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Remove Core from the channels that are auto-joined on Slack

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This idea was discussed during the New Contributor Meeting and during Dev Chat.
You can view the logs here: (a Slack account is required).

Core is a very large channel.
It is also a channel that includes a large number of technically-minded developers.

It is difficult to help orientate new users in a very task-focused environment because one wants to be respectful of the time of thousands of contributors.
This can lead to a stressful experience for the new contributor, who may feel silly or like they are a bother for asking their question in the wrong place, as well as for experienced contributors, who genuinely want to help direct them to the right place (using the fewest possible messages) without being rude or impatient.

One aspect that @sergey brought up that I did not personally consider, is that it could also help promote inclusivity by helping people understand that there are lots of ways to contribute to WordPress and that contributions to Core are not more important.

A number of proposals were brought up during the meeting, including a bot-based welcome channel.
While I am definitely in favour of some automation (as well as clear documentation), I would caution that we should not forget that the reason these new contributors (particularly those mistakenly looking for support for their WP installation there instead of on the forums), came to Slack because they wanted to speak to a human.
As such, I would propose that we don't "close" the channel to make it like SlackBot, but leave the opportunity for folks from marketing, community and any other contributor who enjoys meeting new people, to still be able to interact with new people and help them find the right place - even if that place isn't Slack.

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#3 follow-up: @aaroncampbell
4 years ago

While core (and all it's sub-teams) are still a very big part of "Making WordPress", I agree that there are probably a lot of people joining that want to help Make WordPress through other means.

My original thought was that we could create a #welcome channel that was locked but had a message with the main channels for each group for people to click to join and a (more prominent?) call to join #slackhelp for more help. My thinking was that a locked channel with a welcome message makes that message always visible, whereas a pinned message is only visible to those that are already familiar with Slack and know where to look.

After reading through @carike's concerns about the need for a human element, I wonder if we could make a small bot (or add to ours) that would instead post that welcome message to the #welcome channel when a new user joins if it's not already the most recent message in the channel. That way the newcomer is brought into a much less technical, lower traffic channel with the sole purpose of helping them find where they want to be. People wanting to help can monitor that channel to offer assistance, but hopefully much of what the user needs to get started is right there for them when they join.

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#5 in reply to: ↑ 3 ; follow-up: @SergeyBiryukov
4 years ago

Replying to aaroncampbell:

I wonder if we could make a small bot (or add to ours) that would instead post that welcome message to the #welcome channel when a new user joins if it's not already the most recent message in the channel.

Could the message be only visible to the recently joined user, same as Slackbot messages?

#6 in reply to: ↑ 5 @carike
4 years ago

Replying to SergeyBiryukov:

Could the message be only visible to the recently joined user, same as Slackbot messages?

That sounds like a good idea to me.

Please feel free to improve on this. It is just a suggestion to get us started.

Howdy! Great to see you.
WordPress is made possible by contributors from all over the world.  
While a human will usually be around within a few hours, perhaps I can help in the meantime?
If you need help with your WordPress installation, please post here:
If you came here because a forum moderator asked you to, please join #forums to discuss your issue.
If you would like to contribute to making WordPress, please browse the available Slack channels here:

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#8 @RMarks
4 years ago

I am an admin on a Slack workspace for work. That one and our Making WordPress Slack are both on the Standard Plan. We only have the ability to lock a channel using channel posting permissions in our #announcements channel. FYI, our #general channel was renamed #announcements.

Instead of a #welcome channel, I'd suggest the new user receive a DM from the Slack user with the welcome message.

#9 @webcommsat
4 years ago

I would support @carike recommendation on removing the auto join to the core channel on Slack for new joiners. It can be confusing to a new contributor, especially ones who do not come from a technical background. We know from the onboarding feedback gathering and preparation work on contributing from the marketing team and from my work with Contributor events.

I would prefer the solution proposed by @RMarks of new users receiving a DM with a welcome message as this will be personable and friendlier, and help those who are unfamiliar with using Slack and be a direct way of helping them get started.

Can I suggest crafting a welcome message and perhaps an automated follow-up a month later, using the model used by and others to encourage new users and reduce drop-out/ gain conversions (in our terms to help them to successfully get started on their journey). The message could perhaps:

  • signpost new potential contributors (as joining is only part of the way to actual contributing and finding a home in a team) to the teams without scaring them with too much detail
  • link to the Contributor Orientation Tool (which we need to put a new top on post WCEU so it can be used by others)
  • link to the Contributor events handbook we are building on GitHub
  • link to video introductions from the teams (we are looking at how the existing ones created for WCEU can be used wider and incorporated into the Contributor events handbook on GitHub
  • link to a list of Contributor Stories we are pulling together
  • link to some reading on collaborating and open source

I have seen the need for these things in Slack, face to face contact at contributor events, and the feedback gathered last year for WCEU contributor orientation tool and the contributor FAQs. In the marketing team, we are continuing to try and signpost better to these frequently asked areas. We have introduced onboarding sessions and working on video-related material to help those new or who are struggling to get started after a few weeks of joining. This is where a second direct message to new contributors would be of great benefit. Thanks

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