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add counter for total amount of translated lines into profile

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Currently there is no possebillity to find out how many lines in total you have translated.
Proposal 1. Create a button within your profile to generate the overal count stats
Proposal 2. Currently translation counts per project are added on dayly basis into your profile. Add this count into a general counter within your profile.
Both solutions give the translator confirmation of the efforts he has done.

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#1 @Amieiro
19 months ago

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#2 @iandunn
19 months ago

It should be possible to do it automatically via cron, which seems like a better UX than folks having to click a button.

The counts on don't contain historical data, and aren't necessarily complete (they don't include imports yet, for example). It should be possible to query GlotPress' db for the complete counts though.

#3 @psmits1567
19 months ago

Ian if done via cron, it might become a pricacy issue. If a logged in user does it, then it is his responsebility. Or the cron is started via the user button so you have the credentials
But as there are already values shown, we just might do it straight via cron

#4 @iandunn
19 months ago

🤔, are you saying that publishing the number of strings someone has translated is a privacy issue? Or am I misunderstanding?

#5 @psmits1567
19 months ago

Yes that is indeed what I stated.
I think we should make sure that it is allowed to show this without consent of the translator.
Because there are people that fus about showing figures without consent

#6 @iandunn
19 months ago

I think that's taking things too far personally. I don't see any differences from other data that we publish, like # of plugins, commits, support forum posts, photo contributions etc. There's nothing sensitive about it IMO, and it's certainly legal and in line w/ our privacy policy and standard practices for profiles across the web.

There's always going to be extreme views, but that shouldn't stop or complicate progress IMO.

#7 @dd32
19 months ago

I would agree that the number of translations isn't private data, nor is it data that can't be sourced through other public methods (ie. scraping every single project).

I would however say, that total translations is one of those data points that I don't really see the benefit in. It seems like a way some could read as "I've translated more than you", ie. something people can game, a way to increase their profiles clout, etc. But I also realise that's not much different than # of WordPress releases contributed to - #5456, so I'm not fully against this.

I guess I'm saying, Does the total number of translations actually matter? "Translated 123 strings" as an activity entry for a given day seems like more than enough. Especially if we finally get #479 fixed so that you can view paginated history and filter to certain activity types.

tl;dr: I don't think this is something that's a priority, I question the usefulness, but if it's wanted for some reason by polyglots...

See also; these other profile-translation tickets: #1664, #5840

#8 @psmits1567
19 months ago

Some thoughts about your comment @dd32
For me the indication of translated originals per day is not interesting
I know what I do translate on a day. It would be more relevant for me to have a list with projectnames and date. So if someone points me to a change made in translation I can quickly see if I made a change within the week.
Also if you have a grandtotal in your profile, someone that needs help can look for a person that has experience. It will no longer be, "Yes I did translate a lot in WordPress" without proof.
A GTE team probably would also have benefits if someone asks for PTE rights, because now they can quickly check the profile and see that de translator has enough experience. So no emails stating "you need to proof you can translate" With a small GTE team it will not be such a problem, as you can remember who requested the PTE, but with larger teams that is more difficult
It has no prio, but would be great to have for reasons mentioned.

#9 @NekoJonez
19 months ago

I'm personally on the fence on this one... Especially since I'm afraid that we might have some people go "number hunting". Which might cause some drama if e.g. somebody changes a certain translation due to a glossary change.

Also, what numbers are going to count? As soon as a string is accepted or not? Only about active projects?

Also, this number doesn't say anything about the quality of these strings. For example, if a translator only translates the countries in big e-commerce plugins.

Is this going to be per locale or in general?

I honestly think a sequential list of projects somebody worked on might be more helpful then "just a number on the profile page" with all due respect.

#10 @pedromendonca
18 months ago

I agree with @NekoJonez that this can have both positive and negative outcomes, that aren't visible yet.

At least, if we are pushing the gamification side of translations, and as currently there is no control on whether a certain profile info should be public or not, we could add a setting to the user profile to "Show on the public profile". I'm guessing that gamification can increase the motivation for some people, but could make some others more shy to demotivate in a competitive environment.

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#11 @psmits1567
18 months ago

I do not see this as gamification. It is help for the GTE to get impressions how active a translator is. Also if a setting to not show the values, this problem is not present.
It can also help starters by finding someone with experience much easier

#12 @NekoJonez
18 months ago

A lot of translated strings =/= somebody experienced.

Look in our locale, there are certain users who we are cleaning up now because their strings aren't up to par.

Only a few translated strings =/= somebody inexperienced.

Like I said in my earlier comment on this ticket, I think that only a number doesn't say enough for GTE's/Locale managers to help.

It's a tricky thing for sure.

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