.

#4 in reply to: ↑ 3 @iandunn
11 years ago

Replying to samuelsidler:

The fewer IRC channels we have to follow, the better off we are.

It actually seems simpler to me to have a separate channel, because it avoids having a lot of unrelated noise. It's much easier to monitor things if they're not mixed together. Especially if the existing channel we'd use is #wordpress-dev, which is already pretty active. I think it'd be hard to keep the Meta stuff straight from the Core stuff, unless I read every single message or am pinged directly.

That could just be a preference based on my personal workflow, though, so I'm open to using an existing channel if others prefer it.

Replying to nacin:

In practice, I'm not sure there is a significant amount (outside of P2 and meta.trac) to discuss.

I can see new volunteers having a lot of questions about workflow, philosophy, history, etc that aren't directly related to a specific ticket, but I could be wrong. We can always wait and see if there's a compelling need before putting in the work to setup the bot, etc; and then use #wordpress-dev in the meantime for anything that doesn't fit on Trac and the p2.

#5 @samuelsidler
11 years ago

I'm not sure how hard the first two tasks are, but let's go ahead and start using #wordpress-meta. Even without logging and a bot, we can use it for some coordination as needed and if it starts to get busy, we'll get a bot in for logging.

If the channel goes unused, that's fine for now. I doesn't hurt anything to idle in it. I can add it to the sidebar as well.

I'm not sure about a weekly chat yet, but I'm going to start doing weekly posts to meta and I'll ask what others think this week.

#6 @iandunn
11 years ago

Sounds good to me.

(I tried marking this as maybelater, but when I'd submit it, I'd just get redirected back to the form. Is that a permissions thing?)

#7 @iandunn
11 years ago

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Sam figured out that the maybelater resolution needed to be added to the list in the admin screen. It's working now.

#8 @nacin
11 years ago

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Please don't use channels that are unlogged. It's very easy to add the logging bot to new channels. If we use it, it should be logged.

#10 @iandunn
11 years ago

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