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Wrong language suggested

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There is a problem for users from our country Macedonia (mk_MK). The language suggested says:

"WordPress is also available in Shqip"

instead of

"WordPress is also available in Macedonian"

More information can be found here:

Look forward to solving this issue because some users are offended by the issue.

Let me know if I can help.

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#1 @Otto42
2 years ago

What is the language in your browser set to?

If you use Chrome, go to chrome://settings/?search=language and look for "Order languages based on your preference".

When you have this set, your browser tells websites you visit what languages you prefer. We display this banner based primarily on this information coming from your browser.

The reason I ask is that in the database, the language name for "mk" is listed as "Македонски".

So, if you're getting a different one, then either you have some weird setting in the browser, or you're connecting from a connection that the location database says is in Albania. We do update the IP2loc database once a month on an automated basis, but we don't generate that data.

But the browser setting is considered more reliable, so if you set that to your preferred language, then that's what it uses, no matter where you are in the world.

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#2 @DarkoG
2 years ago

Hey @Otto42

I am happy to provide that information.

This is the case with few other ISPs here, we tested with multiple users. The IP2Loc returns the data correctly, all of them have the language set to English by default and still getting the wrong language name.

"Македонски" is also correct name, it is translation from "Macedonian".

Best Regards,

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#3 @dd32
2 years ago

Hey @DarkoG,

Can you paste the output you see at the following URL here?

#4 @DarkoG
2 years ago

@dd32 , here we go

    "language_header": "en-US,en;q=0.9",
    "anonymized_ip": "",
    "ip_country": "mk",
    "guesses": [
            "locale": "sq",
            "name": "Shqip",
            "subdomain": "sq"

#5 follow-up: @dd32
2 years ago

@DarkoG Thanks!

Upon looking closer, I think this is working as expected. For the country mk we have two locales specified: mk_MK and sq.

The Macedonian translation team doesn't appear to have been making localised WordPress releases, with the latest Macedonian release being 5.4.x:

The Albanian translation team has kept up, and the latest release is 5.9.x.:

The Macedonian team (Well, @kuzmanov) is actively translating though, but that doesn't appear to be translating to actual releases.

The official language of Macedonia is indeed Macedonian, however, Albanian appears to be the next-best-thing and is "co-official" according to

As a result, it doesn't appear to be any serious bug here in the language guess, but there does appear to be something not-quite-right with Macedonian WordPress releases.

#6 in reply to: ↑ 5 @dd32
2 years ago

Replying to dd32:

The Macedonian team (Well, @kuzmanov) is actively translating though, but that doesn't appear to be translating to actual releases.

My apologies @DarkoG, I see you're also an active translator there.

I mistakenly thought the table was sorted by last-activity date given the number of people who hadn't been active in 4-8 years.

#7 @DarkoG
2 years ago

Hey @dd32 .

Thanks for confirming this.

I will try to call our community and reorganize the polyglots team.

In this case, we can close the ticket.

#8 @dd32
2 years ago

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