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#6431 new feature request

Restrict Also Viewing to moderators (or add an option to say who can see me)

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Currently, the "Also Viewing" feature is just on or orff for all users. There are times when I really just want it there so I don't step on the toes of other moderators (and vice-versa) but I don't want the general public to see what I'm looking at.

I suggest that Also Viewing have two levels, *all other AV users* and *moderators only*.

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14 months ago

#2 @mrfoxtalbot
14 months ago

This came up during this week's bug scrub. @clorith explained that there used to be an option to make oneself "anonymous" before the system was moved to dotorg.

Let's add a second checkbox next to the "Also viewing" one to allow "anonymous mode". Once it is active, other users will see "Someone is viewing this ticket", but not the specific person.

We also agreed that it is fair to make this option available to all users, not just moderators.

#3 @dd32
14 months ago

What about instead of options, it's just privacy-first by default and only exposes "similar level" data?

  • All users just see 2 other people are viewing this topic
  • Moderators get John (ACME Support Rep), and Jane (Moderator) are viewing this topic
  • Plugin Authors with multiple reps get John (ACME Support Rep) and 1 other are viewing this topic

No options, no configuration, just moderators get to see usernames, and plugin reps get to see other plugin reps for their plugin.

It's still not anonymous for moderators, but should remove the privacy concerns while not having to add more options.

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#4 follow-up: @mrfoxtalbot
14 months ago

Thank you for chiming in @dd32. I like the simplicity of the solution you suggest. What do you think, @sterndata?

#5 in reply to: ↑ 4 @sterndata
14 months ago

Replying to mrfoxtalbot:

Thank you for chiming in @dd32. I like the simplicity of the solution you suggest. What do you think, @sterndata?

If it's easily doable, OK.

#6 @dd32
14 months ago

In 12574:

Support Forums: Also Viewing: Change it to be privacy-by-default. This allows for only mods to see other mods, and for plugin support reps to see other support reps for the same plugins/themes.

See #6431.

#7 @dd32
14 months ago

In 12575:

Support Forums: Also Viewing: Handle Localised forums which do not have plugin/theme forums.

See [12574].
See #6431.

#8 @dd32
14 months ago

In 12576:

Support Forums: Also Viewing: Properly display 'other users are typing' as 3 other people (1 is typing).

See #6431.

#9 @dd32
14 months ago

In 12577:

Support Forums: Also Viewing: JS Compatibility.

See #6431.

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