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Support Forums: Create a way to flag a 'forum' as a whole

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This idea is shamelessly cribbed from Twitch's slow-down/throttle/emoji-only/members-only methods.

The problem: There are times when a specific plugin/theme is targeted for bad posts/reviews/etc. This generally is done when a mob mentality decides to attack a plugin/company, or when a developer decides to make fake reviews.

Right now, someone has to sit and keep an eye on the specific forum section.

The (proposed) solution: Have a way to flag a forum into 'moderation only' mode.

This could be done in stages like...

  1. Slowdown - Posts by accounts made within the previous 48 hours are automatically flagged for moderator approval.
  1. Medium - All posts by non-owners (i.e. the plugin owner) are flagged for approval.
  1. Full Stop - ALL posts by non Forum Admins are flagged for approval.

No one wants 3. I'm sure people could come up with different kids of tiers.


Reduction of human burden!


Increase of confused users (we probably need to address the messaging for 'your post has been held for moderation....')


The forums are a lie.

No really. They're not 'real' forums, so we need a way to track per ... whatever we decide to track by. We could flag it by plugin/theme… However we make ’em lie, that ‘indicator’ is related to a table ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) which has the flagged status, yes/no. But that's as far as my initial "does this idea suck?" went :) Now we bring to the community!

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14 months ago

#2 @mrfoxtalbot
14 months ago

I would be curious to know how often does this scenario happen and how bad is it when it happens. I see how it could be useful but it appears to be a rather fringe scenario.

Would the Gutenberg plugin forum & reviews be a good example of this but I suspect there have probably been worse situations, right? I am bringing up this example because, even when we do run into such scenarios, flagging the entire forum might not be necessary.

#3 @Ipstenu
14 months ago

@mrfoxtalbot Gutenberg is a perfect example, but so would be any plugin that has pushed a bad change.

How often would be probably once a month, minimum. Someone's always doing/trying something.

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