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#5672 new enhancement

Currently if author changes his http -> https if a translation contains a https but the translation does not have it, the translation will be fuzzed.

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This behavior causes a lot of work for PTE/GTE
It would be great if this is fixed automatically instead of setting it to "fuzzy"
There are two situations when this happens:

  1. When the original and translation does start with http in the past, and changed to https, it is mostly the url of the author or plugin/theme
  2. It could also be in the middle of the sentence, as it is a link to a document or plugin/theme

It would be great to enhance the fuzzy bot to correct this if it is found.
It would save a lot of work to correct this afterwards, often it is not noticed and the line stays "fuzzy"

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3 years ago

#2 @tobifjellner
3 years ago

Any automatic editing of the target string should only happen if the same URL is present in the translation. If the translation leads to a different URL, then the string should be left as fuzzy, since a human will need to verify if any change will be needed.

#3 @dd32
3 years ago

I think the only time this should/would be applied are cases where the string is an exact match, as that's far easier than translated strings where the changed URL could potentially mean a context change? I'm not sure, writing that makes me think I'm off-base and that I agree that a URL that was kept the same in the original translation can probably safely just be updated.

For example, in psuedocode for item 1:

IF original is only a URL
  AND is now fuzzy
  AND Translation of old original was an exact match of original (ie. is original and translation)
  OPTIONALLY AND the new original only varies by http => https
 - Update translation to be exact match of new original

That's the simplest one, but also applying to longer strings such as Example Example which is example 2 above is possible but also feels like it could be more fragile, and is more complex:

IF original contains a URL
  AND is now fuzzy
  AND original varies only by a changed URL
 - Swap out changed URLs, leaving translated URLs alone
 - Create new translation with changed URLs

(Funny that, in psuedocode it seems easier!)

#4 @Nao
3 years ago

Both of the samples are what I expected to happen too when I mentioned this in Slack.
It'd be great if existing fuzzies that match the rule are automatically updated.

Here's an example of Fuzzy caused by the case of "item 1" change.

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